Quantum Soul Sessions, Ayurveda & Oracle Readings


“Dearest Merissa, Tonight was absolutely amazing for me. It was such a powerful transmission.  I feel such love and intensity of emotion.  I am so grateful for all the angels, Archangels Archangel Michael, Joan of Arc, Mother Mary, and for all my ancestors for lovingly, giving me such sage advice, and guidance. I dropped straight down to the depths of a meditation & found myself in zero point stillness shortly into the healing. I loved watching myself from the center of the faceted diamond looking out at a white sun in a heart shape just like your photo. The sun’s rays joined with the diamond rays with streaks of electric white flares. My teeth were in agony from minutes into the session! – All the roots were dealing with “Ancestral” healing! I feel so blessed and loved. I really appreciate being chosen to do my little part to hold the light.  God bless you & your galaxies of light workers. I appreciate their help & working with my ancestors. Follow up from a week later -I did a diamond reading with Merissa Indigo recently. From the moment I emailed her she responded with love and immediately started interacting with me. She thanked me for giving her the opportunity to work with me! I found this most generous as it was I that was going to learn from her. Her voice was soft, loving and soothing.  The session was absolutely amazing for me. It was such a powerful transmission.  I felt such love and intensity.  I am so grateful for all the angels archangels Archangel, Michael Joan of Arc, Mother, Mary, and for all my ancestors for lovingly, giving me such sage advice, and guidance. Merissa gave me so much of her heart and wisdom.  I did not feel it was a quick reading but indeed that she spent time with her guides and Arch angels beforehand and enclosed me in a safe space so we could all talk with security, love and compassion. I highly recommend her sessions.  I feel that I was nurtured by her and my ancestors and given their gifts of love. Thank you to Merissa for your love and devotion. ”

-Juliet, France Ancestral lineage diamond light clearing session


“My session with Merissa was so very powerful.  She is a kind, humble and pure soul and her channeling came from this sacred place. The answers she presented were clear and very profound. I came to her to help me understand things about my life that I was unable to uncover and she brought amazing clarity and insight that left me feeling uplifted and in great faith. I would recommend anyone to her and know they will be given a treasure trove of information that will bring peace and joy to their being, including graciously shared spiritual tools; meditations readings and body work.”

-Shelly Eagle, Divine embodiment soul session for health & healing


“Hello beautiful soul reading these words. I would like to share my personal experience working with Merissa. First and foremost I believe Merissa is a true Wayshower in every sense of the word. She offers support from the deep well of wisdom and heart she has gained by her own experience, and she openly and authentically shares and relates from this place, from her own sacred walk of life. For me personally there have been many times on my journey when I have been in deep emotional pain, feeling totally alone on the path, and confused by my current experience, like getting lost in the weeds of my own mind. I feel many of us on the awakening journey go through phases like this. Sometimes we just need to know that we are not alone, that we are not crazy, and despite our deepest darkest feelings and snotty crying we are somehow exactly where we need to be and totally and completely loved. Now when one is in a state such as this it can be hard to feel that for one self, and for me this is where reaching out for support has been crucial for my journey, otherwise I might stay in that state for longer than necessary and prolong my suffering, which I am really done doing. Working with Merissa has given me much support over the past year or so. My first session with her, I really appreciated her compassion, she was very gentle and loving and met me where I was, in other words, she beautifully “held space” for me to unload my heart and mind in a safe container.  She has supported me through a varied range of things from anxiety, to family stuff, to more clarity of my soul expression and true north, existential crisis, and more. She reminds me of my true self, of how old programming comes up and how to gently release it, to not believe all the stories in the mind and to continuously drop into the heart. She leads with openness and curiosity, pointing me to my own core truths and values, she does not lead with Ego or a sense that she knows what is best or right for me, which I have experienced working with other spiritual teachers and I find a huge turnoff. She offers a gentle rememberance of your nature, graciously leading you back into your own heart and soul wisdom. I am grateful to know her as a guide and sister on the path, and for all of the amazing and generous resources she offers.  Merissa is like a super cheerleader, cheering us all on, the journey is not easy but we can do it! Another analogy that comes to mind, is seeing Merissa as like a New Earth Birth Doula. While physically birthing my first child I was so grateful to have had a doula! I had no idea how much I would need her, in fact I feel I really could not have done it with out her. No one can really prepare you for childbirth, and to have someone at your side when you literally feel like you can’t go on, is priceless! So in many ways I feel Merissa serves as a wonderful doula to the birthing of your true self, of your awakening journey. And as anyone who has given birth or witnessed a live birth it can be a messy and gritty process. Very similar to our awakening journey. You don’t need to do this alone, none of us do, we are in it together!”

