Embracing that we are energy based beings having a physical life experience

On a cognitive level we know that each one of us and all of creation is made of energy on the quantum level. The last few years we are beginning to have vivid experiences showing us just how true this is as we start to feel more sensitive to our own energy levels and even the energy of other people or places! We are being offered the opportunity to become energy masters and thus conscious co-creators of our own life as we get more familiar with energy and how to work with it in our daily lives. On a cosmic level, preparation is becoming necessary for all these consistently major light influxes from space weather, solar activity and planetary movements paired with collective and individual processing/purge/awakening aka the effects of light integration. Tai qi gung has become a powerful ally for us to feel calm, centered and being much more aware of tension held in the body or mind as world events continue to intensify. This free tai qi gung membership is a beautiful ancient wisdom system which has remained true to its pure roots as a healing science which naturally aligns us with our highest potential . Click on the banner button above to explore this system and enroll in a free membership with the lamasary at Circle of Life with our own beloved tai qi gung teachers, Master Lama Rasaji and Master David Paul. Try the warm up and then standing exercises available on demand to feel the profound, inspiring connection to subtle life force energy! It is truly a game changer and has made the path not only fortified but enjoyable.


More about how to work with the energy and how the practice of tai qi gung has become a life line

Here is a youtube wisdom video highlighting how these influxes of photonic light from increasing solar activity can impact us psychologically and how to embody higher frequencies while remaining balanced. High voltage needs grounding through the body, the mind; the physical and various energy bodies are a conductor, grounding rod through the nervous system and spine. Energy is information or light, influxes of light are intense for our consciousness. The Shift is getting real now into the physical experience. Wishing you a happy return to inner Peace and clarity!