“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”



*This list is a basic or initial invitation to thought provoking material, the goal of which is to help assist the masses who are held captive by the banking systems, the slave debt systems, the 9 to 5 complexes, to awaken from the slumber/manipulation/trauma/crises/fight or flight/mind control or the spell put upon us all to enslave us by the “they” or “them” the 1% of the 1% who have held all the money and dangled it to keep us plowing, which would have us believe we are nothing, kept us backed into a corner in fear for our very survival, kept us sick, placed bets on our livelihood with the insurance industry, brainwashed us to believe that there is not enough, that we have no rights, and that all which exists in life is making money to pay off debts/bills, being sick, being unhappy, not having enough time or money to pursue happiness, being too busy and then dying. This system of service to self corruption and enslavement is meeting a dissolution point and it is up to each of us to claim our love, our peace, our time, our energy, our sovereignty back for ourselves, our children and our planet.*


in love and freedom for all by the grace of the divine Mother and Holy father, the Sophia Christos within each of us, our soul, the true source of all of creation in infinite loving abundance and infinite potential.


Matrix 1, 2 & 3 2000+ -Excellent to understand the nature of the illusory world (and the existence of other dimensions,) that which the ancient Vedic sages called “Maya” or the illusions created by the 5 senses, freedom of choice, AI, being a conscious creator of our life instead of being controlled.

1984 Released in 1984 -film adaptation of George Orwell’s 1945 hauntingly prophetic novel concerning the masses migrated into totalitarianism (groupthink, Political propaganda, big brother, altering history, invasive surveillance, lack of freedom, destroyed nuclear family, “fact checking” 2+2=5 mind control)

Soylent Green 1973 –“green party sustainability” through cannibalism. interesting when we think of McDonald’s recycled fetal “mystery meats” and plastic parts in their “food” products.

equilibrium 2002 -humans in the future take drugs injected into their necks/vagus nerve to not feel and therefore “prevent” war or other calamities “caused” by uncontrolled human emotion. no art, no feelings, no music, no books, no free thinking until one man makes a choice to return to humanity and liberate himself and thus all.

V for Vendetta 2006 -virus released in UK around 2020 destroys all basic human rights, police state, fascism, civil war, liberating self of mindcontrol from the inside via mindfulness. A rebel and his protégé free the masses.

Minority Report 2002 -Government using precognitives to view the future timelines and control society, history, all through technology. Research yellow box program timeline manipulation technology on Andrew Bartzis.

Fahrenheit 451 1966 original- film adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel about a society which does not allow books, reading, etc. Firemen are employed to destroy all books until one day a man is inspired to change it all by a little girl who loves books.

Zeitgeist 1, 2 & 3 2007 -Complete history of the 13 cable families in control of the globalist banks (who are also the royals, politicians, most celebrities etc), ties in mythology and world religion, quantum physics, global mind control through sociopolitical grooming, also shares depopulist agendas like Agenda 2020/ the georgia Guidestones, GMOS/codex Alimentarius and teaches mindfulness, meditation and unplugging as a cog in a wheel of the machine to become a free being.

Avatar 2000 -Invites us to explore the alienation we have all experienced through generational trauma which removed us from our natural world/spiritual practices/tribal customs/food source/one another through “society,” the lack of connection and vast potential of a sacred connection throughout all of creation, domination and service to self themes vs pure presence and unity consciousness, aka native vs conqueror dynamics.


Digital Illustration of a Fractal Structure


10.10 2020 Portal energies are here!

This is the gift of accelerating our process, Doctorate level GRADUATING, to a whole new and exciting level of mastery here as divine HUmanity on Terra Nove Gaia New Earth. These energies, while floating in for the collectives all year since April, are officially here to stay and available for all who deeply desire to do what it takes internally to live their highest aligned potential.

Some of the energetic essences or themes presenting are:

Creator aspect levels. 

Consciously co-creating your ideal life experience from a present and open-hearted place. Unconscious, misaligned creation from thought forms and emotions/beliefs influenced by subconscious trauma and error programming causes karmic timelines which are unpleasant loops. This is in stark contrast to the old way we used to create unconsciously before having access to our self-awareness, our own beautiful power as creators, using tools of discernment and self-inventory, to then choose in the moment how to proceed with whatever presents in the experience.

Zero point technology; Eternal now moment, free access with pure intention and open heart.

Instantaneous quantum death, rebirth or birth cycles. Each nanosecond or breath presents the opportunity to hold your focus with mindfulness and intent. You can continuously return to center to re-create your experience, no need to waste time on perceived errors, regrets or “coulda shoulda wouldas” energy when you can just return to center and HOLD afresh to literally re-create from the original seed of intent or pure desire.

Mini ego deaths can happen on a daily basis as old beliefs and thought forms or identities rise to the surface and are intentionally over-written with the new identities or beliefs as you update your operating system of consciousness with conscious upgrades. Some of these mini ego deaths and over-writes can happen in a few hours or a day, others take weeks as we clear old shadow density from our core beingness and upgrade our DNA strands.


With power comes great responsibility!

These precious ascension technologies are divinely sealed of course, to be accessed only at the perfect coordinates of your journey and conscious participation. A failsafe is installed here based upon heart frequency, devotion and a pure intent of service. You can only create from where you are, from the frequencies or qualities of emotion and thought which you are currently running on your consciousness operating system.

Zero Point technology in all it’s divine perfection meets you wherever you are, thus giving the power back to you to take it as high as you desire. This is a Free Will universe, and All are allowed immediate access to consciously create their own life through the aligned and balanced laws of attraction (thoughts are electric, emotions magnetic) and will receive whatever frequency they beam at the point of conception creation. Hence, the highest frequency access to these creative miraculous powers is literally based upon the coordinates of the individual. How high you want to go is entirely up to you based upon your quantum energy invested.

The codes of your pure, consistent intent activate the codons of your DNA to grant access. Integrity, honor, sacred respect, humility, gratitude, peace, joy, abundance consciousness, generosity, trusting your soul/universe, pure unconditional love for self and others and heart-centered openness are the pure golden keys to access the highest possible realms of your creator aspects.

COnscious creation & the ping pong experience of ascension & descension -Return to center to Create from zero point divine neutrality

This process will bring up all distortion to assist you in no longer creating from your subconscious traumas or old belief systems.

This is a process of being ON, aligned and plugged into soul source with heightened states of unity consciousness and bliss, followed by then descending “down” back into whatever ancient shadows the light has stirred up within our very bones and cells to release. It is not literally down, but you can feel the heaviness of the dimensional shift which can really only be described as down. The light will draw out all density, and we have to be patient with ourselves and compassionate in understanding that there are potentially billions of years of error programming going back to first separation which we must reconcile at the cellular DNA levels.

This can lead to the ping pong experiences of rapid shifts between an internal heaven or hell, expansion or contraction. The ascension symptoms of complete exhaustion, mental fog and chronic fatigue have been very strong since the end of September. Plenty of organic raw coconut water if you can get it loves! Re-mineralize at cellular level to support your upgrades.

 Mastering the Creator State consists of the cycles of Ascension of Consciousness and then the Descension of Consciousness as we return down to witness what still binds us inside to Old Earth, to 3D. This is the process of expansion and contraction which continues until there is nothing left and can take years, even decades as needed. It all depends upon your state of being: surrender & trust  or resistance & fear.

To master this technology we have to master ourselves, the inner landscape. Emotions, beliefs, stories, & self-honoring your preciousness as well as self love as the ultimate heal all balm.  We cannot graduate to living in the higher realms without doing the homework.


See my emotional mastery videos as the keys to new earth here on the gifted support page.


The double digit months of this monumental year’s final trimester are demonstrating massive amplifications of the light energies. This means the more light there is, the more density or shadows will surface to be witnessed in neutrality and love to then dissolve. We can see this in the global collectives right now as well as within our own experience as our egos are triggered, distortions reveal very ancient fears or traumas, etc. Surrender and listen to what you need to get through this to the other side.

As always, the cosmos support our process is to help us further expand and ascend. On October 13th Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio until November 3rd. This is the Deep internal dialogue, witnessing where we have shadow, fear, the ancient density that is now ready to be seen, embraced with pure love if seeing self, and dissolved.


Upcoming webinar to support: Ancestral Clearing 101

-Re-writing our DNA using Epigenetics to embody New Earth Creator State 

We are being invited to continue to clear and activate our potential through working with Mercury in Scorpio to identify and purge ancient beliefs stored in our DNA. To assist the collectives being invited to clear ancestral karma and desiring to consciously use Epigenetics, or quantum conscious intent to upgrade their DNA, I am offering an upcoming online workshop on ancestral clearing & conscious DNA re-writing on October 29th at 6pm pst. $33 register here  on DDB Mastery School. Replay access and downloadable guided meditation will be available after the live class.

Through a combination of quantum shamanic soul retrieval and Epigenetics we will be consciously reprogramming and thus activating our DNA strands. Transcending the polarized duality of our identity to discover and thus embrace our soul beingness are the next level of keys to heaven or Terra Nova Gaia New Earth, by mastering Zero Point creator aspect levels.

To master Zero Point we have to master ourselves. This is so we can hold these divine neutrality places inside for longer and longer amounts of time without being clouded by the distortion caused by the pains of the past.

Questions to ask yourself at this time to make the most of these Energies.

