Equinox energy, Rebirth process, Internal work, Aries Holy Fire & Pisces Holy Cosmic Sea Elemental upgrades

Date: March 20, 2024

The transmission highlights the Spring Equinox and Aries energy as catalysts for new beginnings, transformative energies. Themes of divine rebirth, spiritual awakening, and the importance of operating from a unified state are explored, advocating for innovation, leadership, and a deeper connection with one’s divine spark.

The Equinox gateway launches new energetic blueprints to bridge our new authentic self with a new authentic, sovereign reality. Emotional cleansing, self-love, releasing old paradigms are emphasized. The upcoming Libra eclipse is discussed as a symbol of balance between individuality, relationships and our primordial relation to our reality as a conscious creation/manifestation. A full and complete divine rebirth of our I AM selves is taking place. (We enter the Ring of Fire portal, burst through to the other side as Gaia and the StarMothers await to catch us in the form of Golden Eggs and place us into celestial earthling incubators preparing to embody our true form as a higher self. We are emerging from these Golden Egg now!) We humbly and lovingly advocate for your personal soul embodied revolution of consciousness and new dream worlds emerging.

This summary encapsulates the equinox’s unique blend of Aries energetic drive and Pisces’ introspective depth, using a ‘ring of fire’ metaphor to highlight its transformative nature. It underscores themes of rebirth, self-nurturance, and introspection, facilitated by the upcoming Libra eclipse and divine mother energies. The upcoming Libra eclipse is discussed as a symbol of balance between individuality and relationships.

The messengers emphasize the importance of internal development, invoking connection to embrace the inner child and exploring your own personal ego/identity/resonance with Aries energy. This internal work prepares us to benefit from the Libran Eclipse energies of our relational nature with the Other (anything and everything outside of our self.) This period is portrayed as a pivotal time for self-discovery and personal growth, emphasizing a shift from the tug of external pursuits to internal exploration. From inner to outer. We discuss the Earth’s entry into the photon belt in 2012, signifying a collective shift towards higher consciousness.

Blessed Spring Equinox dear beloved soul. We are at another zero degrees with the Sun in Aries. Our Sun officially ingressed into Aries as of 8:11 pst on March 19th, 2024. Welcome to the official Spring Equinox zero point portal, the official beginning of the Astrological or Solar New Year. About 8:48 p.m. Last night, we saw a giant number zero made of flames which expanded into a circle, then became a portal gateway. As we watched that zero approach us almost like a ring of fire it expanded into a hula hoop or a portal and we dove through to fully immerse in the energies of zero degrees, another zero-point rewrite opportunity to be reborn again on another level of authentic, liberated and expressive, joyous self.

As we’ve talked at length about the zero degrees/zero point connection as a quantum system for our conscious evolution/ascension we’ll link the zero degree and the zero point connection article here to assist those new to these concepts 

This equinox is all about balance and rebirth to simplify, elevate and strengthen our foundational sense of self to then take this awareness out into the world. We leave the old world behind and explore, calibrate our vessel instruments to and build the new boundary as we close the door to the past, all at the same time. The quantum realm shift in-betweens, or as we call them the void space with a foot in each world until we can choose to exit stage right and go into this ring of fire to the next level. If you are unfamiliar with the shamanic concept of void space navigation as we deprogram, check out our vlog about how to navigate the quantum consciousness of void space here 



This equinox is a wonderfilled opportunity to balance all of the duality within to find our unique middle way, the unity or divine dance of being aware of everything at once in ecstatic union. Equal “light” and “dark” as symbols of consciousness which is personal and transpersonal. This is totally different than what we are used to; the old paradigm where we felt forced to choose one extreme or the other, one polarity or the other and feeling incomplete or dissatisfied with this. The old era that we are leaving was one of choosing head over heart, engaging in consistent inner conflict/compromise of self instead of seeing we can unite the head and heart to experience/receive harmony.


