Helio Astronomy, Conjunction of Planets, Masculine and Feminine Forces, Lemurian Consciousness Revolution, Sacred Cultural Renaissance, Unity Consciousness

Venus, Mars, Pluto Conjunct at 0 degrees in Aquarius

This transmission received on March 12, 2024, revolved around the Helio/Soular/Sol/Soul astronomy perspective of our universe, galaxy, solar system. The discussion centered on the conjunction at zero degrees of Aquarius of the planets Venus, Mars, and Pluto from the perspective on the Sun, also known as the Light of our Soul or Solar Logos, a higher octave of increased conscious awareness. The meeting explored the concept of unity consciousness and the increasing number of people aligning with it.

Here we are sharing what we have received when asking for some useful information about this conjunction. This is a Solar revolution of the literal rotation planets dance through and the revolution of consciousness as One singular event happening across all of Creation. If we stand on the Sun in the dimension of our Solar Logos we are drawn to observe a cosmic event of epic impact. This is a focus and expand-the-energies investigation on the conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Pluto at zero degrees of Aquarius. Merissa Indigo/Speaker draws parallels between this current conjunction energy and how it has been portrayed in media, sci-fi or fantasy movies, discussing the rising global alignments with unity consciousness.

Zero Point is energetic modeling clay in your hands. It means being so fully in this moment that you access the pure positive divine potentials of the Now and receive new insight or inspiration, information to support your journey. Also feeling so Present with the moment that you are receiving and co-creating it at once. This happens naturally once we learn how to just BE still within, peaceful and not project anything into the moment. The sacred feminine and masculine forces of natural energy, represented by Venus and Mars respectively are now available for us to activate to this level of pure potential, free of any former associations. We are asked to open a brand new portal of perception with either of these two aspects of BeEing and receive/observe more how they cascade down through the layers of our life experience. The importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies through our being, represented by Mars and Venus, is emphasized, with the masculine providing form and structure and the feminine infusing it with energy/inspiration/creative life force plasma. The masculine provides form and structure and the feminine fills it with energy, life force.

We are going to share more of the concept of zero point and how to work with it for these layers of clearing DNA lineages/ancestry/programming/distortion/separation. This is a quantum level scientific system of electro-magnetism which can be applied as a system of energetic/emotional/consciousness knowledge too. Zero point means a strategy or tool of neutrality (neutral charge to be open and soft as a wave form) to utilize each day, coming from Beginner’s Mind and being One with the Field. The importance of ancestral clearing comes full circle again now more than ever before so we can purify our belief systems and fully know our self, our truth, purpose and love as Souls having a sacred, elevated human experience here. We are all being encouraged as participants of this Grand Design of Awakening to live fully, be present, and commit to self-love and love for others by living in the Zero Point states of awareness. No judgement or projections, just perceiving.

Potential Actions

  • Begin the process of purifying belief systems and removing distortions or revisit for some routine maintenance on energy levels, new frequency of being
  • Commit to ancestral clearing to experience unity, inner peace, and joy
  • Start purifying and clarifying the root and healing the wounds of the ancestry
  • Study the primordial forces of creation as represented by the feminine and masculine principles
  • Commit to being loving to oneself and others each day
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  • Visit the online mystery school at divinednablueprint.com for deeper soul investment mastery courses which support with these processes of Crystalline Ancestral DNA Clearing, Solar Consciousness, Ascension & Lightbody activation

Aloha Brilliants Souls,

Greetings from the Emerald Portal here in the PNW! Ok so massive portal today Tuesday, March 12th & Wednesday March 13, 2024. And we’re receiving an incredible portal right now of the helio astrology perspective of our universe of our galaxy and of our unique solar system. We currently have a conjunction at 0 degrees of Aquarius/the future/evolution of society of the following planets: Venus/Sacred Feminine Mars/Sacred Masculine and Pluto/Transformation/Revolution/Phoenix/. We say again to emphasize the profundity of divine cosmic support available for us through this zero point access: 0 degrees of Venus, 0 degrees of Mars and 0 degrees of Pluto in a conversation in the sign of Aquarius.

Right now we’re channeling the messages we are receiving to apply from this grand conjunction today, March 12th of 2024.