These internal prompts will support you in identifying what if anything prevents your access to the Zero Point Now Moment technologies of Soul.
Is it possible for me to exist free from distortion right now? Are any distortions or triggers presenting right now? What do I need to feel safe, secure, on purpose? How can I give this to myself? Is there anything still binding me to Old Earth? Am I allowing external influence to impact my emotional state, mental state, or sense of self? And if so, what is it? Are my perceptions clouded with fear or previous experiences? Am I allowing my Consciousness to be manipulated? Such as, am I the Projector or the Projection? 

Compassion and patience are key! Soothe your self, body and loved ones

Enjoy your process. Know that the rewards are great for those who are consistently focused on healing, caring, supporting others and keeping their heart open. We have upswings where we are flying high and manifesting, connecting with others and having amazing experiences. And then we have the down swing where we may be going through mini or larger dark nights of the soul to release old programs, we feel like isolating and resting in a cocoon phase until ready to spread a new set of wings again. Over and over we do this. Our own organic technology has infinitesimal upgrades offered to us, and we have to go through them one at a time. Now we truly do have full access to the Miracle Realms, it is just a matter of doing our internal re-configuring to ALLOW ourselves access to the full wonders of emancipation. 

Practice self care and compassion for self and others. Stay soft in your precious heart and take care of each other.


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Blessings and Cosmic Grace,

Merissa Indigo






Welcome to the energies of the 9.9 completion portal! These are amazing times to be here on planet Earth as we transition en masse from the old paradigm into the new heaven on Earth, the Paradise codes which we bring forth from our own individual healing and integration/unity/reunion with our Soul/Divinity/I AM Presence/God Self. This uplevel of your entire life through the continual expansion of your awakening consciousness is an inevitable process laid out by your soul and is expedited by the consistency of your devotion, diligence, trust and sincere heart desire to live a beautiful life and share pure presence with all as conscious stewards of New Earth.

Collectively and individually we are all deep in the Purge phase right now, and this will continue to ramp up through the end of the year into 2021. Current astrology aspects combined with photonic energies raining down upon us from the Solar activations are consistently nudging us to the direction of expansion, encouraging us to let go of the old stories and release our fears in order to embody our destiny as divine HUmans here in the 5D plus experience. Every last drop of density will be squeezed out of you like a towel going through the wringer. It gets easier if you surrender the fear of letting go and trust this process rather than resist or hold onto the old ways which were comfortable only because they were routine. What still binds you to the old paradigms of not worthy, lack consciousness, powerlessness, fear, judgement or feeling small, external authority over your internal guidance, not trusting your self? Where are there still dualistic programs inserted into your consciousness from the 3d matrix in regards to what is possible for you? Examples of these are being worthless, a slave, or that suffering is needed in order to receive what you need or desire, that a perceived authority figure has knowledge more trustworthy than YOU about your body, health, immunity, potential etc. Unearth these from within one by one and allow a higher pure presence from Soul to take over. We have to upgrade the operating system of our consciousness and thus our bodies too with the higher source consciousness light in order to graduate to the next level of our Golden Destiny as the Golden Race of HUmanity in the Golden Age.

Number 9, Greater Cycles of Completion and Mastery

Number 9 is my mastery number for 3 of my 4 main numerological paths in life, so I am well-versed in the intensity and magical potential of this number. This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak, that the more courage and passion we throw into our journey the more the rewards rain down. The more you open your heart over and over again the more incentives come from this work of loving yourself and all of Creation, gifts straight from Source answering your deepest dreams and desires. This is where we have no choice but to initiate ourselves into deeper levels of mastery, including personal accountability, self-love/self-care, re-writing our new story, emotional clearing. If we wish to live our destiny we have no option but to Purge the old, which is intimately connected with the culturally-created self, the dualistic programming we all incarnated into through 3d society, 3d systems/ 3d institutions/ Terran/Earth ancestry. By invoking and exploring the light of the authentic self, we discredit the falsity of duality or polarity within, we become more empowered and also organically take on the role of wayshowers in our family/community as we live by example in integrity, sacred respect and unconditional love.  As we do this work within consistently it also helps to dismantle the old 3d paradigm stranglehold over the consciousness of the masses and various collectives here. This is an individual journey but our own inner work contributes to the healing of the whole as we are live participants in a holographic universe here. An internal assessment or inventory of what belief systems need to be released or in turn brought in as part of your upgrade is paramount at this time.

Firstly, 9 precedes 10. 10 is the total re-birth and renewal cycle of oneness with the divine. 1 is god head, source, unity consciousness expressed through the individual as a god spark, and 0 is also the unity of the quantum universe itself going on into infinity as a circle with no end or beginning. This 10 is the infinite cycle of pure potential, and can only be reached by mastering the number 9 before it.

9 is a mastery number where we integrate all the lessons of our lives and take the higher level perspective on these to integrate more energy/expanded consciousness to practice unity consciousness as a way of BEing. So we transcend victimhood or anger for example into becoming the empowered, pure loving hearts living in unconditional happiness and wholeness. We achieve this as a natural by-product of our conscious evolution through our consistent practices of forgiveness, compassion, clearing and self-care. This is the state of santosha, our deep and immovable innermost peace through internal purification. 

This can be further expanded upon by re-viewing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We must feel physically safe and nourished, psychologically safe and comfortable/capable as the FIRST levels of self-knowing on our journey of self-actualization before we can hope to get into higher states of consciousness and a secure lifestyle to match. This completion portal assists us in releasing that which blocks our comfort and stability of self, namely trauma and old stories. This is soul retrieval of all wounded parts. Once we have taken care of our foundations of being and feel safe we can begin to transcend our consciousness into higher levels of joy, creativity and finding our missions here as our career/service work. Number 9 helps us to keep aiming for the next level of mastery as there are infinite levels for us to access here.

In Mayan Galactic Cosmology, number 9 is the mastery of greater cycles from a magnanimous perspective consisting of aeons, epochs and multiple dimensions . The Mayans depicted an evolutionary process of awakening on a Galactic scale over a period of 26,500 years, symbolized through 9 Cosmic Levels, of which we are currently in the 8th of Galactic and preparing for the 9th which is Universal. This portal we are in now actually began to ramp up it’s energy on September 9th of 2009. The 9th level is pure unity consciousness for all of humanity, our beautiful planet and our entire Universe here, so you can see the vital importance of all willing hearts to participate in this Purge to assist the consciousness of our entire galactic quadrant.

We have been initiated into the various stages of growth and becoming spiritual adepts as we advance into higher levels of potential. With this expanded consciousness and access to more light we also have great responsibility to consciously wield the powers of our own thoughts and expressions, our life force energy. Surprise surprise, this is also my Galactic Signature tone, tone 9. So in short I understand very deeply through every fiber of my BEingness the intensity of this kind of powerful divine nudging to really reach for it and surrender any of the unworthiness, the tantrums of ego resistance, the “but I can’t,” ALL of it. Once you start saying “ok fine,” it all gets really exciting, pleasurable and magical. Our attachment to the old ways creates all suffering and frustration. The key takeaway from this portal is to be mindful of anywhere within where you hold resistance of any kind or give your power away as a dependent upon something or someone outside of your own soul. Resistance only proliferates your suffering, and dependency is an ancient program from the Creator Beings who made us. We are not helpless this time around, as our souls are very very very old. Those are old programs of separation which are long untrue. WE are not powerless, we do not need to reach outwards for anything (government, institutions, approval etc) we are Ancient Ones too who can fulfill our own needs/desires with conscious awareness. You came here to have a beautiful illuminating experience as Source in HUman form. When you are ready to let go and trust the ride, it is going to become more fun, magical and co-creative than you can imagine right now.



These are topics for further introspection and meditation for your process of blossoming. Know that you are completely supported at this time to spread your wings and fly. New Earth is here now, so since the veils are gone, we are now provided full access to the Freedom codes to create heaven on Earth. 

More themes of the 9.9 Completion Portal 

Stepping out of the illusion of separation from Source/the Divine
Greater cycles of unity consciousness for ourselves and all of Creation
Purging all the old paradigms within and thus without: lack Consciousness, limited thinking, negativity of any kind, giving our power away, fear, doubt, victimhood, judgement
What is truly yours and what is not: Authentic self light vs culturally created self
Aka the great bifurcation of 3d and 5d plus as our belief systems create our realities and separate us from those with differing belief systems/frequency bandwidths of being
Whole new life based on soulful callings, heart based priorities
New Earth is here, many of us have walked through, we live in parallels to those in other dimensions of being
Rituals of rebirth, being the divine enlightened hero and avatar of our journey

Ritual -Commanding Your connection, stability & empowerment through mindfulness practices


Inner peace is an inside job

It is already halfway through this most outrageous and expansive year. If 2020 has taught us anything thus far, it is that peace and stability is an inside job. Holding peace and stability during magnanimous shifts and changes can only be sustainable when built from the inside. This has become painfully obvious to some who have had their entire lives turned upside down and inside out by a global lockdown, shifts with family/friends, and the dissolution of outdated systems. Collectively we are feeling the need to claim our power and take it into our own hands as the old systems do not serve our needs any longer. We desire connection, divine sovereignty, abundance, harmony and peace for all of creation.

Insert the power of ritual. In ancient times, rituals were a way that we communed with the divine directly, taking inspired action to elicit changes in our lives, send healing love to another, or ask for help during times of difficulty. In the modern age many of us are disconnected from our ancient roots, so I encourage you to explore your unique ancestry and see which rituals your ancient ancestors performed in times of uncertainty. This will be a very powerful aide to your prayers.  If you do not already know what your ancestors did for ritual, know that you can do anything with presence and a focused intention and it is the very definition of ritual.

