Books transcribed by Merissa to support your health, wellness, consciousness, lightbody activation & becoming global cosmic citizens


Self Care with Ayurveda

My first book! I compiled this wisdom in February of 2020 to support families, parents, busy people to get fast results in order to sustain during chaotic times. I saw what was shifting for us and all to come as we transition to the Golden Age for the next decade.

This is a collection of micro practices for mind, body and spirit which can be done with just a few spare moments to enrich your day. Breathwork, self care rituals, Ayurvedic practices, aromatherapy and restorative yoga are some of the treasures in this guide.

This book contains simple life hacks using the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda to de-stress in as little as 3 minutes a day. As a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and single mom I know how hard it can be to prioritize our self-care. I wrote this with the busiest householders and professionals in mind. Self-care is vitally important to build a reserve of energy, feel fulfilled, maintain immunity and set yourself up for success every day no matter what. Featuring the activational artwork of Lois Eckley. Practices include Vedic cosmology, breathwork, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, yoga and more. 

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The Frequency of Immunity

This is a multi-dimensional book to review immunity as a frequency of being on all levels. We are  learning or remembering how to journey to 5d, 7d and as such this book provides solutions for our physical health and immunity, psychic health and immunity, and so much more as tools to hold your own guidance as authority over any outside data or influence.

This is a manual to support life as a spiritual being in the divine human experience shared from a multidimensional level, covering mystic wisdom for the Shift into New Earth.

Content supports those who are in the process of deprogramming their consciousness from the old paradigm and bridging from the old world into the New Earth higher frequencies. This transition is a process which requires whole new levels of mindfulness, care, presence and a LOT of energy or light. As the old dissolves we are entering a whole new energy which invites us to co-create our experiences with the universe as our partner. It is all new and so requires a lot of presence to encounter each aspects of being in this new energy in order to master our journey.

Topics covered range from all of the physical experiences with the body and maintaining it as our sacred vessel, to our conscious relationships with time/energy/purpose/career/one another and lifestyle too in the New Light. All these from a soul-based perspective to give you a hold on the holistic innerstanding of the nature of reality and our bodies, as well as how to excel on all levels of this experience.

Immunity as a multi-dimensional perspective meaning that we are truly sovereign beings and are not adversely influenced by anything external.

Vedic wisdom for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health

Time and energy

System shifts and how we adapt to all new

Self care

Resources to support your journey

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Pre-sale of our coming book which includes multiple mastery courses, meditations, energy practices and more. Dive into Solar flares, cosmic weather, world history and the physical ascension process to explore while the book is finalized 2023

Welcome to our pre-sale! Remembering Solaria, an Ascension and Solar Activation Manual comes out Spring Equinox 2023

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