 Soooo many of the awesome sci fi movies, really fun fantasy movies, movies like the Dark Crystal, The Never Ending Story, The Labryinth a lot of these epic sagas that came out in the 1980s (I grew up with these despite no TV access, holler at my fellow 80s babies!!) are centered around conjunctions, portals and parallel dimensions. Many sharing about the conjunctions, the conjunctions! and how important they are, how entire epochs and eras of time/society/culture are reforming, starting over and appear to be completely crashing. Despite initial impressions we are in effect creating anew on levels we have never seen before in our human history. As we come into the unity consciousness, more and more and more and more hearts are coming online. We are lighting up one by one at individual awakening level first, Remembering Who we are and Why we came, Where we BElong . Then the desire for consciousness to expands beyond our own torus and we activate the memory of Gathering, so we seek grander connection through one another and begin to initiate the process of asking/searching/finding each other on a global scale.

With this, the medicine coming forth from this grand conjunction is asking you to align with the most divine potentials of your Being, and to BE open to all new experiences which are elevated, supernatural, divine and cosmic. These conjunctions serve us as the gateways to a full and complete, total renaissance for all of humanity.

This is an amazing and unprecedented elevation of human potential for the sacred feminine as brought forth by Venus through every way that she is presently here Now: how she lives, expresses, engages with reality, flows and conducts her energy. This is an amazing and unprecedented elevation of human potential for the sacred masculine as brought forth by Mars through every way that he is presently here Now: that he conducts, that he creates. represented in Venus in every way that she is presently here Now: how he lives, expresses, engages with reality, flows and conducts his energy.

The significance of the number 0 is the sum of the whole, a very deep holographic source of information with infinite potential. The farther you reach the farther you’ll fly. So what is the pure positive potential that you can explore? And who is this being? Who is this person of the multidimensionally aspected Woman within you? And who is this person of the multidimensionally aspected Man within you?

These are Sacred memories of a divine humanity that is US, Golden DNA activations for our potential and next levels to be accessed through frequencies of harmony, love, peace and collaboration. This is true alchemy. We see activations for both of these very important expressions of divinity that we are living in our divine humanity, which come through each individual through a variety of waves of interpretation, experience and conscious awareness.

So this is a complete purification of what the masculine force is and what the feminine force is. We are invited to completely surgically remove all the distortion now and to commit to that. Commit to dropping, dropping it, dropping the stories, dropping the bitterness, dropping the resentment, just dropping, dropping all preconceived notions and tuning into it all right now, tuning into the energy of the masculine, providing form and structure, security, stability, a divine protection, divinely inspired action. I think of the trees and their root systems, thinking about the stability and the structure and the form providing a container for the feminine to flow like waters flow through the Earth. The shakti flows of energy come through all the Elemental expressions here in nature and within us to inspire life, animate the form, and together these two primordial forces of creative energy create a creation, YOU. The masculine creates a blueprint for the form to be made and then the feminine can fill it with her energy. So there’s structures being shifted right now all across the board, they could be all kinds of structures.

We like to think of a chalice or a vase. This is how the holy marriage works. You have these forces working together. This is what makes the Yin and the Yang, the positive and negative charge, electrical and magnetic essences also in quantum physics. They must flow together in a natural harmony to create some kind of a creation, idea, words, expression, a material outcome. Something that comes into form.

Venus She Force births the energy and then Mars He Force takes the energy and together their energies combine to create art and innovative solutions to transform our world for the better in this New Paradigm of Presence. This is taking the pure collaborative energy/intention to the global scales now from within and outward, within and outward in figure eight flow with Aquarius.

We are birthing really amazing, positive technologies that assist humanity to live an even more improved life for the betterment of all and these creations are really pure from divine templates of awareness, sacred sciences and wisdom or knowledge.


Societal mass scale renaissance of consciousness, technology, healthcare, the arts, agriculture, children, family and beyond


This transformation asks us to be willing to be wide open, flexible, to listen deeply to our guidance and to explore new pathways as guided. It is very important to listen deeply to the energy so we can honor all which does work well and does not require shift too. Not everything will shift entirely in every way, it is more about the false or distorted aspects falling away, much that is purely established will remain too and evolve even more rather than break down entirely. All of this is about balance and renovation, committing to integrity, love, honor and consciousness. When we shake it all up, what goes and what stays? Sifting and sorting. Like a cosmic beachcomber. This is a powerful reset.