-Alecia, Santa Cruz CA wakingbeautyblog.wordpress.com Soul stream navigation sessions


“I heard Merissa speak on Cari Murphy’s Straight Talk for the Soul and was drawn to her story, experiences and ability to help others on their journey. I loved the container she created during our time together in session. I felt deeply comforted, loved and supported by Merissa, the ancestors and the Divine that joined our group.  Merissa was able to shine a light on my areas of concern helping to transmute them revealing perspective and deeper knowing. She also taught me the language of bees which have been in my life for decades. I have much gratitude and feel more sovereign in my being now.”  

-With Blessings and Love, Laurie Santa Cruz, CA Divine Mother soul session empowerment


“When I first began working with Merissa as a spiritual mentor I was looking for Spiritual guidance and clear answers in order to accelerate my advancement and ascension in this life. In the course of working with Merissa in one soul stream session, I presently feel more confident and empowered in moving forward on my life path. I especially appreciated being heard and receiving clearly intuitive and pertinent answers to my questions, which created a space for me to move in the direction I feel best for myself at this time. And now my spiritual life has been opened to a new level of understanding of my life and that I am in the right direction. Merissa has helped me take a step forward into believing more of who I really am. I think Merissa is particularly skilled at listening, understanding, connecting and responding in her sessions, thus illustrating a beautiful balance between her sacred heart and mind. Something which surprised me is that like her, I am also an Indigo (yay!) My main takeaway from this experience is that I thoroughly enjoyed being in the presence of and connecting with such a caring, connected, joyful and loving being of light. Thank you Merissa!” 

-Justine, Geneva Switzerland Soul stream True North session


“In the course of working with Merissa I experienced euphoria that re-connected me to my Inner Self. Before I did not feel safe in my body, and I did not know I was dissociating from trauma patterning. It felt like a second lease on life. I felt more present and at ease with mindfulness, and I especially appreciated Merissa’s guided meditation that showed me a part of myself that was lying latent for years. I received the transmission of deeper Innerstanding on levels I haven’t felt in a long time. Not easy to find in traditional healers. As a healer myself I felt her ability to sharpen new layers of my existing inner vision -reveals Iron Sharpens Iron, going deeper through sacred mirror. I cannot thank Merissa enough for her attentiveness in a time where I need healing the most. What I received from working with her: Bringing newfound presence & comfort to my body awareness, connection to my surroundings above & below, connecting to Earth’s Epicenter of Interconnected Rejuvenation. I AM able to concentrate and meditate easier as a result of her guided session. What surprised me about Merissa is her ability to see far beyond surface topics and distortions we carry about love from family or trauma, to connect deeper into the TRUE LOVE from which ALL Love Began. Power to the Healers, for their Chosen Goals speak for themselves with Blessings yet to Behold. Thank you!”

-Eric E. Quench Alive, Los Angeles, Sacred Masculine embodiment activation session


“I first heard about Merissa through John Burgos’ Beyond the Ordinary show. I found the episode engaging and it inspired enough curiosity that I felt drawn to purchase a session with you. The very reasonable cost of your special offer was greatly appreciated and I decided to proceed. I fully expected to wait several months for a one on one session because I imagined you had a solid schedule – imagine my surprise when you responded so quickly and had an appointment for me within a couple of weeks. It was exciting but also a bit nerve-wracking because of the short time span: in my mind a longer wait would let me be more prepared – prepared how exactly, who knows. That’s the part of me that generally needs time to process any type of change – but everything has its time, right?! On the day of our session, I had so much energy/butterflies – I was vibrating by the time our call began – excitement, anticipation, nervousness – a smorgasbord of sensations and feelings! Shortly after we began the session – through your beautiful energy and grounding exercise, I felt a lovely calmness settle the excited energy into an energy that could more fully take in the experience and better receive the guidance offered so generously. Your intentionality, joy, sense of fun and your dedication to service made this experience fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed our session. You provided me with a great deal to think about and process. I was also impressed with, and thankful for, the various links to great resource material you provided as additional support! In January, I also took in your episode on Cari Murphy’s show, Straight Talk for the Soul. It was a great reinforcement of my earlier experience with you and that first John Burgos episode where I was introduced to your knowledge and abilities. You are a very special individual with a beautiful energy that inspires and uplifts and holds space for others to grow. Thank you for all that you do.”

-Take care, Darcy L., Soul stream session


“Recovering from any illness can take time and often we have to not just change our diet or our external circumstances but also our attitude about life and how we do things in the every day. One thing I have learned this year when sick and now as I am recovering is that yes there may be many therapies out there to help ..many supplements and many modalities to help deal with the symptoms…but ultimately we have to have gratitude for the body’s own ability to heal during rest and relaxation and sleep. And make this an important part of everyday life ..resting…being gentle…allowing the body to sigh and go ‘aaahhh’. Not pushing or over exerting. On my journey many opportunities for healing have appeared but when Merissa shared her Restorative yoga course with me I felt that for me this might actually be doable and be another vehicle for my body to do its thing..to relax..to heal…to restore. Using props and cushions the poses allow for gentle stretches that are relaxing and restorative.”

