We are collectively transitioning from thinking beings to perceiving beings. Trusting the process of feeling into the energy and innerstanding how to process information through the body is paramount. The nature of the mind is linear like a computer and is pre-programmed to reference the limbic trauma patterning for survival. If left to run unchecked, all it can do is to grasp, loop the past or project into the future, wasting astounding amounts of energy twisting us into knots going nowhere. We have to update the operating system. Mastery is cultivating the space between thoughts and learning how to read (a feel/see sense, a synergy flow type skill to strengthen) the energy through heightened perceptions like HSP or ESP. These abilities are natural to all and accessible when the mind is quiet. Time to master the tools consciously rather than be run by them unconsciously. We were all unconscious when the veils were stifling, now clarity is here for all who are willing to Ask. Time to let it all go <3


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