What does the Sun, Solar activity, increasing photonic light and whispers of “preparation for the Solar flash” have to do with activating our evolution and Divine DNA? The solar activity continues to ramp up with more consistent solar flares which are increasing in strength. Rather than one solar flash event, they are happening monthly and sometimes almost daily in order for us to acclimatize our bodies safely. These waves stimulate the activation of our Solar body, an aspect of our Lightbody which is charged by Solar light. Humanity at large is getting their glow up, an evolutionary transition to becoming a Lightbeing, or Homo Luminous. Ancient cultures have different names for this inLIGHTened Humanity from the wisdom of the East in Tibet and India, to Egypt, the Maya & Inca, Native American Indians. The Raydiant body, the Rainbow body, the Avatar, the Shining Ones, the Lightbeings, the Starpeople, Children of the Sun. Activating these new energies within us can be an intense experience on emotional, psychological and physical levels too. We can experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, brain fog, bone aches, alternating chills and heat as a result of this extreme radiation from the Sun. This is not something to fear. In fact, when I was feeling strong mortal fear during some peak solar activity in April of 2021 was right when the Solar Rishi, beings of the Sun came to visit to assist me. They first came to me when my human mind was freaking out in response to the intensity of physical pain of the physical ascension process. They answered my call for help and began their lightcode downpour of intel for us all to thrive in the New Light.

They are relative in mission and energy signature to the Kin Ahau, the beings of Mayan cosmology who live in the multidimesional Sun center to support the ascension of consciousness here on Gaia. They may even be the same group of enlightened Golden Soular beings, this is just how they presented to my consciousness when I was laying in the sun at the pool trying to alleviate the immense pain in my spine, bones, behind my eyes/sinus and molars with the warmth of the sun during the intense solar activity in April, 2021. The presented as silhouettes against a blazing golden solar plasma of the sun and have a generous, loving and supportive energy of lion heart courage, the pure joy of Christ consciousness. They are ancient, wise and have a fatherly affection for all of us on Earth.

The Council of Solar Rishi shared tons of amazing information, tools to embody the light, and tasked me to bring forth information for Humanity to know that we were made for this amazing opportunity to evolve, live from our heart and soul, and glow. At first I was doubtful, then they told me to research all the ancient cultures who worshipped the Sun, and I share the astounding results of this research in depth through these attached articles, books, video transmissions and mastery courses. I delved deeply through ancient history and discovered that all of our ancient DNA roots have this Solarian aspect, where our Solar cells activate. We are each Solarians, its just a matter of our light quotient getting amplified by resolving duality/separation/density/corruption within. Ancient cultures were very connected to the Sun, our planet and encoded many esoteric paths to unity consciousness, scattering clues to embody ascension frequencies of both our consciousness and physical bodies for us to explore. They left these codes in stone, papyrus and many forms of codices, some of which are purposely kept hidden to control humanity and groom us to believe something negative is happening to us and the planet at this time. Let’s just say the beings that do that kind of stuff don’t glow, there is a lot of darkness you can visibly see in their eyes, absence of light. At this point all are free to choose to believe the death cult and their destructive, self-serving profiteer agenda, or opt for raydiant life through the pure, abundant serenity of nature. Since a young child I always felt our Sun to be a friend and guardian, a vital nutritional powerhouse and feel the love of its warm golden rays touching on my shoulder now through the window as I type. Any medicine requires respect and balance, so of course each is responsible for the appropriate Sun exposure for their body. It is vital to have the knowledge and tools to navigate these next phases with calm, balanced energy. Some are in crisis, some know inherently that these are the times we came for, which ancient cultures spoke of to prepare us, to participate in a grand collective experience of conscious evolution. Once we know what is going on with us in some way and realize this is part of our evolution, it becomes a bit easier, at the very least due to having knowledge, which is power.

