Ocean Waves Blue Ray Andara 2 pc set piece 165g


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This is an awesome set to work with the healing powers of the blue ray. The lovely lighter blue or aqua piece is so calming and cooling. It reminds me of the waters of the beaches in the Caribbean. A very bright blue aqua with a big rainbow at the base. This andara beams out Lemurian ocean vibes, dolphins and whales, mermaids and all the magic of the aquatic realms. It supports the activation of the Mer lifetimes and memories, connecting us with the gentle grace of the primordial divine mother ocean energies. For me this set combines the more feminine lighter blue Lemurian with the darker High Atlantis timelines of living on/near or in the water. This set is very supportive for those of us who long for the oceans of “home” on other planets or lifetimes and do not have access to bodies of water. 

The aqua ray also came through this piece to connect us to the Aurora frequency of the threefold flame. This is a Christed aspect of the divine feminine in the three-fold flame which is the soft blue ocean tones. Very powerful to connect with this ray and integrate this divine feminine aspect, releases distortion around the threefold flame of pure power, love and wisdom.

The darker blue is more of a cobalt and connects to the tanzanite fire, the indigo holy fire of purification and divinity. It is both galactic Sirian blue and deep ocean from Gaia blue. The depths of this take us into the subconscious and deeper into the mind and physical brain to sort through old programming. This deeper blue weaves into the dna to activate the Sirian rose, flaming Sword of Archangel Michael are some of the other codes I have received working with this darker piece.

Together this set looks like the curling curves of cosmic ocean waves. 


165 grams for both


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