In modern mainstream culture some examples of rituals are birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, milestones of achievement (firsts like first car, first apartment or home, first job etc,) holidays and the changing of the seasons.

What we see missing from the mainstream culture are sacred rituals for some of our deeper emotional and spiritual experiences. Major transitions like divorce can feel like a death. Death itself is a huge rite of passage for those who have crossed over, and while there is sorrow for us left here on this side we can still have rituals like wakes, funerals and celebrations of life to commemorate those who have crossed over. We can seek higher understanding and the ability to let go of the old to then celebrate the unknown through ritual. This mindfully spins change into a pleasant light for our life experience. With perceived loss and major shifts you could consider doing a grief ritual to mourn this and to feel it to let it go, and then another one where you focus on the gratitude, lessons and eagerness for the new energy coming into your life. Closing one chapter to open a new page or door. We must close down one energy to let in a new one.

An important key  to embodying the stability and thus gaining the renewed connection from any ritual can be summarized in this: ritual can be anything pleasing you do with self and others consistently. Practicing rituals is not as esoteric or spiritually intangible as it can sound. You probably take part in a lot more rituals than you have thought of before. Examples are taking nature walks as a meditation to decompress and express appreciation for beauty. Going bowling on the same day each month. Taking a bath for self care at the end of the week. Summer camping trips.  Sunday brunch with the family. Notice these are all patterns of interactions which are consistent, they are unifying and pleasurable when in the presence of soul tribe/soul family. They add a sense of balance to our overall quality of life. If you have any ritual gatherings or any events which feel unpleasant due to others being negative/toxic, consider being more discerning and protective of your energy and where you share it. 

Shift happens

Today, ritual is more important than ever. For me and many of my close friends it is a vital necessity to preserving our stability, our sense of contribution to our life, to the world at large and our local communities. It can be as simple as lighting a candle to pray for a friend, a part of our community, our planet for example. Or it can be as elaborate as you like too. If you feel the need to go all out right now with a more focused practice of mindful energy/environment cleansing as therapy, google Vastu Shastra or Feng Shui. Sometimes we need a good physical re-arrangement to feel aligned with our current psychological/emotional/spiritual arrangement 😛

It really just depends on what you feel is needed. I say to my clients yes, this ritual practice is a very powerful placebo on some levels. But this does not discredit it’s power to create a palpable sense of peace, courage, trust and love. At this point in the game if doing something makes you feel connected, provides a sense of relief, trust, peace, safety or fulfillment and it is not harming anyone then I say go for it with gusto, within reason of course. It is all about the energy you hold in your heart right now. This amount of empowerment is doubled when we share rituals with our family, friends, communities and so forth as we all collectively weave our prayers and intentions together in a positive light. This is the most powerful form of magic we have right now as angelic humans in form, a means of embodying our prayers, wishes, our very highest DNA energies and energetic potential for co-creation. The entire globe requests an influx of peace and light in times of turbulence. You can contribute with just the scratch of your match as you mindfully light a candle in prayer for peace and love. A great example of measurable results would be the 4.4.4(2020) global meditations we partook in by the millions this year. Unified  in the One Heart together with intentions of world peace and unconditional love we actually affected the Schumann Resonance of the planet with our collective soul light unified in prayer, and you can see the amazing influx of the photonic light which was measured on the day after the meditations, April 5th. Read more here


Why ritual?

Rituals can lend us an immensely supportive energy when we feel like we need some help, strength, have questions or are seeking clarity, find ourselves at a major crossroads in life, need confirmation for something, and soooo much more.  Here are some great examples where doing rituals can be very empowering and supportive, providing us with relief and a sense of co-operative participation in our life experience. 

Major life changes/transitions

release the old life, lifestyle, or identity

to rebirth yourself and bring in the new




needing a new job, purpose, or inspiration



To contribute something in times of turbulence or chaos

offer energy to those suffering or in need

natural disasters


healing and love for the planet, all of nature, the kingdoms (animal, plant, mineral, elemental)

your community

any populace needing loving support


Cosmic Opportunities to practice rituals

There are grandiose events taking place in the cosmos on nearly a daily basis now. We can actually work with the incoming photonic light energies (evident in the major shifts happening here on the planet) in conscious ways to feel inspired, know we are guided by our soul and even to feel physically energized. Here are some great examples of powerful gateways to align with and empower our goals, wishes, intentions and dreams for ourselves and all of creation:

Cosmic Events: 

New & Full Moon




Galactic Gateways: 

Alignment with the Galactic Center

Entering the Photon belt


Meteor Showers


Sacred space

If you do not already have an altar, consider creating one now. The power of intentional space set aside for prayer and healing cannot be exaggerated here. It can be a section of a counter you keep clear from clutter and arrange a few objects and a candle upon with mindful intention, or the top of a dresser that will not be disturbed, a corner piece of furniture, or even a nightstand. Use what you already have. Add a special seashell, a crystal, fresh picked flowers, some mementos from dear friends, and a candle, and there you have it. Easy and simple. You can add images of saints, sages, your favorite teachers, family members and ancestors, ascended masters, angels and more onto your altar to connect to higher sources of energy when you do not feel them within. This disconnection can be from stress, changes, fear, feeling drained, or intense circumstances which make your peace feel threatened for example.

This is a picture of my current altar. As you can see it is covered in goodies, all of which I have accumulated over the years from friends, clients, artists and craftspeople, my daughter and Gaia.


Simple rituals

Create an altar to have a physical connection in your home or whatever space to connect to the divine and to use for rituals

vision board

lighting candles for a prayer or focused intention


New moon: release the old and seed new intentions, dreams, goals 

Full moon: increase the gratitude for what you currently have in place, feeling momentum build up

How did your ancestors connect and communicate on deeper levels with the divine?


Its all about energy now


If you are learning how to feel better, happier and healthier right now, consider adding ritual to your self care regimen. Your alignment mentally, emotionally and physically with your highest self is the priority in order to adapt and thrive in these times. Trust yourself with this as a practice. Use whatever mediums you feel drawn to. Candles, flowers, pictures, incense, prayer beads, feathers, oracle cards, mantra. Use your senses to truly embody this sacred practice to surf these shifts. When you feel the need for support, for strength, to re-connect with your inner magic, engage in a ritual. Harmonize with the shifts through experiencing, observing, and clearing energetically so nothing gets stuck and weighs you down. The shift is going to continue to happen and we can learn to trust the ride with consistent sacred practices. Using practices like ritual as a sacred communion is a keycode to learn to trust ourselves again to navigate uncharted territories. This is the ascension embodiment practice to enhance our awakening journey; shifting from fear of the unknown as a belief system to mindfully adopting gratitude for the infinite creative potential we are presented with on a daily basis as the new belief system.  This is the mastery skill or the ability to embrace our journey and expect it to feel good, because we create our experience.


These are the times to use our tools to ensure our inner harmony. Consistent commitment builds our peace and happiness over time. Sending you all the bliss of embodiment as I feel it, care bear style.

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New Earth love contributions are graciously appreciated. The incoming quantum financial system is a giving and receiving from the heart as we flow and exchange energies, resources and wisdom.

Blessings and Cosmic Grace,

Merissa Indigo






The ultimate energetic network of everything ever created by each person in their mind, imagination, or aloud


What is the Dreamweave? It is the ultimate energetic network of everything ever created by each person in their mind by thinking, using their imagination, or speaking aloud. This is similar to the Akasha as far as being an infinitely vast void of space where all has existed and does currently exist for potential creations and infinite potential creations and timelines on infinite planes/dimensions etc for each person. Every word, thought, emotion, prayer all goes here. There are individual bundle collections for each person, and then their family, community, and so on for every group, demographic, population, etc. Some of these strands go dormant as there is not enough energy placed upon them for them to move beyond limbo, others are magnanimous due to a concentration of focus and they transform into realities. Once born or created however, these strands are in existence forever.


Imagine the neural networks of our own brains, or the root systems of trees and plants to see what the unity consciousness and inter-connectivity, the INTRAnet of the Dreamweave looks like. It is a web, a grid, a matrix of sacred geometry based upon frequency at conception, meaning once born through a thought or other sort of active transmission.  Another great visual is the pensieve from Harry Potter. There are many of these bundles of frequencies: for the individual, for various dimensions of consciousness, collectives, lineages, societies en masse, and so forth. This is how we create realities, and doing this together is a powerful syncing of our divine abilities to create entirely new systems.

We have our own Dreamweave and we have ones we share with various collectives too.  Its like etheric energy smoke strands created instantly upon a thought, and then it will band together through electromagnetics to form structures with other thoughts to create entire realities. Its like a cell, building with other cells to form tissues, then organs and so on to create life. These are the infinite patterns, number sequences which create everything in existence. This is our destiny as divine conscious creators.  We have within our very cells the atomic energy which creates worlds, and we can do so together and alone as a sacred practice through Dreamweaving. 

The Dreamweave is the ability each and every one of us holds within to imagine, talk about, wonder about, ask and share our ideas for the most beautiful existences for everyone here on New Earth: abundance, self love, self worth, pure love, integrity, sacred respect and all that is unity from soul based consciousness.


Through the creative action of speech, thoughts, emotions, telepathy and wishes we weave our intentions with the universe itself. Each desire and thought is a prayer, a magnetic radio signal which resonates throughout all of creation once born.

We do this alone through our prayers, asks, mantras when we commune with the divine in private and in groups too. 

We do this together with best friends and closest mentors when we share our hopes, dreams, and deepest desires.