-Jen, Arizona Lightbody Prana Sacred Movement Yoga series


“I  first “met” Merissa through Beyond the Ordinary Show with John Burgos. I felt guided to listen to the interview and to book a session with Merissa after. I trust my guidance in regard to inner unfolding in each moment. The way we experience it, is different, unique and personal. I felt Merissa would fully acknowledge this approach and that a session with her would be an opportunity to meet in a safe sacred space and let what was ready to come through and be seen, to do so with ease.  It proved to be so, I had no script but was willing to simply allow the unfolding.  Merissa’s flexiblity, and her ability to follow and amplify light and information in accordance with the moment and the many twists and turns was appropriate, gracious, laser sharp. She has shown immense compassion and availability, love and so  much Joy for the exchange happening and her presence has been such a contribution, rich in wit and humour too. We traveled many “places” together and Merissa never forced nor imposed a pre-conceived point of view, which I value very much. After the session, integration and further deepening and unfolding happened and is still happening, in accordance with my personal journey. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and so very touched by an “extra gift” Merissa has shared, one you do not see truly very often, that is  genuine, sincere and humble Generosity of Spirit. Thank you.

-BC, Canada, quantum soul retrieval session, healing masculine wound


“When I first began working with Merissa as a spiritual mentor, I was looking for clarity and a sacred connection pertaining to my life work (professional writing). In the course of working with Merissa over the last several months, I have gained clarity in my purpose and acquired a greater sense of the sacred in both myself and my writing. I have a new understanding of how my life and my writing are not separate but are actually connected, and it is much more expansive than I previously thought. Before my session with Merissa, my writing was vague and uninspired; however, since my session with Merissa, my writing has become vibrant and magical. And now, my lifework (my writing) has taken on an immeasurable element, and it has been transformed into a sacred career path that I am newly discovering as if a cosmic Pathfinder. I think Merissa is particularly good at inspiring and offering new perspectives that help you transform the mundane into the magical in your life. Anyways, that’s what she did for me and my writing. Something that surprised me, and it really shouldn’t have, but was completely unexpected, was all the unsolicited links to writing resources and physical exercise resources that she sent with her follow-up letter. My main takeaway from this experience is this; Merissa is an inspiring and gifted spiritual mentor, and she is highly adaptive, and I am certain she can work with anyone in any field. I would like to add, from my heart, that it was an inspiration working with Merissa, and I would not hesitate to work with her again.”

Blessings, -George Hodak, Texas, Sacred career development soul stream session



“Experiencing Merissa one to one is truly a magical blessing. Her depth of caring, matched by her understanding and conscious energetic vibration enable her to tune into the heart of the matter and crystallize messages of value and direction in your life. I deeply appreciate Merissa’s willingness to share her gifts and healing on a personal level and encourage you to experience her for yourself. With love and aloha.”

-Laura Kealoha, Oregon, Sacred career exploration, dissolving blocks soul session


“When I first began working with Merissa as a spiritual mentor I was looking for clarity and guidance about my path.  In the course of working with Merissa over the session I gained so much insight and I especially appreciated the practical steps and practices to help me move forward. Now it feels like I have more confidence and trust in myself and my inner knowing. I think Merissa is particularly good at weaving in all her immense knowledge and she really excels in communication and providing a supportive, loving presence. I was delighted with the wealth of information and the resources she generously provided in the follow up email. So much to explore and discover! My main takeaway from my experience is to remember my creative potential and to trust my inner knowing. Thank you again for such a wonderful session! I was able to remember so much more when I relistened and took notes since it was so much information. I really appreciate all the resources you shared and especially the music by Shekina Rose. Wow!!! I was captivated and definitely felt some remembrance and shifts in listening to her beautiful voice. So much love to you!”

Love and blessings -Merritt Soul Lightblast session


“Just wanted to do a note of how wonderful Merissa is. I connected to her from a friend’s recommendation and so glad I took the leap of faith. I had a reading with her and she is amazing. Thru the last 30 years I occasionally have readings and by far she is top notch. She is enthusiastic and she oozes love energy. She walks her talk and it very gifted in so many ways. She made my heart sing and am so grateful for what she shared with me from spirit.”

– In peace, Mary S. Wisconsin, Soul stream session


“I came to Merissa for a reiki session and soul reading. I received my reiki attunement a while back and its been calling me the last few years to step it up to apply it in my life, so I felt guided to reach out to Merissa for support with this. A week later I am feeling the reiki even more as it continues to work through me and activates my next level of service. As an MFT I am preparing to offer more spiritual layers to my clients through reiki. Seeing Merissa has assisted me to connect with my own inner truth and wisdom so that what I know to be true for my next level of my career feels less scary and more exhilarating to share with others. I am starting to feel very centered and trust myself more to incorporate more of the higher realms into my professional practice. I went from confused and energetically drained from my profession to clear, grounded in my core and so excited. Merissa shared with me how to master the empathy so it no longer pulls from me but rejuvenates me from inside out. It feels amazing to be feeling the energy of my Self.”