The Aries energy is the divine spark, Prometheus lightning firebolts animating the body with conscious awareness, the Pure I AM. The excitement when you first strike a match and hear/smell/see that mini catalytic explosion, that same alchemical reaction which impregnates and initiates the gestation/birth of a child. This is also the energy responsible for the creation of stars, a new brilliant idea, some kind of a new invention/calling/impulse or where you are inspired to lead in your life or to pioneer something new for society too.

Aries can be sensed as that unique between worlds energy when you just start to come into consciousness in the morning, but you’re not fully awake or in your body yet. There is an animation of what was once inanimate; the consciousness coming online and on boarding to awaken each day.

We are receiving that this is a very unique equinox energy because typically Aries is a rush of physical, mental and emotional energy packed with a passionate drive based upon action oriented energy. Aries loves to create or to do something new, take all of this energy and create, to put it out there. And yet we still have so much Pisces energy here with us, meaning we still have a lot of deep water to swim through as well during this rebirth phase. What we see is that this ring of fire portal is a total rebirth of self and life. Often the term “ring of fire” is used during the birth process to describe breathing through the intensity at delivery to bring a new soul onto this plane.

There is a tenderness with this Aries Pisces energy combo. Instead of the usual drive of action oriented, fired up energy to go do this or that it’s actually much more internalized and sensitive to serve a complete reformation of ourselves. Deep rebirth themes require spending intimate time within ourselves. Taking the time and dedication to really working with this kind of incubation phase are suggested for this week and as an overarching theme for the next 30 days.

You could feel a push pull dynamic like, oh I want to go out into the world, do this and that, create this and feeling so much excitement and desire to use all of this action oriented external energy. It is our divine nature to be excited about all of the creations to come so enjoy this and also enjoy right where you are. You may alternate between a rush of energy, excitement, butterflies in the chest/belly and then the physical energy to a need for stillness, even if for only 5 minutes. Aries fire is a very dynamic creative life force energy which naturally draws us outwards so the key with the equinox energy is always balance: balance the opposites, energies, the desires, the push pull to find the center and listen deeply to what is highest aligned in each moment.

It is so important that we continue to prioritize investing energy/devoted focus to loving our selves, expressing our self-love, self-care and honoring this fresh creation process that is US reforming by spending energy on internal time, a devotional time with self. The vision that we were getting was seeing each of us gently forming and expanding inside of an egg shell like a baby bird or little baby dragon.

We are tuning in to know, to love and to trust who we really are at the same time as gently pecking our way through the egg shell. This is a lot of work from an energetic view point so please do have tenderness, nurturing and compassion for self reforming as you would a newborn animal. As we do this, we are getting to know ourselves on a deeper level, getting to love ourselves and love ourselves even more which will alter everything with the Libra eclipse next week as our focus shifts to the external. There’s a lot of the false identity falling away in this rebirth process. This is a tender gestational/birth/surrender/rebirth phase. It’s a lot more internal than we are used to being at this time of spring. The next 30 days is all about this focus and priority of balancing inner and outer realms. We are gently cracking open the shell and preparing to emerge and then take these themes into the outer world/our relationships with literally everything/everyone. As we are reformed the surrounding quantum energetic fields can be seen as a modeling clay all around us which begins to naturally mold/conform/mirror our internal landscape and manifest results from the deep internal work of self-love, positive self-talk, loving healthy daily habits and so on. This is definitely the most unique Spring Equinox and Aries energy for myself as someone with a stellium of 7 cosmic bodies in Aries in my birthchart.

At times we can feel very tender/raw and we are called to be soft, nurturing, supportive to this authentic self by really bringing through our inner connections with the divine mother energies. It is easy to go unconscious and allow ourselves to be pulled back on a sort of autopilot default human function where we are fixated with the external, reverting unconsciously to self abandonment/negligence or denying our Self and needs for wanting to put energy out into the world or accomplish the next thing on the list. We must remember not to put anything or anyone external before our needs as we are in these cocoon phases. Realizing that this is a very unique opportunity to continue to be with ourselves in a tender, loving and supportive and nurturing space. The Libra eclipse in 5 days will give us all the opportunity we could ever desire to take action/make changes in the outer world, with others, on special projects and major life decisions etc. Right now it is not what we do but who we choose to be, so we are asked to be here now.

