January 18th 2023

11am pst

Radio Broadcast

Join us for an enlightening discussion

Converging Through the Mirrorverse: Quantum Harmonic Lightbody Technology for New Earth and Embracing Zero Point as a Creator Being!

What a powerfully quantum yet soulfully nourishing call with Merissa Indigo! We are quantum energy beings in star suit bodies and we are navigating our way along our unique ascension journeys as we expand in consciousness! We spoke a great deal about New Earth, consciously navigating this adventure as crystalline energy light beings having a physical experience! We talked about the lightbody, lightbody technology, our star aspects supporting us, physical healing, and the solar energies continuing to ramp up this year as we transition from linear to quantum! This is occurring as we exit out the old paradigm from a thinking world existing in separation to a perceiving/feeling world of unified or harmonic connection. Merissa offered a beautiful stabilizing transmission to connect with Gaia to assist so many of the callers and participants experiencing ascension symptoms! There are many layers to explore, receive and embrace from this abSOULutely beautiful gathering and sharing!!

“Thank you so much CarI and Merissa. The energy came strongly, clearly and gently into my head area and I can feel the additional support from galactic beings that has been activated through your transmission, Merissa. Many blessings lovely wahine (women)… arohanui (w love)”~ Linda in New Zealand

“Hello BEautiFull ladies Excited to hear this conversation Playing with the snow and ice codes here in the UK! and Wow Thank you Merissa, Yes as I absorb, sing to, dance with the Light codes on the water I feel my DNA being reconfigured it feels discombobulating sometimes as it shifts me so much. Thank you for such a WonderFull Magical call ! Whales and Dolphins here huge!”~ Mikalia

“Hi Cari and Melissa! I appreciate you both being here co-creating in this space. I am enjoying today’s show and it has been very informative for me. Much love and blessings!”~ Satina

“Thank you so much! I know I am moving and becoming anew. It’s staying out of my mind that wants to bring some little particles of unworthiness to show up and let go. Anything that shows up I bless and see where it takes me and let go! So much Love to ALL!!”  ~ Tina

“Hi Merissa, I am loving this call. WOW!!! So fascinating. This month I found out that I AM a projector. (Thanks to Cari’s show) Looking forward to diving into that. I feel so honored and humble to be in this sacred circle today. Do you know everything about blue diamonds in glacier lakes? THANK YOU Wise Woman, So much love flows to you from my heart to yours. I am sooo grateful to you both for all you bring to the world. OMG the transmission was so beautiful, I felt so much love from Gaia and ALL here today. Thank you, to my sacred soul family. I am so grateful to you all. My family is ASLEEP! No judgement. Just love the support here, like minded people. Thank you xxx”~ Monica

“(Lightbody Technology is Sharing Beauty) Cari, That’s why I love sending out your Photos and Visual Art Work to Everyone. The Energy just lights me up and the Communities. Love It!!!”~ Scotty


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