We do this at social gatherings with tribe from all walks of life; professional, casual, with strangers in passing too.

We share this with another in physical union with our beloved too when we align our intentions.

This is the individual and collective Dreamweave experience. We literally create entire matrices of realities through our concentrated, most prevalent thoughts and emotions. 

What will you do with this power? The gauntlet has been passed for us to step up as conscious creators who prioritize unity/mastery/love/christed frequencies over ego fears/smallness/lack. We are being presented with the opportunity to commit to a way of being that is in alignment with our highest self, our soul. Let’s build New Earth together from a truly high frequency, a wholistic perspective of unity consciousness, shining in unity and adventure as golden diamond lovelight.

See also


Connected universe theory

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Dreamtime with Australian aboriginals

Pensieve used by Dumbledore

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Wow, these 444 codes came in swiftly and abruptly today 3/30/2020. I realized it was 4/4/4 this Saturday (also my two cats’ birthday) and started to tune into what this all means. This is what I have transcribed for all after sitting with these light streams in an oracular, receptive state. (Everyone can do this, its just deeply focused listening.) Phase one begins below, which is the culmination of all energies and re-wiring we have been embodying since January 11th 2020. Phase 2 begins with the energies of the 444 as outlined after phase 1.

When I tune in and see what I see or feel, the number 4 represents balance, equanimity, peace, abundance. I also resonate with it being the angel number representing the angelic realms/aspects of self/guidance. We are the earth angels, the galactic lightbeings here to spread beauty, joy, and freedom on Gaia. I see this 4 portal as an epic invitation to accept our angelic, divine DNA and to step up as angels, 5D+ creator beings of New Earth. We are the builders, creators of Heaven on Earth.  This 4 is a platform, a foundation for the entirely new reality to be built upon, like pouring the concrete of a house foundation.  It is also 4 three times, or 12, which is another sub-layer of our 12th dimensional divine human DNA templates. The 12th dimension is our highest current potential for ascension/embodiment as ascended master humangels.

Each of these stargate portal dates (1111, 1212, 222, 333, 444 etc) open up and collapses into another one; synchronized with cosmic and galactic tides they build up to one another as you see/experience on the spiral path/journey of evolution. This 444 gateway opens up a new layer of self-awareness that we must master in order to keep ascending to the next level, with the 12th being our embodied, ascended master state of BEing a divine, intergalactic human angel with diamond DNA. This is the initiation of our divine inheritance as Christed lightbeings in human form here on Earth. These organic ascension or evolutionary templates are codes of consciousness locked in our DNA memory which we open as we acquire deeper levels of self awareness, quantum unity consciousness, raising our frequency and being/sharing pure love as we open our hearts wider than we thought possible.

Cosmically there is a great deal happening with our Sun/Solaris, all the planets in our galaxy, the galactic center and more. The energies of Capricorn encourage us to build new structures of integrity, inclusivity and so forth, which are sustainable on all levels. Jupiter aids in the abundance of everyone as we collectively inherit our truth of living divine and free. Pluto provides the revolutionary self-discovery and transformation to create an entirely new life to match a new identity.

This time of the year aligns with the Easter energies, which contain strong ties to mother Earth goddess Gaia (Easter is named after Celtic mother Earth goddess Eostre) as well as the traditional Christian narrative of the Christ with the crucifixion and resurrection. This huge wave of Christos-Sophia/Gaia light pouring in gently nudges us to merge these two divine polarities of  the masculine and feminine/yin and yang to support our unification of these polarities or dualistic energies within. This Christ/crystalline energy is very prevalent right now for each of us to imbibe as sacred nectar, to celebrate the completion of the old, and to surrender all shadow and embrace love light. Thus we see here  pattern of the re-birth and sacred resurrection codes to create our very identity anew from within.  This is the prime essence of these 444 codes. 


Phase 1: Embodying the 222 codes and phasing in our aspects as master builders

In February we initiated our alchemical architectural plans for our lives by declaring ourselves as free and unified beings of love. We  started to own the desire to create from this aligned place of heart and soul instead of ego fear and we dug deep to keep holding this alignment with soul in order to navigate the chaos. The 444 is the build up, the second power, or doubling of the 222 energies of February which started to rain the master builder codes. We expressed our desires to create from this place of being master builders, to weave our dreams and desires from a state of inner peace/joy/gratitude, and for the harmony for all of creation too, as these architectural plans for reality. We implored cosmic law to once again be the divine grace for our planet and for all of creation to be provided for through their alignment with soul. This is a higher frequency way of being that declares all as equal, worthy, and holy on this abundant Earth. Abiding by cosmic law as creators who honor free will, we held the codes for a  peaceful transition by walking our talk, and asking that this be as easy for all as their as egos will allow into 5D and above. Now that the plans are in action, it is the time for drawing the blueprints with the codes of our higher self. These 444 codes are the next step to building New Earth through rebuilding ourselves.



As an image symbol representing this potential, I saw a huge, ancient wooden door that is very inviting, beckoning with a pure energy of renewal and freshness for us at this time. This energy came in and through during the Equinox on the 19th of March, and it is here for good.  It is a portal to New Earth, to a 5D way of life which is based upon love, integrity, generosity, gratitude, freedom, paradise and respect. This is the invitation to return to Lemuria, pure Atlantis, 5D, heaven on Earth, Terra Nova, the Golden Age. Whatever you want to call it, these paradise codes are here for us…We are invited to enter this door if we are willing to accept the mastery and responsibility it takes to create with awareness and honoring all others along with self.

There is ample support at this time, provided in the waves of cleansing photonic light which scoop up all fear, shadow, and ancient beliefs to be released. We have been and are continually being invited to use this time the last few weeks for self-reflection and self-evaluation to assess what we fear, what shadows need to be cleared. What are all of our beliefs for all aspects of life? Where are our limits for what is possible, and are they dogma, or are they your own? All of March has initiated the great Purge, going within to align ourselves and purify any old/limiting beliefs as the utmost priority right now. 5D is an open heart, pure love frequency of BEing, so right now is THE moment now to clear out fear, or any of the subtle programs where we gave money all the power to rule our sense of self, security and more. Before, we paid for our money with our soul. Now as conscious builders of New Earth, we are supplied and provided for through being aligned with our soul. There is no more room for the ego based expressions of judgement, fear, blame, victimhood, service to self factions, any of those false identities here. The keys to the door of 5D and Beyond are those of the sacred: pure love, kindness, generosity, and so forth.  You are an angelic being of love, abundance, and paradise, no longer any of the small powerless stuff, none of the slave stuff, or the old story/identity/attachments. These are all the most deep components of our awakening journey, as we remember who we truly are and release that which we are not.



This is our most important mission to then contribute for the betterment of all as a master here.  What you do for yourself you do for others. As you release fear, pain, suffering, trauma, judgement, illness etc. you assist others in doing this, you help the planet do this, other time periods and lineages too. This is the process for us to graduate to living mastery as ascended masters, which then enables us to create and wear our energetic crowns as divine beings. This is our divine destiny, our human potential, our divine DNA blueprint codes. These are the gift of this 444 gateway, our complete graduation of unity with our angelic self based upon our commitment to embodying cosmic christ-consciousness in the qualities of our words, thoughts, emotions, actions, focus and more. I believe these are the higher dimensional 12D codes of the Corona Virus, as Corona means crown.

We are HUmans, sons and daughters of Golden Source Love Light. This is an initiation to continue to purify old beliefs and fears which may arise as we are presented with the ability to change our entire life into our wildest, most precious dream of a life. The Utopia we always pined for is here now, we just have to be willing to say yes, and know and allow yourself to have it, AND take the initiative to make the changes necessary to do so. Utopia is real, it is 5D earth, which is a SOULFUL way of BEing as opposed to egoic.

For many these are times which trigger old traumas for us to integrate and heal as we practice blind faith in the divine. As all falls away we must hold to our faith/love/light inside, and witness the changes. Your life will change for the better as rapidly as you can remain consistent with love and faith, kindness, over fear. This does mean we doot have fear or witness the ego,it means we consciously witness our process with divine neutrality/compassion, and choose to rise above as an angelic being. We must focus on freedom, inner peace, detachment from what isn’t truly needed/what does not really serve the highest, being kind and of service to others. While we do this we must simultaneously watch where we place our focus: is it on fear and are we giving our power away to something outside of our own guidance/intuition/higher self/soul? whatever is false/not aligned with your divinity will leave, and this applies to false beliefs, ways of being, people and relationships, careers and so on. This is also the time of major reveals, so it is best to keep an open mind that is flexible to seeing through a new light, otherwise your ego will make this very hard indeed with its definitions, expectations, categories, descriptions and the like. 

This is the time to practice energetic immunity from outside influence and hold what is true and sacred for you as well. These very times have been described as intense biblical times, and I think that is accurate to describe the ancientness and depth of the inner work which we are being asked to complete now. Collectively and individually we are being forced through our circumstances to be present, peaceful, trusting, kind, loving and grateful. Watch the saviour programs coming up right now, the victim stuff, the unworthy stuff, and the toxic empathy programs. These are all coming up collectively to be purged as they are all based upon ego. You can honor another person’s belief systems/their reality while holding your own; this is the lesson of abstaining from judgement whether for self or others.

