3 Fold Flame Angelic DNA Activation Andara Crystal 111g ~Set of 3


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Beautiful trinity set of golden yellow, pink and soft blue. Lightworker rock candy!
These sweet set supports getting in touch with a gentle discovery of our angelic aspects of self. Once we start to recognize these frequencies of being and what they feel like, we begin to embody them ourselves as we activate our divine angelic DNA. We shift the light quotient and kick on our lightbody/nervous system/soul matrix trinity system, which becomes further hardwired through a consistent practice of coming into our authenticity and living from it too.
A wonderful set to support our awakening from human to divine human, to human angel as a presence in our daily life.
This set supports balance within as individuals merged with our higher self or Mighty I AM Presence self of inner wisdom, love, and power.
The three fold flame is pure power, pure love, and pure wisdom.
111 grams


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