Meet Merissa Indigo Miracles

Merissa leads through the heart with excitement, humor and passion for our human potential, esoteric quantum physics and alternative healing. As a blue ray Indigo Sapphire light technician, her insatiable thirst to explore all subjects related to health, our inherent human potential, the essence of consciousness, space weather, Earth-based indigenous traditions and sciences drives her daily work for humanity. At the age of 8 she experienced her first major awakening in the hospital after a near death experience from long term steroid medication which was prescribed for an autoimmune disorder. A metaphysician since early childhood initiations with angels and star family to resurrect her soul purpose mission, Merissa has accumulated a library of knowledge combined from life experience and study. Her background ranges from energy medicine, quantum mechanics, Ayurveda, gridwork, oracle transmissions and galactic elemental shamanism activated from her travels around the globe to receive codes from medicine elders and sacred sites. Merissa enthusiastically shares a wide range of wisdom and custom solutions or light systems to support humanity home during the shift into heart-centered wholeness, joy and connection. She serves as a bridge to New Earth soul-level embodied living with the Sophia Seraphim, Rose Council and Emerald Ray of Gaia Sophia. Her practice combines a variety of mystic traditions from all over the world both geographically on the grid and throughout the Akash, enabling her clients to experience an expansion of consciousness, transformation and actively engage in heart-centered living and healing on all levels. Her soul stream sessions are soul level readings in the oracle state which provide a deluge of information with practical custom systems to support mastery on the journey.

Merissa provides guidance on a global level for our awakening journey through quantum soul readings & Vedic wisdom, serving as an Oracle in one on one sessions for individuals, parents and businesses.

Client success stories

When I first began working with Merissa as a spiritual mentor I was looking for Spiritual guidance and clear answers in order to accelerate my advancement and ascension in this life. In the course of working with Merissa in one soul stream session, I presently feel more confident and empowered in moving forward on my life path. I especially appreciated being heard and receiving clearly intuitive and pertinent answers to my questions,  which created a space for me to move in the direction I feel best for myself at this time. And now my spiritual life has been opened to a new level of understanding of my life and that I am in the right direction. Merissa has helped me take a step forward into believing more of who I really am. I think Merissa is particularly skilled at listening, understanding, connecting and responding in her sessions, thus illustrating a beautiful balance between her sacred heart and mind. Something which surprised me is that like her, I am also an Indigo (yay!) My main takeaway from this experience is that I thoroughly enjoyed being in the presence of and connecting with such a caring, connected, joyful and loving being of light. THANK YOU MERISSA <3  -Justine I, Geneva Switzerland

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Merissa founded the Divine DNA Blueprint Mystery school in 2019 and creates mastery level courses and guided meditation activations to support our physical, spiritual and emotional health. Check out the mystery school course offerings here




A gifted guide for your journey. Enjoy this manual for conscious living through the ascension process. Explore mastery systems to build self awareness and confidence. Activate your inner compass and navigate the spiritual journey with more ease, flow. Sign up to claim your gifted book at the mystery school here 





Priestess of the Dove Oracle Level 4 2022

Bachelor’s in Business Management & HR 2020

Holy Fire III Reiki Master 2020

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist CA College of Ayurveda 2017

Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysics & Spiritual Counseling University of Metaphysics 2009

Certified Yoga Instructor Yogaworks Westlake 2009