With this global quarantine we are gifted the opportunity to re-prioritize what is important to us. Now we are exercising more, spending more time outdoors and with family. We are being encouraged to detach ourselves from the old financial system and to trust a new one that we do not yet know WHILE we birth it. And we are continuously being bombarded with the opportunities to choose a new idea, a new belief, a new liberation from the old. It is intense! But this is the fullness, the multi-dimensional understanding of deconstruction for reconstruction. These are the pristine, powerful re-birth energies for Gaia and all of creation now, for us to align so we can live divine, sovereign and free. 

We are gifted with so very much right now. An abundance of time never experienced before! Quiet and peaceful drives in the car. Fresh air and water. Birdsong and natural noise taking over the din versus a freeway. The ability to focus more on our bodies/health, and being outside. Simple pleasures like gardening, cooking, artistic activities, playing board games and cards. Loving connections with neighbors, family, friends, and strangers too. Opportunities to be kind to others and be there for one another, to lead by example or set an example, and to share resources, kindness, or insight. Opportunities to connect and witness miracles of being as three more toilet paper rolls are shared with you right in the nick of time. Slowing down and seeing how much there is to be grateful for in the immediate moment, whether it be shelter, company, food, toilet paper, or your heartbeat. For the first time, we are not allowed to be ruled by money, and are experiencing other motivations that are so much more pure, fun, and productive to indulge. Especially as the systems in place are collapsing and therefore the rules do not apply anymore. We cannot “get in trouble” for not abiding by the rules because we have been asked to ignore them literally and go inside as a global society; they do not apply anymore. This can be awesome and enjoyable, or hell. You decide.

Phase 2: Embodying the 444 codes as conscious creators through the Dreamweave and our coronation initiation ceremony

Once we are clear enough and have purged enough we can then begin to focus on the love, the gratitude, simple pleasures, and we can start to get the itch to create something. We finally can start to get to the fun creator-BEing stuff! This is the ultimate reward for our hard work and dedication. It is time to implement phase 2 of the Dreamweave, actively participating in this conscious creation role. (More about the DREAMWEAVE role here)

The energies here are all about Spring, re-birth, empowerment, health, abundance, balance, the divine union or holy marriage/hieros gamos of consciousness within of your feminine and masculine aspects, a revolutionary way of living which serves all involved, a renaissance, a resurrection of purity and simplicity. This is the opportunity to resurrect yourself, your identity, your beliefs, your entire life. This is the coronation, as we graduate to conscious creator beings of love and purity here. This is where we enter a new phase of existence with conscious clarity to participate in the Dreamweave as conscious creators with integrity, courage, and purity of heart.



The Golden Age is upon us now, we can do so much with the potentials we are being offered now if we can exercise the ability to choose mindfully and consciously. Many of us already live in 5D as we make it a conscious choice daily. It is accessible to everyone willing to raise their love frequency and practice their self-mastery. The Utopia we all desire to create NOW existed many times before for many different civilizations, and it exists NOW for us to choose to live. 

This beautiful gateway is an opportunity for all of us to focus our conscious intentions on creating New Earth together. This is the portal for the collective and individual to Dreamweave our realities; consciously, mindfully imagining realities together which are based on the highest pure love, divinity, peace and such frequencies of harmonious heaven on earth for all of creation and ourselves too. We literally weave energetically with our dreams and horrors too if we create unconsciously through fear. This is the divine creator principle. We create for ourselves and with the divine on behalf of our self and dreaming for others to be fulfilled and happy, free. This is a micro/macro view to create on both these levels at the same time, and to do so from the most beautiful, magical perspectives aligned with the divine which honor the cosmic laws of free will as well.


Our Christ Consciousness coronation initiation

This sacred 444, 04/04/2020(40) is a portal inviting us to don our crowns as conscious creators, walking with the divine all day and night. We can achieve New Earth for ourselves immediately by slipping into the vibrational frequencies of 5D.

Everyone gets to come to 5D, it is just a matter of working for it by prioritizing the sacred, clearing fear, being grateful, open-hearted, kind to self and others. Surrendering ego constantly until we embody our soul and it has the most consistent presence in our lives. Learning to perceive through the heart mind instead of the linear mind. 

These energetic invitations will continue to increase for each as is needed to learn to drop/surrender the ego/fears/programs/duality within. The stronger the ego, the harder the lessons to snap you awake and out of hypnosis.

We are constantly being initiated to unity consciousness within, it is just a matter now of our consistency with our efforts to determine our entrance.

The 444 window is part of the increasing frequencies of energy which started on the Spring Equinox of March 19th (northern hemisphere) which will keep peaking daily through Easter, April 12th. As we get closer to Easter we also get more in touch with the ancient christed energies of our sacred hearts as we approach the codes of the resurrection.  This 444 is the initial invitation to cleanse, love and laugh harder, take care of self and others, to then resurrect into a christed King or Queen of the Golden Age.

Enjoy this energy for all it provides as much as you can. Be brave, humble, grateful and consistent with your compassion for self and others. Dig deep into yourself with courage to face all inner demons and shadows, love them and release them. Spend tons of time out in nature however possible. Even in the throes of the collective and individual dark night of the soul experiences we do know there is light at the end of the tunnel, we do know that we are being made stronger and more beautiful, more full of light and pure love. We are seeing seeds of the generosity of New Earth all around, and actively participating in a heart-centered compassionate experience with others locally and globally. We would not be here if we could not handle this. As such it is a beautiful blessing, an honor to be here to witness the birth of New Earth together through our present, sacred co-creative abilities. Breathe the breath of life and keep going forward.


Merissa Indigo

I am recording an audio track which is a guided meditation for your coronation ritual. It is a quantum light activation if you wish to purchase and download. Coming soon <3





My experience and perception of my physical body has changed greatly over the years. Originally I knew at a young age from my own guidance/experimentation/experiences the power of the mind to fully heal the body of any illness or disease, that disease is all mental and emotional, then gets trapped within various locations to cause tension/dis-ease. But I still was not merged with my body, I still saw it separately from me; an external, disembodied aspect of self/or an extension of self that I had no patience, compassion, or tenderness for. I felt trapped and limited by the confines of my body, and felt animosity towards it for having needs which conflicted with my mind/ideas/understanding of space time.

Needless to say, the last few years in particular have brought me to revolutionary, deeper dimensions of understanding my body. Learning to accept and then love it through a softer approach by learning to listen to its cues and languages (pain, stiffness, heart rate, injury, cravings) rather than demand it perform mercilessly like a machine; my heart opened and I could see differently. 

Each level of my journey has brought deeper and more trippy levels of understanding considering the intricacies of the universe, the nature of consciousness, and how they are symbolically present inside of me physically too in my own body. Not only do the various body systems reflect the greater holographic universe, but the symptoms present with any imbalance/stored tension/old stagnant energy/belief systems stored in the cells/tissues have stories for us to sift and choose. This is the essence of quantum physics demonstrated through the body, a microscopic creation of the holographic universe.



Once I began to practice gentleness for myself and my body, treating my needs as I would my child’s -with tenderness, a present pause, and consideration-  everything shifted. My embodiment process initiated. I will go more deeply into this subject of embodiment through other systems in another piece. The focus for this is the bone codes, as this was the first body system that I met and learned from in the summer of 2018. 

 Teeth and bones hold the most ancient DNA cellular programs and ancestral trauma. From a shamanic perspective, this is our physiological equivalent to archaeology, with our own lives/stories/genetic lineages as the fossils to unearth, sift and transmute. When you have something happen with a bone in your body, whether it be a break, a sprain, inflammation, sensitivity, dental work, its kind of a big fucking deal. Not in a scary or menacing way, but a crossroads. More like an invitation to witness, listen, and choose a higher destiny and life that calls you. Something deeper is asking you to pay attention, stop and listen to what is really going on. When you say yes, its a milestone to be appreciated and held as sacred in your life. To a shaman and other heart-centric lenses of perception, this is a huge clearing, a release, an initiation to transmute and transcend some very deeply held CORE beliefs from the very marrow of your consciousness. Bones and teeth are the penultimate symbol for the ancient earthiness that we are. Its a primal, primordial, animalistic alchemy with raw potential for creation and healing through alignment with our soul. Within the hollows of your bones lies the plasma of consciousness at DNA level, the peptide chains which have the atomic potential to become ANYTHING your system requires. Each tooth is bio-mapped to be connected to your organs, neural networks, and circulatory pathways. Can you dig? Into yourself, I mean 😛 Consult your bones like a medicine person in some mythic saga throws them ceremonially like dice for divining conscious communication within, as a means of soul level guidance and intimate connection with your self/ancestry. What beliefs and potential codes lie within your 270 bones? The skeletal framework for your physical beingness, the structure of your temple.



Its really fun and empowering to explore ancestral clearing with the intent of understanding what is necessary for you based upon your unique lineages. The clues will lie in the body itself in symptoms or observations made. Start there, and find the metaphysical correlation to begin to build your own body language. It can be helpful to look at your own physical body map and see which attributes you have inherited on your different body systems from either the patrilineal or matrilineal line as a place to start. For example, if you have your father’s toes or feet, it lets you know that you could potentially have a lot of that lineage’s ancestral karma as your foundation to stand upon in life on all levels, and you may need to clear and re-grid the feet. Note not only the physical attributes which make up our body temple, but Also the location and significance of each body part should be taken into consideration here for self-discovery and deeper integration. Is the sensation on your right or left? This will tell you if you have hang ups about taking action/right side, or receiving/nurturing/left side. You may already know where to begin based upon your lineage, origin, and the stories of your parents. You can feel it within. It’s up to you to clear it, release it and replace it to embody higher consciousness, meaning more love, peace, compassion and liberation from suffering. We are transitioning from carbon to crystalline, and it is up to each one of us to determine how quickly it occurs based upon our attachments to what is, or our fear to create something better that is unknown.
Look at your traits. Take in your physical traits with a detailed observation. Look in the mirror. What is your blood type? Phenotypes? Are the genetics displaying a dominance based upon either matrilineal or patrilineal lineage? All this will give you signs and indications as to which ancestry lines you Incarnated to take on, to collapse in Purity and love, finding and ending all karmic cycles in this Incarnation cycle.

