Silver blue Cinderella Seafoam Andara Altar piece 657g


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This soft silver blue andara emanates divine feminine grace and is an empowering activation to invite/show us how to align strongly with these aspects of being within ourselves, how to align our whole life with divine grace piece by piece. The integration of our receptivity to receive grace, magic, flow and miracles. It is the deep harmonic of grace touching your world like wings when you ask with sincerity from the heart. This gentle ally also reminds us that the divine feminine is assertive in pure power when called for (in a way that is highest aligned/present,) as one of the edges of this piece is coated in the white sand that did not transform into glass. A deep teaching, the presence of the sandy edge is the reminder that perfection is relative and that rough edges are divinely perfect as well. That there are energetics of abrasiveness on the journey which are a necessary experience for growth and evolution. Divine grace can be a tower moment to experience as growth; grace comes to us as a remedy offered throughout life. This is a part of the holy dance of this consciousness exploration we are in. We must also contract to expand. This andara brings forth the codes of grace and grit for our spirit to enjoy all of this life with grace.

The silvery ray combined with the seafoam bubbles which are like glitter invoke gentle joy, fancy and delight. The prevalence of bubbles is like oxyclean for your soul and energy fields. Imagine a scouring of being with bubbles which tickle and delight as we cleanse. Silver and blue tones are angelic frequencies which been used by in Siddha yoga practices through the Vedic Rishis: for physical healing, astral travel or integration, energy surgery or clearing, lightbody activation/tune ups, clearing out karmas of 4d/Bardo.

Cinderella is an archetypal oppressed divine feminine archetypal figure of 3d and 4d fairy tale programming which is important for men and women to view and then deconstruct/dissolve any lack, separation or victim/less than/savior or damsel energetics held inside. These are deeper distortions of divine feminine and masculine which each must consciously transcend into grace from suffering or separatism. The silver blue tinged ray came through this piece to liberate any imprisonment of the divine feminine life force or expression with soft reassuring love. It keeps repeating that we are not less than or “you are not Cinderella,” and to explore these distortions to feel them and release them from the DNA.

The shades of these rays are such pure vibrational frequencies to feel flow through us as emotional chemistry for our nervous system and the lightbody as energy in motion. They are potent healers to upgrade/cleanse all DNA or cells. This is a frequency band of color that is pure potential atomic plasma like stem cells are, pure energy. The soft blue touches the heart gently, calms the mind and deeply nourishes/cleanses our energy fields too. There is a Mother Mary oversoul support here presenting with this angelic hint of blue hue.


657 grams


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