As beings of Earth at this time of immense shift, knowledge of spaceweather and connecting consciously with the Solar Logos is an important piece of the puzzle. We each are gifted the opportunity to fulfill our awakening by remembering and embodying our Soul/Sol as Sovereign Suns of the Divine in order to become a conscious steward of our collective Golden Destiny. Here we share many tools with both gifted or free and paid options to support your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and light bodies through these upgrade. If you can support our work financially we appreciate it, and if you cannot at this time we serve you too. This is an abundant reality we live in and no one is denied anything. Our reality has the potential to truly feel like a sci-fi fantasy with bioluminescence, fluid plasma realities, miracles being the norm, and jedi-like mastery abilities of consciousness. We came for greatness, mediocrity just doesn’t cut it anymore. Can you feel just how UNREAL everything feels out there? All the façade is dissolving and we can choose our quality of experience. Why not amplify to entirely new realms of joy, freedom and abundance? The power of your mind and heart unified is an atomic portal of potential. Activate your lightbody and you are the most powerful force in the Universe as a lightbeing in human form.


If you are new to my work, I combine extensive research with my own experience, practice and receiving oracular sovereign embodied wisdom. My teaching style is fun, simple, practical, empowering, in depth and mind blowing at the same time. All courses are on demand with video, audio meditation downloads and ebooks.

With the oversight the Solar Rishi I have prepared a comprehensive mastery class called the Council of Solar Rishi which I initially put out in 2021 to assist people, as we were shown the intensity would ramp up mid 2024-2026. And here we are, now mid May of 2024, right on schedule. This week the Solar Rishi visited and said “Ok, its time. Share, share, share the information.” This combines extensive scholastic research, knowledge, Solar Rishi contact, practices of Solaris, lightcodes from the Suns Beyond Suns and the wisdom of ancient Vedic Solar cultures to give you the information, tools, and activations required to expedite your process to activate Solar Golden DNA, your Solar Body & become Sovereign Cosmic Citizens.

The Council of Solar Rishi share rituals to increase light quotient as well as our ability to assist loved ones, pets, & community surf the space weather waves to safely integrate these daily increases of intense photonic light we are currently receiving from Our Beloved Sun, Solaris. My work is distilled with loving service to share wisdom from the Solar cultures of antiquity. Here is a gifted or free ebook download to explore the Council of Solar Rishi and enjoy the practices they share for us to work with sunlight, understanding where the death urge comes from neurochemically to decompress it, becoming competent with spaceweather as this is what impacts our regional or local weather. Our sovereignty requires knowledge from the micro to the macro. https://merissa-s-school.thinkific.com/courses/council-of-solar-rishi-book


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Here is the link to this awesome full mastery course with more details about what we cover. Council of Solar Rishi https://merissa-s-school.thinkific.com/courses/council-of-solar-rishi



Two years after this initial contact with the Solar Rishis we received an expansion of Solar wisdom codes with regards to our DNA from them again, this time on a road trip through Mt Shasta during the Summer Soulstice in 2023. Remembering Solaria was the keycode received with a solar cross photo we took in the forest, which we share pictures of throughout the materials. This became the source code for my course & book Remembering Solaria: The codex of Solar Cosmic Sophia Christ DNA. This is the next layer, an in depth guide to Solar activity, Spaceweather, preparation for the solar flash & how this relates to Divine DNA & Ascension Energy.

Here is a gifted ebook download connected to this course which touches on the initial Solarian cell codes and an intro to spaceweather https://merissa-s-school.thinkific.com/courses/solaria-body-of-light-book


Here is the link to the full Remembering Solaria course and more details about what we cover.  It is 50% off with code SOULAR24 https://merissa-s-school.thinkific.com/courses/solar-cosmic-sophia-7



Thank you for your support and love. We are each supported through this and have to do our part within to align and activate the codes. When it doesn’t seem like we have support, it is because we have to tune our frequency dial out of that emotional distress in order to hear the guidance. The very basics of quantum mechanics teach us we cannot create the solution from the same level of the problem. Rise up. Elevate and then ask. There are so many angels, guides, ancestors and lightbeings in human form too, all here for you. An open heart will bring it all through. Together we can achieve new realities aligned with divine love and divine law. Injoy


With love,

Merissa Indigo


Founder of DDB Mystery school

Dove Oracle Priestess

Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist

Heart-centered living wayshower & mystic writer
Holy Fire III Reiki master
Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysics



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