Intend to connect with your teeth, bones, cranium, and entire skeletal system. Movement can be awesome for this bond. Try 5 Rhythms or Amba to learn to ask the body what its feeling and then allow it to express this through movement. Meditate and think only of these skeletal body parts to see them, connect with them through your focus, and receive information. I like to visualize them glowing/shining a mother of pearl iridescent white, which can help clear and heal a lot of density too. What do your bones tell you? 




2222 Unity Codes Master Builder Invitation

to Live our Higher Purpose as our Soul 

 February 2ND, 20th, & 22nd 2020

The number 2 signifies unity between all the foundational aspects of self/ego/soul to eventually reach/achieve/embody the states of divine consciousness, or unity consciousness in our daily life. It is also the number of the Master Builder, the Alchemist, the High Priestess. The Angel number 222 is the invitation to commit to your divine life mission or purpose. This year 2020, or 22, marks the official entrance of humanity into the Age of Aquarius. Integration or self-awareness and self-unification are the keycodes/accesspoint of these 2 frequency codes: How to know, understand, love and integrate the aspects of ourselves to re-birth ourselves as an even greater, more empowered whole. To know ourselves is to become an alchemist of the self and initiate the path of the mastery in our lives. To begin any journey we have to know where we are first. We have to know who we are to know who we are not. This awareness opens other doors that were previously unavailable, or did not exist because we were not ready. To have access to the tools and then begin to use them consistently is how we become the master builders of our lives and also receive the awareness of our life’s mission/purpose/joy.

In my experience, 2 represents the frequency/the vibration of our individual union with the Divine, within. Self with the Divine Self, until we realize these are not separate at all, as this is all part of the awakening our conscious understanding to the nature of the Divine and that we are it too. We also begin to realize that when these individual pieces come together they form a higher resonance than they ever could when separated. Each aspect of our identity grows more pure, empowered, light-filled and loving as we release anything untrue. And then with time these aspects of self merge with our higher self aspects to form a unified whole that is strengthened with the addition of a whole new octave of higher frequency, or light. 

1+1 comes together, the dance of duality/polarity unifying to become the frequency/ power of the one doubled and collapsed into the number two. This is hieros-gamos, the sacred marriage, the inner alchemy, the philosopher’s stone of self-actualization and mastery. It is the ultimate awareness of humanity to know itself as God and learn how to be ok with it while releasing all that is not God. By merging polarity within we are granted access to previously unknown capabilities, purposes and even destinies brought about through this unity. We have to remember how to transcend our raw state of separation from our soul to access the more refined qualities held within the soul’s depth, peace and infinite wisdom. Inner alchemy is a combination of dedication, flexibility, humility and compassion. And it really helps to have a sense of humor too! Once you are ready to start, it ain’t over until it’s over. You must gift yourself the courage to keep going, keep loving, trusting yourself all the while even when it gets overwhelming. Not to mention honoring and doing right by all those in your reality too, respecting where they are in their journey and remaining kind, compassionate, humane during all this. Sacred respect starts now, not when we are fully enlightened.

For a sword to be made, there are many steps involved. This can be a metaphor for the expansion of your consciousness. A raw material/metal ore is taken from the Earth and alchemized through fire to transcend its solid form and become a molten liquid. A lot of us get stuck when it gets hot and we are starting to melt because its uncomfortable and new and fucking scary, but once you start the process of alchemy you must keep going until you are done! Once sufficient heat has been applied to this raw material, it is molded and cooled to take a new shape while being continually refined through hammering, heating and cooling by the blacksmith. We can think we are done with healing/releasing a certain program SO many times only to see it arise and knock us off center again. Some of the more common themes from my personal experience are self-worth, trusting myself/my soul & life, and not giving power away to the unknown/compulsive need to control. These are all ego programs, so we do not really need a literal hammering in life because our ego does it for us. All this before this raw material metal can be re-born totally in a new form and polished as a beautiful, shining sword. Taking a raw material/raw consciousness and choosing its purpose is a re-enactment of the sacred artistry of Divine creation, along with then fulfilling the job until it has been made “complete.” This is the ascension process.

The gift of the 2222 frequency codes supports our process. Even the language of mathematics proves that our unique heaven on Earth experience is a guarantee through time, trusting the process and dedication, just like making a sword. Sunday February 2nd is an especially powerful portal or entrance into this initiation of soul-centered living, as this number sequence of 02022020 is what is known as a Palindrome, a sequence of numbers that reads the same backwards as it does forwards. Any way you look at it, the frequency stands true. More evidence supporting our magnanimous potential for success, evolution, and bliss of self-realization can be seen by adding up the four 2’s, which equals 8, or the infinity sign. By unifying the positive and negative charge/the poles/emotions/thoughts/vibrations within us at the cellular level through the power of our intention/conscious mind, we take our life experience beyond what we knew when we lived through the lens of limits and separation from our Self/Source/Soul. 

The Process

Examples of the unification process Within

Note: The integration process is not linear, but quantum, so many elements can be present at the same time. Consistency of any vibration will bring a result to match it in your experience, so the idea is to learn how to integrate and transcend that which does not serve our purpose/highest life and calling, replacing it over time with the lighter, soulful aspects of BEing in order to live an empowered life on purpose instead of feeling off. For the sake of trying to describe a multi-dimensional process here which I find to be the foundation of the 2 frequency codes, we are breaking down each “1” loosely to describe the process of separation to unification.
There are many levels to the Self. The foundational level, that first 1 of the small human self, is composed of Ego fragments and is thus lacking the Divine presence within. Ascension is Union, the process of merging all of our self, ego and soul. One plus one equals two to access the cosmic divine within. The first “1” in this formula is each of us at the very beginning of our conscious awakening, like a newborn baby finding its way. We are asking, discovering, learning. It typically feels anger, pain, sadness, rage, powerless, limited, small, and can have trauma. Examples of ego aspects you may work with or have been working with:
the wounded child, the victim, the healer, the narcissist.
In addition to these you may be working with higher consciousness aspects of you too, often at the same time. This is the second “1” needed to be added to the first to then eventually heal the duality within and become the 2 frequency code. Over time we compound the magnitude of our conscious BEingness by becoming self-aware, learning the power of thought, seeing how this creates worlds, and then expanding our focus to include the entire world in our heart and soul. These are larger than your ego/human and feel more empowered, loving, connected and trusting. Examples of Soul aspects:
 the Angelic Realms, our higher self, Galactic lineages, Cosmic Consciousness, the ascended masters, and the Christed/Crystalline aspects.
In addition to these first 2 levels which make up the initial 2 frequency code, you may have trickles of access to your higher Monadic consciousness aspects. These may come in as you unify more and more of your experiences, calling your power back to you from circumstances, people, and events that caused separation over many lives. Over time you will live more as Pure Divine Love than anything else as you release the attachments to suffering. The best way to describe what the Monad is to think of it like the higher self to your higher self. The part of your soul that merges with all of Creation. Some examples of what this consciousness has been called are:
Monadic Consciousness aspects, Prime Creator, your soul group including yourself, and the effulgent white light of Prime Creator, Source of All That Is, the Isness.
The 2222 codes came in strong on January 21st 2020 during my first Reiki attunements. The meditation prompts led me to connect with my Soul and surrender to it/be guided By The Light Within, which took me to a profound experience where I was accompanied by, then observing and merging with Prime Creator ISiness. I felt a presence so huge and pure that I was blown away, and when I asked who it was there was no response. Through the meditation I kept hearing “pure potential,” “the ISness,” and “effulgent white light” over and over again. The ancient Vedic texts refer to this supreme Consciousness as Ishwara, that aspect of the Divine with no name/physical manifestation because it cannot truly be known as it is pure potential pre-formation. Transcendentalists referred to it as the effulgent white light of Brahma the creator. This was the most profound experience I had ever had of the Divine, and it was very powerful because I merged with this Prime Creator energy. It is you, and I, and itself too all at once. In a matter of speaking it was the highest I had ever gone dimensionally. I was shown stars being born, atomic explosions on a galactic level and then cellular level in our bodies through our daily metabolic processes, and the pure potential underlying all of creation. Think Morgan Freeman in a white suite and tie playing God in a white space of infinity. That’s where I was, in the White Light of infinity. In short, this experience epitomized my understanding of how HUGE the activations are from these 2 frequency codes  in all their variations. How deep you go, how far you take your journey depends entirely upon you. There are no limits.
This Sunday February 2nd 2020 is the invitation initiation to know yourself, love yourself, release all judgement to Embrace love. To allow the soul IN to the body and to live Soul as your embodiment. This is a daily commitment, a practice of BEing. This is embodiment, a daily practice to remember your true identity and keep returning home to this truth even when we forget from time to time. We have to remember that in the Ascension process we are learning or remembering how to function from an entirely different and higher consciousness. Remembering how to live from the heart instead of from the head, transitioning from limited/scary to infinite/magical and Limitless. This is existence in a much more passive and open state of receptivity, where we surrender control and even the need to know to embrace Trust in ourselves, and our Soul.
The embodiment process opens your Consciousness, heart and mind to your soul purpose, your mission, your ultimate service expression that brings you absolute Delight and means something deeply loving/kind/generous/abundant/pure/NEW EARTH to you and your community. Once you know what you are called to do, the next step is trusting that you can. Then  start actively asking for opportunities. You have to own and declare that you have all of the resources, people, energy and platforms to create this next step of your ideal life. You have to claim this even before it is physically made evident in your life experience. Do this daily and BELIEVE it to bring it through. Clear all blocks to belief as they come up. Invite and watch the opportunities come in. Then the “work” begins. This stage is the result of full-body embodiment of the number 2 frequency. This stage is taking the frequencies from within where they have been held consistently during the unification process, to radiating them outwards to co-create in Divine partnership with your Universe to live an aligned experience/life.
Everything starts from within to then radiate outwards. We have to spend the time and Devotion to owning this pure love Within first. The more consistently we do this, the faster we will yield our own results. This is the 2 frequency code with your integrated you as “1”, and your world as a Conscious Creation as the other “1,” merging together synergistically in Divine partnership. You become a conscious and active participant in your life, co-creating on a daily basis from the purity of your Soul with your life as your practice.