There’s no compromising anymore, or the black and white thinking that duality weaves, we are rising above the separations within through an internal revolution of perceptions: built by the inner stories, ancestry, judgements, prejudices and definitions. Essentially we are to surrender anything divisive, to make space within our hearts and perception to discover the natural dance of harmony that we came here to live and experience together in a totally new energy vs looping the old energy, which exists only as a memory, an echo. As we have growing awareness of where soulutions are required to improve something we cannot repeat the same methods, ideology, thinking or patterns of the last several thousand years any longer when they prove to not be effective, holistic for the benefit of all or positive. We can see through what is and is not working, time to invoke our inner genius and innovator of the New Era to come online and explore new ways. Also time to welcome back time honored sacred traditions that we abandoned under the seductive qualities of modern convenience. We strayed too far away from natural divine cosmic laws and now the pendulum swings back to the Center, back to zero point to initiate a harmonic as we say, an even balance of ancient and futuristic wisdom elements. We speak of tribal councils, community building, intergenerational bonds and being connected to the Divine Mother Spirit/Resources/Consciousness of our planet too from local to global levels of conscious communication, relating and networking.

There’s no saying, “Oh well, this is our only option so you know, we just got to do this thing that we don’t feel very good about it.” Choosing between two lousy options. That is the essence of the old paradigm lies; the façade of having a limitation of choice.

No. That’s not just good enough with what is possible exemplified through these divine cosmic laws of abundance for each of us and we will experience evidence of this in daily life based upon our choices, however conscious or not. We must evolve away from compromise now. We are invited to open and remain open, to listen fully with all our senses intact. Always asking what else is there? This doesn’t feel right to me, what else is there? Not dominating based upon old belief systems or auto-pilot functions. Auto-pilot drone states inevitably create a crash to wake us up, everything is flowing here with us for us through us to wake us. Unconscious participation creates karma and is not fun, conscious participation makes it a co-creation and much more fun. This is where we are observing the ultimate invitation for integration of our unique expressions, pure love and enjoyment of the massive forces of creativity within: blending the masculine, the feminine, standing up, doing, stopping, being, speaking and in silence, sharing without influencing or attempting to control or needing another to agree, not just always one thing or one way. Time to flow as a stream and experience this vs fixation, which creates stagnation and plugs the life force potentials like a dam. We have to observe/exist/ as a balanced combination of waves and particles. We can’t just have one-sided fixation as our lens of perception or live in overthinking states as this creates imbalance, chaos, prevents structures from building up and the available energy cannot create/is wasted. We are learning how to be self-nurturing and compassionate about what we trust and are able to consciously transform. Own fully that what your heart feels/knows is true for you and still remain open to feeling new truths you never knew before.


Pluto gifts us all the codes of the Phoenix, Great Liberator & Soul Alchemy Shaman archetypes

Pluto comes in now with this revolutionary energy again, asking for this total revolution/rebirth of consciousness, asking you to explore all of your preconceived notions and ego bs about what life is and surrender any distortion about what the forces of creation are. It is time to be responsible, take accountability and start to research, connect, study, learn, experience the direct experience itself by getting outside into nature. This is the most direct wisdom downloading opportunity, to be in pure Presence out in Nature. The energies of divine mother and divine father are present in all natural things. The divine geometries show us the math and formulas for how the sacred masculine and feminine come through everything and how they are meant to come through humans. We are extensions of the Divine Source Great Spirit in walking breathing form and came here to be conduits of divine consciousness to create, innovate and elevate the earthly experience for one and for all.