-Charlotte of Los Angeles, Sacred Career development & energy healing session


“When I first began working with Merissa as a spiritual mentor in the Oracle Training, I was looking for more real insights into why I felt like I did about certain things. I had many views and instincts and what I now accept are my gifts, but I kept them to myself and didn’t ever meet anyone I felt comfortable sharing that part of me with. Gradually by doing more and more oracle sessions the penny dropped and I realized what I was being offered. A portal into my own heart, but most importantly how I fit into the wider organism of humanity and the earth. During sessions I was able to ask about my own path, my own lifetimes, my own purpose as well as explore other themes I’d always wondered about, that are relevant to us all. In the course of working with Merissa over a year I feel more affirmed in my spiritual path, more confident to state my beliefs and insights, more in tune with my own psychic skills, more positive about my role in this world and what I can bring to it.  Merissa helped me voice my ‘anxieties’ and showed me how they are in fact my special powers and not something to run away from. Because Merissa lives her life in this way too, she is also an inspiration to me of what is possible. Now, instead of me accessing this part of myself every now and then, I access it almost every day, which is what I want my life to be…more of these authentic moments. I feel more empowered now to consider what else I can bring to the world and how I may be just one but I am capable of so so much, it is mind blowing. I think Merissa is particularly good or skilled at listening, allowing, being patient, being raw and honest about feelings and the nitty gritty stuff and what’s in the shadows. She is an excellent encourager on the journey, a skilled guide who offers to come along for the ride and is not afraid of the bears or snakes we may meet along the way. Something which surprised me or was unexpected is how quickly I went from hiding my inner world to feeling confident enough to live it. A matter of months, not years. My main takeaway from this experience is everyone needs a Merissa in their life. Everyone has so many precious jewels inside of them, and everyone needs someone like Merissa with these oracle skills to really go deep so this life can be lived now to the full. Whatever your question, whatever your fears, whatever your inklings about who you are and why you are here, book your oracle session with Merissa now and speak it all out. You will get so so much in return.”

-Jennie H. Arizona, Divine Feminine sovereignty activation sessions


“I discovered Merissa in a session on the New Earth One network, which was very inspiring and so I bought 3 sessions with her. We met on Zoom and talked for 90 minutes each time. Very interesting conversations where I learnt a lot, and where I could talk about the changes I was living through in my life. Main issues were the ascension process and my growing to move into being an online “teacher” (in lack of a better word). Merissa and I met once every 6 weeks and so there was time for processes to develop and it felt great to just tell Merissa what had happened since last call, and receive such loving, sensitive, deep and funny feedback, with input from a wide range of fields from astrology and shamanism, yoga, different spiritual practices… I wrote 7-8 pages of notes during each conversation, and when we hung up, each time I felt both very elevated and like my soul had had some kind of spring cleaning! Mindblown, yet in some kind of meditative state at the same time. A pleasant feeling. It is hard to find the right words for the experience. The conversations felt very uplifting to me emotionally and mentally, I think she has somehow tuned into layers of my consciousness beyond my awareness. And helped strengthen my individuation process. I am very grateful to myself for having chosen to invest in this support for myself. Merissa has my highest recommendation and I will reach out to her again, and will be keeping an eye on what exciting things she gets up to online!”

-Lene K. Denmark, Soul stream business and personal development sessions


“I worked with Merissa for a 6 week Ayurveda for ascension series to connect with my body, support natural detox and activate my lightbody through self care. Merissa is a gifted and experienced clinical Ayurvedic specialist and she combines this with her soul reading/ intuitive gifts for a powerful offering. I learned so much from our sessions together. She has a warm, funny, gentle and powerful teaching style. She shares her wealth of information succinctly with lightness and ease. Although I had previous knowledge of Ayurveda, Merissa explained the doshas and other principles in a new and engaging way. I had some lightbulb moments around balancing my Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Merissa provided easy meal adjustments, tips and recipes. She shared these ideas with me when I let her know I had a crunchy food addiction. It is all about balance. She shared wonderful information for supporting the nervous system, digestion and ideas about daily self care practices. I am happy she passed on the benefits of tongue scraping with me. I love doing it now. She even has a sweet ebook on sacred self care practices. The sessions were easy to do on zoom and you can even have a laugh about sending pictures of your tongue over the phone so she can do an analysis! I recommend Merissa to anyone looking for Ayurveda, aka for multidimensional mind, body & spirit support for the ascension process.”

-Brita H. San Jose, Ayurveda soul embodiment series