Your daily life as a practice

to embrace and embody the 2222 codes


1. Meet yourself, your soul, all of your aspects, belief systems and your pain. Spend time with them, get to know them, love them all and integrate them all by embracing them without judgment or fear. You have to know who you are to know who you are not. Weed through the garden of your mind to pull out the old crap. What is your true identity? What DO you believe, and no longer believe?
2. Commit to Unity within, finding peace within as a daily practice of living a Soul-aligned life. Start each day by finding true peace before you do anything else, while loving all your fragments and pain back into Oneness. Eventually there will be no separation, through diligent practice this will most assuredly be realized by you. You have to start Where You Are and ease into it.
3. Find ways to connect with yourself. Meditate, ask to connect with your soul, find a quiet peaceful spot, head out into nature, whatever works. Who are you really? ASK to connect with your Soul. Who am I really? Let the truth of this supreme Divine love and ecstasy fill your entire being and support your daily process. This is a higher vibrational frequency of asking Who You Are, because once you know who you are not more solidly, you become more open-minded to being curious about who you really are and embracing that there are unknown aspects of yourself deep within that you have not yet met in this lifetime.
4. Discover your calling, mission, purpose. This will be service-based, not ego-based. There are so many examples of this. Artists serve by bringing Beauty and depth to other people. An artist can be so many things from someone who paints, to mixed media, creates jewelry, clothing, found object sculptures, to a writer. Teachers/wayshowers share valuable information for the generations they resonate to working with. Chefs and those who love working with food, farmers supply nourishment to the community. If you love gardening and working with the Earth, or with animals that may be a hint too. Some love  helping the elderly, or the disabled, or working with children as care givers. Some absolutely love being a connector and helping others find people via networking. What are you drawn to do? What brings you Joy, immense satisfaction and peace? Sometimes these are things you never thought you could do even though you have always wanted to, even maybe since a young child. Whatever your natural skills are will be a good starting point; they will be useful and profoundly meaningful to others in the community as well as bring you great joy when you take action on serving through them. It will not be ego-based, and it will not be self-serving or limited or excluding.
5. While living all of these steps, trust yourself, your soul, and your process. Hold pure love and gratitude as the highest truth within. Love yourself, love others, love and appreciate opportunities. Trust your calling.
6. Repeat
Remember this is a process. Have patience, compassion, tenderness for yourself and others. Be grateful and humble. Keep your heart open and be willing to do anything to keep it that way by raising your vibration consistently. Happy alchemy, happy creating. Happy 2222! 


We all know that old saying, hindsight is 2020. In October I started thinking about 2020, 2020 vision, and how this new year is setting the bar wayyy higher for our individual and collective experiences. As 2019 drew to a close, I started hearing “foresight is 2020” in my meditations. In the higher realms of existence everything is the opposite of what we learned in 3D, because part of our incarnation process was to forget our true nature as spirit and then unravel all illusions to remember. 2020 is the measurement for perfect vision at the optometrist, and it is also our new roadmap for living fulfilling, healthy, joyous lives. The old 3D expression/belief system of “hindsight is 2020” is based upon our old ways, looking back to review errors in judgement and how they caused suffering to learn from these experiences. We did not have the gift of foresight then. It was our own personal dark age, living life from a limited, dis-empowered and separated place, like throwing darts in the dark while also being blindfolded, walking with no guide. We navigated our days from a fear-based survival auto-pilot consciousness trying to avoid making mistakes. These errors were the result of being separated from our source/higher self/intuition/soul and living from our ego or limbic brain, which is programmed for survival but not anything more; it is a tunnel vision. We did not know who we were back then, which is all part of the dance of Lila, the game of divinity forgetting and remembering itself.

Now we are remembering. 2020 gives us the gift of a higher vision where we actively participate in life through being present in each moment and feeling it all out as it comes. This is living our truth from a high integrity space. Our internal GPS has been re-wired and strengthened through our re-connection with ourselves. We walked the fire walk for a decade or longer and these initiations enabled us to shed old identities/whatever does not resonate with our divinity, and thus discover our true identities and open our hearts beyond what we knew was possible to better love ourselves, one another, and deeply appreciate the sacred gifts of life/all of creation. Our connection with our guidance or higher self paves the way for 2020 perfect vision because we live/work in partnership with our soul. Being present with our higher self as much as possible means we assess outcomes and sense the impressions we receive either through our emotions, bodily sensations like our gut reaction, a body message like pain/stiffness, or other spidey senses. We have a whole new set of multidimensional tools like the ones mentioned to use to make decisions about our life, relationships, career, where we live, basically everything in our day to day. Therefore from 2020 on our lives are the very definition of foresight. There is no fooling ourselves anymore; we know what will happen now at a gut level when we think of something. We can create heaven or an unpleasant karma if we go against our guidance. For example, over-extending yourself so much with physical work because your ego is pushing you that instead of listening to your body and resting, you pull your back and are laid up for a few days. Taking something for granted, be it a person or a resource, means it will disappear from your reality. Avoiding a lesson or resenting it will prolong your row with it, because you gotta feel it to heal it. If we choose to live from the old story that is our choice, but it will continue to feel worse because the contrast in dimensional frequency bands is very stark now.

This year 2020 is a whole new foundation for us to live in higher consciousness, and is the start of a powerful decade that will continue to mold us to adapt in each moment, but also offers truly incredible incentives in the form of immediate return through crystallization/manifestation for us to keep moving forward in our evolution and ascension disciplines as a way of life. We are fully supported now to make choices that are in alignment with our divine destiny as we actively discover it. We are now officially the only thing in our way. 2020 brings us the opportunity for us to navigate our life by being more consciously aware of our guidance and thus avoid karma.

The last decade was one of learning some tough lessons for many of us. For myself and many other millennial starseeds, our entire lives thus far have been fraught with challenges and gnarly lessons testing how hard we wanted to be here, how much did we believe in ourselves, all to help mold us into our higher selves. For me personally, the 2009-2010 cycle felt like we were being put through the wringer with constant tests/initiations to find/choose our highest calling, establish boundaries, eliminate toxic beliefs systems/people, stop wasting, stop giving our power away to people/circumstances/events/illusion, learn how to be present with ourselves and one another, learn how to forgive, heal all our wounds/soul fragments, and ultimately stop creating karma by learning how to open our hearts and trust the calls/wisdom of the soul. It was a brutal period of expedited initiation which collapsed several million lifetimes worth of experiences on a fast-track for our ascension; to help us become conscious of how we were creating our lives unconsciously from pain, old habits, baggage and beliefs that were learned rather than from our souls. We came here to live purely from the heart as conscious creators of New Earth, or heaven on Earth. In order to do this, we have to be stripped down of all baggage, peeled layer by layer until we come home to our heart and soul, knowing who we really are as a pure being of source, the divine I Am presence. How do we know Self if we do not see all within that is blocking our Self from expression? This is the ultimate embodiment of soul, the ascension process.

2020 is the result of our steadfast efforts and the magic will only continue to blossom within our lives every day in more astounding ways as we open to this. No matter how hard the journey became, we chose to be good and kind to ourselves and one another. We chose not to surrender to the darkness even when it tried to drown us over and over again with the constraints of the lower dimensions. We surrendered to the purification of our existence no matter how tough it was as we learned to trust our soul. Debts, illness, corruption, betrayal, unrequited loves, natural disasters all persisted to help us open up, get raw and vulnerable, to come together within and as a global community. Through pain we found our greatest treasure; divine love.


I get the images of Atreyu in the swamp of sadness from the movie The Never-Ending Story here. This movie is the ultimate indigo starseed movie and the perfect example of holding the faith while a universe is literally dissolving in front of our eyes so we can be empowered to rebuild it up again with foundations of equality, divine consciousness light, purity, divine love, respect, and sacredness. Atreyu never gave up, and neither did we. He is a light warrior, as are we all. We as conscious creators here are the authors, magicians, warriors, wayshowers and codekeepersof the Never-Ending Story. New Earth.