Yes we fu*ked it up a little bit the last 26,000 years. And then we kind of just kept on with the fu*kery in a rut without any lights on the last few decades despite knowing better and being undermotivated. Now the Sun is assisting us to expedite and return to our divine potential as Souls who are master beings in disguise. We’re all just now remembering the rest of this magical game; that we are each divine magical creators. We chose this unconsciousness to experience and learn, so the homecoming is that more sweet for us at these times of Shift into greater knowing! It is time to start coming from a sturdy stance of grounded self love over fear at every opportunity. Time to elevate now and take our power back. How do we do this? We Start by Stopping. We have a funny unconscious addiction to feeling less than, unworthy, or other forms of victim/lack programs where we make everything about that out there/the infamous they or anything outside of us vs seeing where we can empower and enlighten from within. This is a major shift to maturation and feeling capable as a species. We become aware as a lifestyle/process of mindfulness where we have a pause to witness ourselves and the quality of our thoughts and feelings. We realize the need for taking responsibility and to elevate our mind means to become aware of its habits. We learn to stop projecting anything: expectations, definitions, wounding or past stories on our self, the world or anybody. Stop hating on/projecting on anybody, anything, any topic as well. Stop projecting on ourselves and into our reality before us. All of a sudden, much more positive energy is available and our lives, worlds transform for the better. We remember who we are. Say it aloud and see how it feels: I Remember Who I AM. We find the happiness that was waiting for us within all along. We find where we belong and will always have the ability to shift what does not feel like belonging to us too as we live each day and wake up to more information, desire and wisdom as we go along. This is a co-creative process. Life itself is the mystery school.


Ancestral Clearing, Crystalline DNA activations to Remember

We are revisiting the very baseline, going to ground zero here with Venus and Mars and being asked to formally begin regenerating our connection to our heavenly mother and cosmic father energies.

If you haven’t done your ancestral clearing, now is the time so you can experience the most magnificent unity, deep inner peace, joy, freedom, sense of purpose, connection and such a profound, fulfilled balance within your very being. We get this by trusting our wisdom and intuition. We receive (sacred femme) divine inspiration and we then trust this to take our action (sacred masculine) and it’s all divinely inspired in a flow state. We have to clear any of the grime that might be on the window so you can see right? Polish the mirror so you can see clearer. Activate your sacred breath a little bit, we breathe on our creation to breathe life into it. Exhale loudly now and hear, feel the HA the KA, Qi sacred life in breath. Breathe on the mirror, wipe it away. Now, what do you see? My Crystalline Ancestry 101 activation course is available to assist with this if you feel more guidance would be helpful.


Zero Point as a Conscious Lifestyle Science

We are here in the now; This is zero point. We are here in the now feeling, sensing in order to know. Feeling/perceiving/receiving to know, feeling the feminine flow of information and to know/to have a concept to grasp or to define uses the masculine way of creating a structure or form, an idea molding the clay.

This is a revolution of consciousness. We have to surrender and anytime the old stuff comes up, feel it as necessary and move on. Just say no, it’s just not true for me anymore, I choose love, I choose this instead, I choose Me, in this now I choose______.

Clarify and command what is not true anymore. Any of the BS from childhood or past lives, you are allowed to be free of all of that suffering now, let it leave, grieve it and move on and to enjoy being yourself. And that we get to unite now together in celebration as a soul family awakening from the shackles of the unconsciousness. It’s a process to free ourselves from it all, but we are free to choose and make it so. No more giving power away to that outside through the blame or judgement game. We hold ourselves and each other accountable and do the deep inner work daily which is the inside job, to show up as our best most loving, authentic self. No more generalizations can be applied upon anything life before, the classification system is unraveled and now we tune in to know, to act, build new structures for ourselves and the world and so on.

There’s love, innocence and purity in this elevated vision of society along with sacred respect, honor, wisdom/discernment and consideration for one another as well as 7 plus generations forward. Deep love, heart centered living with energy not stuck in the sacral or the root but flowing between all centers, a heart centered sun as the soul/sole reality within. The sun is shining above as we receive/transmit this information. Raven just went overhead and cawed to say yeah in agreement and seal this in the field. And so it is. This is the Helio astronomy with evolutionary intuitive astrology right now sharing this incredible power of the zero for our sacred feminine, sacred masculine and a more conscious, harmonious world. We have come full circle and leveled up up the upward spiral swing to what is available for us from within the depths of our being and beyond to awaken and create a brilliant new reality. Blessed mining of your sacred self dear ones!


In loving service,

Merissa Indigo


Founder Divine DNA Blueprint mystery school



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