Elemental Ascension Andaras

Andaras are Conscious Living Beings that we can connect to and work with to access parts of our Selves, our Consciousness, other Consciousnesses, specific Energies, various Life Forms/Light Beings, Ancient Knowledge, “Lost” Civilizations, Other Worlds/Realms/Dimensions, specific Timelines and Leylines, Ancestral Lines, Ascended Masters/Gods/Goddesses, Angelics, Elementals/Nature Spirits/Earth energies, Rays of Consciousness, Animals that currently exist or those that no longer exist on the Earth plane, The Sun, The Moon, Planets, Star Systems, The Crystalline Grid/Core of Gaia, specific Land Forms, specific energies….energies soooo specific you may not have even thought to work with them before!  Or perhaps maybe you did – this is not the point!  The point is that this list really could go on and on probably enough for a whole book in itself, but I hope that you understand what I am saying here.  THEY ARE LIKE US IN THE SENSE THAT THEY/WE CONNECT/ARE ONE WITH EVERYTHING!  They are Source Energy manifest in physical form!  And also, to put it simply, THEY ARE A TOOL!  A tool that we can use in order to assist with connecting with all of these things, in new and profound ways as they are ever-evolving!  They bring in new experiences, energies, connections – both internal and external!  They bring new worlds into ours and help us to connect the dots and find deeper meaning and assist with seeing the bigger picture.  These andara resources are from trusted sources, high integrity individuals who are here to help serve all people and Gaia. 

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Other awesome, trusted sources for Andaras are

Lisa Transcendence Brown        Awakening to Remembering

Lois         Golden Activations         

Julie Dhara Innerspace Voyages




Light Encoded Articles & Energy Reports

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