Class is in session! Welcome to this clip of wisdom from Divine DNA Blueprint mystery school from the mastery empowerment course Keys, Codes & Crossroads of 2024, Navigating the New Paradigm of the Aquarian Golden Age. Living, functioning and perceiving as energy is a whole new access point for us to explore and activate new levels of quantum mastery. Everything is different and we must adapt to this new frequency to match it and own our abilities as conscious creator beings, here to design Heaven on Earth. In this class we explore pure power and whole new layers of Freedom Codes (Pluto in Aquarius) Accelerated Time & divine genius downloads of photonic light (Uranus) and how to ground, stabilize and nourish yourself with proper self care and energetic reading techniques as quantum shamans (Saturn) Enjoy the Be the Tree quantum energy exercise as an activation to stabilize and feel grounded, centered with so much change or fast moving shift whirling about us.

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