Being the Bridge, walking the Bridge or allowing for the Bridge to show up has been a recurrent code theme for years. This time they hit so to speak on a whole new tangible level deep in my cells. I see the Bridge on a multi-dimensional level here from crossing a bridge over a river here in the physical, to crossing into another dimension of being or a new life through our heartmind link, also the bundling of our DNA ladders and spirals into more expansive and refined form as connections are bridged holographically within/ through the entire body. Meaning that to truly understand something fully we have to embody it, which is synthesizing information through the body, mind and emotions. This is another way of Bridging whole new levels of being from the former to the present or more true. This is the ability to feel/digest/see/make connections on every level of being from emotions, mind or thoughts, physical sensations, breath, energy currents within.

This week the bridge codes started the night before I left Olympia for Mount Shasta. First the heart bridge, the heart chakra, anahata (meaning unstruck, a coded invitation to be here Now in pure, unconditional love free from bitterness or pain of past, innocent and fresh like a newly arrived BEing) came through a beautiful olivine andara. I have had this green crystalline heart bridge andara for nearly 4 years and it has never called, never asked to participate in any gridwork nature expeditions. Until now it hung out on the window sill, keeping quietly to itself and disinterested in merging with the other andara teams. I was beginning to think it was a little frumpster and wondering if it wanted to work with another, and would always get a “no, not time yet” from it when I asked. This being is a little like Yoda in that it is an ancient soul that can be a little short spoken πŸ˜›

On Thursday August 25th this andara bridge I’ve had for years finally declared “it’s time to come online.” I sat in front of the andara teams like I always do the night or morning before a grid trip and asked “Ok, who is coming with to Mount Shasta?!” The green andara bridge was the FIRST to respond, loudly, and begin transmitting what I shared above about an entirely new and higher level of heart-centered living with the heart as the bridge to heaven on earth for all people. Showing me how each person is a portal to New Earth or the Golden Age through their on heart chakra and how committing to living from that Pure space was the key to Be the Bridge, Walk over many Bridges, and to continually cross-connect the neurons with our multidimensional field grids as we expand our consciousness. The emphasis was that each and every person is a Bridge, has the capacity already should they choose to activate it. This is very important to put out there, guidance stressed to me.

Then the Dragon team, newly formed for this venture specifically, came forth. This andara team consists of an Elemental Gaia Guardian Dragon, a Sky/Cloud Dragon, a Seafoam SeaDragon and a cosmic Celestial Sophia Christ Dragon. Together they bridge the nature elementals here on Gaia to merge with the cosmos, avatars and galactic lineages.

So I brought all these beautiful friends for gridwork and elemental global bridging with me to Mount Shasta, with these bridge codes in mind. They directed me to go to Faery Falls and that is where these photos are from. Each of the andaras requested to be refreshed and re-grid with new frequency bands of light in the waters of the waterfall.


After this adventure I was guided to go back to Shasta City park to visit the headwaters. To my total delight and joy there was a Native American man playing his drum right at the Headwaters main fall and singing beautiful prayer songs. Whole families, young children, hippies, transients, tourists and all types of folks were here watching and just BEing together for this moment. It was very deep and I had to focus to hold it together and not bawl in front of all these people. He blessed the water, anointed himself, offered tobacco. A very sacred moment in time which I am so grateful to have been present for!

He shared later that they are Lakota, Witchita songs and also some of the songs which were sung at Standing Rock. VERY powerful and emotional bridging moment for me. Here I received the innerstanding of a whole new level of the water in our bodies and how these codes within are carried and transmitted everywhere we go. More on that later in the Sacred Waters blog to come as its a huge download.

 Once he completed his blessing ceremony I was guided to leave the crowded Headwaters spot to wander.

I stumbled across a bridge in the park, which lead to more bridges!


This is the message I received: “Each of us is the Bridge to Heaven on Earth. We bring it through our open hearts and access this midwifery process of creatively innovating new ways, systems etc through consistent, heart centered living. The heart is the Bridge and the Path, the key to unlock this every time the gate closes is love, compassion, pure presence. Bhakti yoga if you will, Christed consciousness, Buddha mind. So many names for unity.

See that there are many styles of bridge, some ornate and others simple. Regardless, they function as the Bridge. Reserve judgement on hows, shoulds, expectations, being too literal, etc. The Bridge can also be symbolic of our lightbody connecting more to our nervous system/nature/various Terran and galactic grid systems and more. The Bridge is also the wiring links in our brain/nervous system, feeling more neurons connect as the light and gnosis build connections, the Vagus Nerve, transcending the limbic brain to bridge into higher consciousness, the golden bridge which is the Corpus Collosum which is the unification of both hemispheres of our brain to then work in our higher mind/ and so many physiological shifts on the ascension journey. And so it goes on and on.

Just be the Bridge, naturally.” πŸ’šπŸžπŸŒ‰


In loving service,

Merissa Indigo



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