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Mystic Soul Ascension Bundle Course

Three Course Package! Mystic Ascension & Divine DNA 3 course mastery activation bundle 1. Bliss of Breath 101- powerful breathwork practices to regulate energy & emotion 2. Ancestral Healing & DNA repair w quantum shamanic epigenetics 3. Energy Fields & Crystalline Gridwork 101

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Straight Talk for the Soul Season 26 with Cari Murphy

January 18th 2023 11am pst Radio Broadcast
Join us for an enlightening discussion Converging Through the

Beyond the Ordinary Show Season 29 Interview w John Burgos

November 30th 5pm pst Online
Join us for an enlightening discussion Enter New Earth



Testimonials for service work

“There are so many teachers and wayshowers out there offering so much fabulous intel. The difference with Merissa is she teaches you how to fish so you can be self-reliant. She offers full self-sovereignty. The vulnerability and rawness she shares has supported me to feel safe in cracking open the walls around my heart and connect more with my self and family.”

Nadja ~Wisdom keeper, activist, visionary, oracle & author at NadjaMedia.com

“Merissa’s astounding work as a Guide, Wayshower, Oracle and Shaman has greatly impacted and shifted my life.  Her ability to tap in during our sessions and guide me through my process of dissolution has been profound and deeply impactful.  Her soft, loving, kind and compassionate presence helped me feel safe in revealing parts of myself I wouldn’t let others or even myself see.  She has this beautiful ability to guide you deep into the depths of the unconscious patterning/wounding and to then pull you out gently back into the light.  Her expression as a guide and Wayshower is very gentle, yet very powerful at the same time.  Her Lightcode Keeping and Powerful Activations stretch beyond time and space, and the impact is felt fully at a Multi-Dimensional level.  Be ready for quick and spontaneous shifts/jumps in your own life.  Thank you dear Angel for all you do and for assisting in embracing my Feminine presence while being in a male body.”

Cory ~Wayshower, tarot & lightkeeper at foundersoflight.org

“I discovered Merissa in a session on the New Earth One network, which was very inspiring and so I bought 3 sessions with her. We met on Zoom and talked for 90 minutes each time. Very interesting conversations where I learnt a lot, and where I could talk about the changes I was living through in my life. Main issues were the ascension process and my growing to move into being an online “teacher” (in lack of a better word).

Merissa and I met once every 6 weeks and so there was time for processes to develop and it felt great to just tell Merissa what had happened since last call, and receive such loving, sensitive, deep and funny feedback, with input from a wide range of fields… f.ex. astrology and shamanism, yoga, different spiritual practices… I wrote 7-8 pages of notes during each conversation, and when we hung up, each time I felt both very elevated and like my soul had had some kind of spring cleaning! Mindblown, very tired, yet in some kind of meditative state at the same time. A pleasant feeling.

It is hard to find the right words for the experience. The conversations felt very uplifting to me emotionally and mentally, I think she has somehow tuned into layers of my consciousness beyond my awareness. And helped strengthen my individuation process. 

I am very grateful to myself for having chosen to invest in this support for myself. Merissa has my highest recommendation and I will reach out to her again, and will be keeping an eye on what exciting things she gets up to online!” Lene Denmark

Lene ~international private client from New Earth One network

“Recovering from any illness can take time and often we have to not just change our diet or our external circumstances but also our attitude about life and how we do things in the every day. One thing I have learned this year when sick and now as I am recovering is that yes there may be many therapies out there to help ..many supplements and many modalities to help deal with the symptoms…but ultimately we have to have gratitude for the body’s own ability to heal during rest and relaxation and sleep. And make this an important part of everyday life ..resting…being gentle…allowing the body to sigh and go ‘aaahhh’. Not pushing or over exerting. On my journey many opportunities for healing have appeared but when Merissa shared her Restorative yoga course with me I felt that for me this might actually be doable and be another vehicle for my body to do its thing..to relax..to heal…to restore. Using props and cushions the poses allow for gentle stretches that are relaxing and restorative.”

Jen ~Lightbody Prana Yoga Series 2 participant

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