Have you met your Enlightened Martian and Mars aspects?

Welcome to this powerful personal timeline amplifier and collective gridwork offering where I share the spiritual upper octaves of the planet Mars as a symbol of our divine self, and how to work with this energy in your life. Having a stellium in Aries (Moon, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, North Node in Aries) I work with Mars energy A LOT and am sharing a channeled message from the higher timelines of a Christed Mars Codex when it was a paradise civilization, before the fall and it consequently came to be thought of as a planet of War in recent epochs. Quite the contrary! In this podcast we share the keycodes of the Mars Sun cazimi occurring on November 17th. This initiates a potent new 2 year cycle for us to continue to transform our reality and embody our I AM through right action and the divine heart flame of personal sovereignty. Mars enters the heart of our Sun to offer us amazing quantum jumping evolutionary potential for our individual and global experience. Enjoy this activation to create heaven on Earth, New Earth for one and for all.

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