Sedona Crystalline Vortex retreat April 2024

Amplify your Heart, Spirit & Light April 26th, 27th, 28th

Join us to connect to the crystalline grid in Sedona, AZ


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Come play with us and activate your sacred connections to Mother Earth, or as we call her Gaia Sophia. Join us out on the glorious red rocks to clear and align your focus, energize and expand your heart as we visit incredible sacred sites and tune into the powerful, healing, inspiring energies of Sedona. Together we will take in the majestic scenery, cultivate deep inner peace and nourish our heart’s joy through crystalline sound healing and grid work with the New Earth Ley Lines.

This transformative spiritual retreat is designed to uplift your energy, nurture your soul, and create lasting connections with a conscious community

We gather for 3 days of sacred community in the sublime beauty and energies of Sedona Arizona. Join us for daily adventure tours to all of our favorite vortex spots for soul and heart activation. Each participant also receives an insider’s guidebook to gridworking, ancestral clearing and soul embodiment as we embrace the vortex activations, stunning rock formations, crystalline libraries and healing sacred waters all over Sedona.

What is the Sedona experience like?

What to expect for this phenomenal activation tour series…
This is a sacred ceremonial experience where we each will connect to our mother planet Gaia, our ancestral lineages, star family, hearts and our root chakras to evolve beyond the old stories, fears, limitations and negative self talk. The Sedona Red Rocks activate the Ruby Ray frequencies within our root chakra and the soft nurturing of Divine Mother energies assists us to open up to whole new levels of love, miracles and joy. Wherever we held a lack of love for self within our bodies is gently washed away with these pure crystalline frequencies of the incredible soft red soil and rock forms. This is an entirely new dimension of reality in Sedona, where many expansions are possible, our third eye is wide open to see and we have amazing opportunities with each vortex or sacred site to awaken dormant memories and connections to our soul which are now ready to come online for the new era of 2024 and beyond. The frequencies here are very high so you may feel very energized and notice that you can hike for days without a need for much sleep, not feeling much hunger because the crystalline grids nourish you with profound energy. Typically we pack a little snack and bring tons of water and raw coconut water for the day while out on the land, then eat a larger meal at night.
You will see phenomena like the rocks shifting before your eyes to show you images and stories like a plasma screen, sharing information from time and space, your ancestry and mirroring codes of your personal Akash for you to integrate in divine union within your sacred heart.
We are curating this experience to share wondrous beauty, inspiration and nurturing to support you feeling safe to open up and embody even more of your authentic light. This entire activation tour is guided by Divine Mother and the Elementals to activate powerful healing for our security and inner sense of self. It is safe to be our natural, divine self now. We spend time in reverence with Divine Mother and the Buddha of Infinite Light to anchor in these integrations, go play out in the vortex to receive more information and clearing, then return to more divine feminine sacred Mother sites to bless ourselves again with this divine love to continue the integration with soft, gentle loving kindness. This enables each of us to go very deeply with our healing and refreshment to completely reboot our own lightbody and blast through the old paradigm wherever held.


What’s Included

– Guided Hikes ~ Explore the ancient beauty of the Sedona Vortexes, surrounding sacred bodies of water, the famous Amitaba Buddha of Infinite Light sanctuary and medicine wheel. Together we will enjoy elemental meditations with Gaia and share powerful crystalline gridworker activations too!

-Meet us daily to explore our favorite spots including many off the usual tour path as we were guided by Spirit in our previous journeys here. We will visit Airport Rock, Bell Rock ad Courthouse Rock, Cathedral Rock & the Red Rock crossing healing sacred waters, the Galactic Crystalline city of Boynton Canyon, visit the 7 Sacred Pools and cave of the Holy Cross, visit the Church of the Holy Cross to activate the Magdalene Eagle frequencies and enjoy a healing ceremony in the Lemurian Birthing cave. Each sacred destination has a corresponding activation for you to tune into and receive divine inspiration and revelation for your unique soul path journey. 

– Quantum Energy Work ~Renew your inner vitality for a wonderful refresher for this powerful year of 2024 as we activate our energy bodies upon the extraordinary vortex sites

– Crystalline Sound Healing ~Restore harmony and balance to your mind, body and soul with Solfeggio tones, Solar & Lunar Crystal Freequencies

– Andarian Light Ray Energy Work ~Andara crystal grid layouts to nourish & amplify your Lightbody

– Community Building ~Forge connections with like-minded souls


Why Join Us

– The vibrant warm colors and inspiring beauty of nature restores your spirit.

– Rediscover your inner radiance by being surrounded with crystalline frequencies.

– Connect with your authentic self.

– Release fatigue and stress.

– Embrace your new era of transformation and growth.

-Learn techniques and tools to activate and energize your light body

Dates ~Friday April 26th through Sunday April 28th. Welcome dinner (location to be determined) followed by a spectacular sunset hike on the 1st day as we anchor in and “land” onto New Earth to acclimate to the frequencies. Then enjoy 2 solid days of hiking, energy activation and gridworking adventures with daily expeditions to the most magical spots in Sedona!

Location ~Sedona Arizona

Limited to 14 Spots ~Secure your place for this life-changing retreat

Ready to refuel your spirit, open your heart, clear the old paradigm stories out of the root and anchor in the most divine frequencies? Come experience the magic with us Click “Register” below to reserve your spot and embark on a powerful journey to receive renewal, upgrades and heightened flow states to take home as your are forever shifted with this divine experience.