As we work deeply within our own hearts, awareness, minds and continue to nourish and ground ourselves from the inside of the eggshell the divine blueprints are rebuilt, reframed, redefined and also simplified as a pure divine essence of who we are. We are working with the magic, play, innocence and tenderness of our inner child, finally getting to know and honor our divine magical inner child selves, also higher self or soul selves, the I AM as you feel it to be for you. This will then provide the action steps for next week/the eclipse for any necessary shifts in relationships, lifestyle, at this juncture.

We each being to realize what is just not working and it’s not personal. We are using the energy as a reference to feel into what just not working out. Many share their fears to make changes. For example having a hard time letting go of this because of attachments or because of how much energy they have invested or being flat out afraid of the future, being afraid to fail. We may have a lot of strong feelings about stories where we failed before way back when. Fear of making mistakes is huge right now. But that was then, and there’s a lot now that we are having to say, “Well, that was then, this is now and now is different. I feel different. I AM different.” Use encouraging energy and loving words to really pump ourselves up, shower ourselves with love and encouragement just like you would a sweet little child going to kindergarten for the first time.

I’m personally very much an Aries fire elemental individual. This is a very unique experience for me too is there’s not the usual get up, go and launch forward like horses in a corral rearing to go. It’s actually saying “Wait, wait, wait, let me be here, let me be here inside and then we will go galloping.” We’re each getting ready to bloom, the tension to expand is strong but the bud is not ready to open it’s petals yet so this is a very tender and transitional place. Be sure to be kind and compassionate to ourselves, one another and make the most of it.

Easter, Anchoring the timelines of 2012

As if this were not all there is, there is so much more here for us with the rebirth energies. The connection with Easter/Ostara and the divine rebirth energies of Spring season are a massive part of the medicine that Gaia gifts us to participate in directly. Many of us have been going through the release of regrets, grief, loss and also purging the need to control or the addiction to needing to know in order to feel calm or safe. A resurrection of faith in our higher power and the goodness of the universe is stabilizing many souls at this time.

We receive that this zero-degrees equinox gateway is now launching us fully into the physical, radical energetics of 2012. Paranormal experiences, extrasensory abilities, seeing parallel timelines/realities and having a hard time telling which one already happened, reading energy very clearly, seeing through deception, glowing in the sunlight are becoming common. On December 21st of 2012, our Earth and galaxy entered the photon belt after 26,000 years of darkness where we “fell” out of that photon belt. Do you remember 2012? So many of us did not know what to expect, we were so curious about so many things, including how to apply the wisdom of the fifth dimension or heart-centered, avatar consciousness, the lightbody, our star family to name a few. At that time we were given the most bizarre or very difficult to grasp concepts of what the fifth dimension was, what heart centered living was, even what the heck ascension was going to be like. And now we are at nearly 12 years later, officially 12 years later in December. What we were receiving at the end of last year/2023 was that we are now finally approaching the gate to actually board the metaphoric mothership that is launching us into the next phase of the next 26,000 years. It took us over 10 years to find this frequency and now we are boarding. As such, feeling butterflies and occasional apprehension or fear of change is totally normal at this point. Remember that you program the destination coordinates, so fear of the past or reflecting upon past mistakes is not the same thing as purposely programming that timeline destination into your gps. FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Pre 2012 clearing coming up again to HyperJump

Many of us are witnessing the echoes of the old era come up as we are embarking upon the next phases of the journey to remembering more of our divinity, creative genius and freedom. We are releasing the age of suffering, the age of slavery and poverty, unhappiness, unrequited love, a lack of fulfillment, just lack consciousness in general from our entire being, including our physical, mental, energetic and emotional bodies. We all have buried ancestral trauma from a hell realm which the 3d matrix prison planet experience experiment engrained into us for 26,000 years. We signed up for that and we also signed up for this new one, which is to live the best, most wonderfilled and abundant life in over 26,000 years.

