Shekina Pink Lilac Andara Crystal



Shekina pink lilac andara pendant
Divine Mother’s gentle yet powerful pure love
Discovering, activating and building your divine feminine Christed self into lightbody neurology DNA software trinity
Healing core childhood wounds and the mother wound
Such a beautiful, loving, supportive and calm ray.
This ally has been an incredible part of my spiritual journey and now as the flow streams through us, it is time for her to find a new partner to integrate soul. The Shekinah ray has supported firstly my own self love which then lead to a stream of blessings: the discovery of my own Sophia Christ lineage, founding a ministry, infinite creativity through alignment and the holy womb chakra, and stepping up on my path to support the birth of New Earth socially, personally and professionally through inclusive, crystal consciousness and innovation.
For those who are open to learning how to be receptive, are wanting to connect with inner knowing or gnosis, expand creativity and purpose, soften the heart and voice (both internal self talk and communication in general) activate their divine feminine higher self aspects and express them too. The Genius Frequency is accessed through the heartgate, this ray supports feeling safe to transition to living in the heart full time ♥ and returning there as quickly as we consciously can when we forget. (Remember its a transition, so the brain is re wiring the entire process. It takes time, patience and most importantly, love)


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