It took 7 years for the veils to lift and for us to start to tangibly witness higher dimensional shifts, so in truth 2019 was how 2012 was supposed to feel energetically as far as the shift into 5D reality in our minds and hearts. In 2012 Gaia aligned with the photon belt, which was the catalyst for photonic light/higher frequencies of consciousness to descend upon Gaia, the other planets in our soul are system and each one of us. It takes time for the higher frequencies of innovative expanded thoughts/potentials and sensations to float down into the density of physical reality from heaven. 2019 was a year of faith and trust, holding the higher love principles in our hearts and minds consistently and finding peace more easily despite huge challenges. We still had karma to clear, so 2019 was all about inner knowing while we cleared karma from old relationships, jobs, mentalities, limiting beliefs, fears, habits and so forth. We held the vision and feelings of our highest life and truth, our dreams for humanity and the world inside while we did our daily life. In order to get to 5D we have to clear our baggage. 2020 gives us full access to New Earth 5D and beyond if we want to grab hold and fly. The tickets to ride this train are divine love, integrity and sacred respect.

The results of this steadfastness of spirit are so palpable now. We can see the illusions dissolving in the mainstream and have witnessed whole collectives of people choosing empowerment, sustainability, caring for our planet, demanding respect/civil rights and unity over separation. One can actually feel the higher energies All around now, where before they were something we could only read about or imagine feeling because the matrix prisons were so strong for thousands of years until 2012. Cosmic laws now have reign here on Gaia again. They always did, but they were masked before, there was a cap and it was hard to reach and feel this love. Every thought and choice has an immediate response through the Cosmic law of cause and effect as the vibrational frequency of Gaia is higher now, and our vibrational frequency is higher as we embody more love and courage, forsaking pain and the old identity stories. 2020 is the first year of your new story.



We are being invited to co-create our experiences both daily and minute by minute now in a zero-point field of unity conscious and empowered choice. What this means is that pure potential lies before you in every second at a quantum energetic level, and it is up to you to mold it as an energetic clay. You are not separate from all the love, support, resources, tools, and community you seek/desire unless you believe you are. The tools for this plasma clay are your thoughts, beliefs, intentions which are magnetic forces, and your emotions which are electrical forces. The seed is your desire, the nutrients are your thoughts/emotions, and your consistency of belief measures the grow cycle. Holding the frequency of belief expedites the full creation of your desire into being. Whatever we choose will have immediate beautiful creation if it is in alignment with your highest alignment or some kind of obvious unpleasantness if it is not in our highest alignment. We can choose to fulfill our higher calling for our career, we can choose perfect health, we can choose not to age anymore, we can choose to consciously create heaven on Earth with having pure hearts/thoughts/intentions/words/actions and we can choose divine sovereignty for all people, animals, and for all of creation. You’ll never feel alone again because in truth you never were, the fog was just too thick before to see yourself and feel your connection.

Welcome to 2020, the first year of living life through our higher self vision. 



Merissa Indigo














Light Encoded Lexicon: Our language evolves as we do

As our journey of consciousness continues to take us into new territories and our identities continue to develop and expand, it is totally natural for us to begin to form our own words to more accurately describe our experience/perception/intention/process. At a certain point we realize the need to revise current colloquialisms, idioms, and all phrasing of the old reality, replacing them with energetically aligned or light-encoded phrases, suffixes and so forth to support the creation of your current and future realities. The root Lexis in lexicon means language, and the prefix Lex means law. So our language becomes an energetic law when used with intention in multiple dimensions of creation. Since English is a universal language and my native tongue, this is specifically what we will be reviewing in this article. We will be comparing and contrasting 3D and 5D, limits and infinite potential, linear and quantum here through linguistics.
Quantum mechanics of existence are non-linear and unlimited, expressed in waves and particles of varying frequency. It is holistic rather than separate and collated. So as we awaken and establish more sovereignty within from all systems of control or limiting beliefs, we need to find a language to match! As we reach for, discover, and embody more photonic light, which is consciousness (think E=MC squared) we also need to adjust our language and verbiage as a system to match to include more light.
So what is light-encoded language? It is any language that is higher in divine love frequency, whether native to Gaia Terra or extraterrestrial too. The galactic languages of light are more tonal and musical in frequency, and the communication/transmission is a soulful comprehension, more of a right-brain experience of receiving frequencies and translating them into emotion, visuals, geometric patterns, and more. A fun experiment to explore the power of Earth-based language for yourself and learn to assess the vibrational quality or frequency of words is to write down a list of words and see how you feel about them. Which sound and feel more loving, light-hearted, fun, inclusive, liberating, exciting, harmonious and ultimately, resonant with YOU? Any words that make you feel good, pleasant, peaceful, loving or “high” as far as heightened states of bliss are high-frequency, light-encoded words.


The notion of creating our own higher vibrational version of English by re-arranging words first presented to my awareness about 5 years ago. My dear friend who is an inventor and visionary shared the term “innerstand,” which he used instead of understand. If we break apart the word understand, you begin to see the construct of control implied: UNDER an implied authority you stand. The up-leveling of this word to “inner” changes the energy dynamic/ frequency of this word completely from one of submission, hierarchy/social order, external authority or less than (all 3D constructs) to one of inner knowingness, abundance and sovereignty (all 5D principles.) This initial experience totally hit home. It made quite an impression and left me so excited for all of us to create and share a new high-frequency language and idiomatic expressions to empower and inspire one another. Changing the words to match sovereignty, the fluid divine creation instead of constraints/boxes/limits, we are evolving out of the language system put into place by false matrix systems of domination and control.
Teacher and wayshower Sandra Walter uses “kindwhile” instead of meanwhile in her writings. My mentor, ascension guide wayshower Lisa Transcendence Brown uses “We” instead of I in her teaching because each individual is a unique collective unity consciousness of individual, soul, monad, galactic, and prime creator source aspects. My first light-encoded word came to me last week: “being coming” instead of becoming. In this process I witness, acknowledge, and give thanks for my beingness and my becoming this. So I came up with the word “being coming” to describe this transitional process of embodiment of the higher self. For me, it accurately describes a perpetual state of arrival; the process of consistently transcending in the moment, capturing my/our journey of evolution as a being that is consistently being made into creation consciously in each moment. You are being, and you are stepping into what is coming AND it is all in the now collapsing in, hence the -ing.



Sociopolitical assessment of 3D based language communication systems

Modern 3D English language is linear and very conceptually limiting in terms of energetic expression. English words are a 3D system to quantify and collect data, which is all very boxlike in formation. For example, the English language has a consistently indoctrinated system of definitions/rules that we have to learn in school, most of which have been predetermined by the conquering factions who created these same languages as a control system, the ruling parties whose customs and language we were forced to adapt to as slaves aeons ago. English itself is a botched surgery hybrid of Germanic Old English, French/other Romance languages like Latin, and Sanskrit to name a few. Each of these languages is beautiful on its own, but cut-and-pasting phonetics and other garbled bits has created a Frankensteinian babble with no room for quantum shifts. A great parable for the use of the English language as a system of confusion, domination, and thus control would be the story of Babel/babble. The English language is the epitome of Babel. As an English major in college I felt for anyone who had to learn English as a second language, as the rules are all madness compared to other languages. I studied Spanish, French and Sanskrit intensely and they are very different from English in both sound current, open-ended comprehension and application. English is rigidly defined from a left brain creation point, while other languages that are made of only one language (every other language but English to my knowledge) convey an idea more loosely open to translation, more spatial right brain poetic.


In my research of cymatics (the relationship between visible sound patterns and vibrational frequency) the oldest languages currently known to have the highest resonant healing frequencies are Sanskrit and Hebrew. These languages specifically have been recorded actually producing sacred geometric patterns in sand. Ancient Mayan, Polynesian, Native American, African, Australian and ALL other indigenous languages also have pure resonant frequencies; if you notice, they all sound like light language. They also are hard to research/details are not readily accessible for scholastic or cultural understanding. Notice they are not the mainstream universal tongues and are in fact the languages of the oppressed, which as all things is for a very specific reason; the imposition of limits/matrix control systems. I am not sure about those from the Asiatic countries as they did not come up in my research. I suggest researching these. The few original indigenous languages that we have access to are the only holy and organic sound technologies we have in the current era.
Languages also have evolved to mirror the environment around us as we are in symbiotic co-creative existence with the external reality. For example, the Inuit indigenous have 300 words for snow. As we unify and embody more creator aspects within we begin to realize that the external reality is molded by the internal landscape, so our inner experience and perceptions will mold our external reality like the lucid plasma dream quantum soup that it is from a quantum mechanics perspective. And so again, we return to the increase of light within our atomic cells, bodies, hearts, and minds seeking higher expression through our language systems.

It has been said by so many wise people and sacred texts throughout history that words are spells or curses of the heart and soul spoken aloud. In Genesis, The Word came first. As one speaks, so shall one be. Speak it and it is. This is the essence of conscious creation and becomes a massive responsibility to wield mindfully as we learn to honor our words and utter our speech carefully, coming from high integrity creative spaces instead of negative or destructive old world karmic realities. These ancient teachings are so numbed down they have become intangible at first view, until we start to feel the need to create change in our language to share and describe our journey, our life, our light. So for those of us who speak English as our primary language communication system we transform our reality by the words we use. This is my first language and is my reference point for this entire piece, but this innate desire to evolve linguistic expression will be true for all language systems. As we traverse into higher planes of consciousness and live in them daily as a practice we can create our own light-encoded lexicon to better communicate newer leading-edge thought, innerstanding, interconnectivity, unity and consciousness to share with one another. With our new light lexicon we transcend limiting beliefs and systems by anchoring in the higher realities of abundance, sovereignty, sacred respect, joy, and health. This is heaven on Earth, or New Earth, which we are actively building now as a collective through language too. <3


Merissa Indigo