The concept of the “New Earth” and new everything can feel foreign or scary in its vast newness because it hits our vagus nerve, our nervous system and root chakra core programming.

We are shown that the concept of “New” and all of the new potentials/availability can instill a little fear in us. Even though we signed up for all of it, we are still cellularly getting over the shell shock to trust a heavenly, kind experience to become our new normal. On a biological level, when we feel something new coming, it may actually kick up our fight or flight response, many memories or stories which we are now absolved of giving power over to or basing our reality upon. This is the time to find our new baseline frequency of being, to raise the bar. All the incoming change/newness may actually shake or cause flutters in our root chakra in order to release more trauma from your body/cellular memory. Many programs we see coming up for release are as such: wanting to control, feeling negative about the future, feeling afraid/resistant to change or not being able to trust that change will be positive due to referencing the past, that we messed it up beyond repair, also throat chakra activations to speak up or stand up.

It’s an important time to be with it all and allow the first few degrees of Aries this week to come through and wash you thoroughly with holy fire to burn away any of that which does not serve. There is so much support but we must A ask for it and B trust the divine, loving processes of the universe which we are a part of. Once we let go and flow with the currents of our conscious evolution the experience becomes super fun! Its supposed to be fun, we have to remember this.

 Preparing for the Libra Eclipse March 25th, 2024

Please ditch the beliefs/programming that everyone must suffer in life or not have enough, or that gains have to come through pain or compromise. These are lies told to disempower a people which are not applicable in this new frequency. More and more are seeing through that program as we are receiving the sensations of change. You can feel change coming in the wind and we do have the eclipse next week in Libra to further anchor this very internal build out in the external world. Libra is opposite Aries on the astrological wheel. Aries/our current focus this week is all about the individual, the I AM. Libra is about the Other and finding that balance/harmony of Self/Individual in relation to relationships of all kinds. This is a relational reality; not only relationships to people but our own internal point of reference and inner standing as a conscious being participating here. Our relational ability to be one with all of our reality. For instance, what is our relationship to time? What is our relationship to our body? The Earth Mother consciousness? What is our relationship to ourselves? Do we love ourselves and find ourselves delightful, fun, worthy and fantastic unconditionally? This is where the shedding of the old era is going to become very pronounced.

There is a stripping away of the smaller personality as it becomes more evident where there is the need for strategic, precise psychic surgery with this Libra Eclipse to remove that which does not serve. This includes thoughts, beliefs, habits, feelings, attachments to belief systems and relationships of all kinds including friendships or business partnerships. Any of the things that you have in your life that are no longer 100% aligned, you will be asked to reassess. How can you continue on with these? Should you? Where do you need to let go completely? Where can the energy be reformed, and where is it a dead end?

Next week we will go deeper into the Libra eclipse after this Aries rebirth. For now, enjoy where you are, welcome these beautiful transformations and becoming more authentic, all while getting to know and love yourself! Trust that the universe has your back and these are the most exciting times to be here. Trust yourself and that abundance will show up to support you through this new era.

Make the most of the Equinox, Eclipse & Ostara Timeline JumpGates

  • Candle ritual: Light a candle, invoke the sacred fire/the fire elemental to assist with clearing away negativity, blessing your life, mindset and actions
  • Check in every morning on emotional, mental, physical, and energy states to address needs and unify all aspects of being
  • Flip negative thinking to positive thinking and allow evidence of positive outcomes to manifest
  • Engage in inner child work and root chakra healing to address fears and soothe emotions
  • Trust in the universe and divine guidance, affirming support and faith in the face of rapid energetic changes
  • Spend intimate time within ourselves to work with the incubation phase
  • Gently crack open the shell of our current selves to prepare for emergence
  • Nurture and support ourselves with divine mother energies
  • Work from the inside out, allowing internal work to mold our external actions
  • Embrace the shifts in relationships and lifestyle as we redefine and simplify our essence

Thank you for being here at these momentous times of shift and for tuning in. If you feel curious or interested for deeper levels of applying these lightcodes there is more support listed below. Be well and raydiant! Until next time 



In loving service,

Merissa Indigo




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