My experience and perception of my physical body has changed greatly over the years. Originally I knew at a young age from my own guidance/experimentation/experiences the power of the mind to fully heal the body of any illness or disease, that disease is all mental and emotional, then gets trapped within various locations to cause tension/dis-ease. But I still was not merged with my body, I still saw it separately from me; an external, disembodied aspect of self/or an extension of self that I had no patience, compassion, or tenderness for. I felt trapped and limited by the confines of my body, and felt animosity towards it for having needs which conflicted with my mind/ideas/understanding of space time.

Needless to say, the last few years in particular have brought me to revolutionary, deeper dimensions of understanding my body. Learning to accept and then love it through a softer approach by learning to listen to its cues and languages (pain, stiffness, heart rate, injury, cravings) rather than demand it perform mercilessly like a machine; my heart opened and I could see differently. 

Each level of my journey has brought deeper and more trippy levels of understanding considering the intricacies of the universe, the nature of consciousness, and how they are symbolically present inside of me physically too in my own body. Not only do the various body systems reflect the greater holographic universe, but the symptoms present with any imbalance/stored tension/old stagnant energy/belief systems stored in the cells/tissues have stories for us to sift and choose. This is the essence of quantum physics demonstrated through the body, a microscopic creation of the holographic universe.



Once I began to practice gentleness for myself and my body, treating my needs as I would my child’s -with tenderness, a present pause, and consideration-  everything shifted. My embodiment process initiated. I will go more deeply into this subject of embodiment through other systems in another piece. The focus for this is the bone codes, as this was the first body system that I met and learned from in the summer of 2018. 

 Teeth and bones hold the most ancient DNA cellular programs and ancestral trauma. From a shamanic perspective, this is our physiological equivalent to archaeology, with our own lives/stories/genetic lineages as the fossils to unearth, sift and transmute. When you have something happen with a bone in your body, whether it be a break, a sprain, inflammation, sensitivity, dental work, its kind of a big fucking deal. Not in a scary or menacing way, but a crossroads. More like an invitation to witness, listen, and choose a higher destiny and life that calls you. Something deeper is asking you to pay attention, stop and listen to what is really going on. When you say yes, its a milestone to be appreciated and held as sacred in your life. To a shaman and other heart-centric lenses of perception, this is a huge clearing, a release, an initiation to transmute and transcend some very deeply held CORE beliefs from the very marrow of your consciousness. Bones and teeth are the penultimate symbol for the ancient earthiness that we are. Its a primal, primordial, animalistic alchemy with raw potential for creation and healing through alignment with our soul. Within the hollows of your bones lies the plasma of consciousness at DNA level, the peptide chains which have the atomic potential to become ANYTHING your system requires. Each tooth is bio-mapped to be connected to your organs, neural networks, and circulatory pathways. Can you dig? Into yourself, I mean 😛 Consult your bones like a medicine person in some mythic saga throws them ceremonially like dice for divining conscious communication within, as a means of soul level guidance and intimate connection with your self/ancestry. What beliefs and potential codes lie within your 270 bones? The skeletal framework for your physical beingness, the structure of your temple.



Its really fun and empowering to explore ancestral clearing with the intent of understanding what is necessary for you based upon your unique lineages. The clues will lie in the body itself in symptoms or observations made. Start there, and find the metaphysical correlation to begin to build your own body language. It can be helpful to look at your own physical body map and see which attributes you have inherited on your different body systems from either the patrilineal or matrilineal line as a place to start. For example, if you have your father’s toes or feet, it lets you know that you could potentially have a lot of that lineage’s ancestral karma as your foundation to stand upon in life on all levels, and you may need to clear and re-grid the feet. Note not only the physical attributes which make up our body temple, but Also the location and significance of each body part should be taken into consideration here for self-discovery and deeper integration. Is the sensation on your right or left? This will tell you if you have hang ups about taking action/right side, or receiving/nurturing/left side. You may already know where to begin based upon your lineage, origin, and the stories of your parents. You can feel it within. It’s up to you to clear it, release it and replace it to embody higher consciousness, meaning more love, peace, compassion and liberation from suffering. We are transitioning from carbon to crystalline, and it is up to each one of us to determine how quickly it occurs based upon our attachments to what is, or our fear to create something better that is unknown.
Look at your traits. Take in your physical traits with a detailed observation. Look in the mirror. What is your blood type? Phenotypes? Are the genetics displaying a dominance based upon either matrilineal or patrilineal lineage? All this will give you signs and indications as to which ancestry lines you Incarnated to take on, to collapse in Purity and love, finding and ending all karmic cycles in this Incarnation cycle.

Intend to connect with your teeth, bones, cranium, and entire skeletal system. Movement and breath can be awesome for this bond.  I developed a yoga & quantum energy/breathwork system to support connection to your body and energy systems. Gifted/free Lightbody Prana Yoga class & Breathwork session HERE

Learn to ask the body what its feeling and then allow it to express this through movement. Meditate and think only of these skeletal body parts to see them, connect with them through your focus, and receive information. I like to visualize them glowing/shining a mother of pearl iridescent white, which can help clear and heal a lot of density too. What do your bones tell you? 





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