Aqua Lemurian Andara Altar piece 318g


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This lovely aqua piece is so calming and expansive. A very soft clear aqua with facets that mirror and also allow for deep reflection. This andara beams out Lemurian ocean vibes, dolphins and whales, mermaids and all the magic of the aquatic realms. It supports the activation of the Mer lifetimes and memories, connecting us with the gentle grace of the primordial divine mother ocean energies. For me this combined the Lemurian and High Atlantis timelines of living on/near or in the water. This piece is very supportive for those of us who long for the oceans of “home” on other planets or lifetimes and do not have access to bodies of water.

The aqua ray also came through this piece to connect us to the Aurora frequency of the threefold flame. This is a Christed aspect of the divine feminine in the three-fold flame which is the soft blue ocean tones. Very powerful to connect with this ray and integrate this divine feminine aspect, releases distortion around the threefold flame of pure power, love and wisdom.

This piece exudes peace, calm, nurturing and gentle joy.


318 grams


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