Soul Stream Sessions -Private consulting support for personal & business solutions



One on One sessions to support your journey  

Merissa is available for private sessions to deepen the journey and support your soul life as the ultimate daily spiritual practice. Her sessions utilize her knowledge and oracular insight streams to weave customized practices for each individual student. She also serves as an oracle for conscious new earth businesses.

These one on one sessions combine all of Merissa’s acquired wisdom plus in the moment soulstreaming as she reads the energy in your soul and energy fields. As a Projector in Human Design Merissa naturally projects her consciousness when requested into any subject to merge her consciousness with the subject and thus help reveal deeper solutions, strategies and wisdom. Many sources of information may come through in the moment based upon what your higher self reveals at that exact time. Sessions can be recorded on zoom so you have access to the information on demand too. Prepare for enough information to work with for 6 months as the Oracle state facilitates a deluge of insight during these transmissions. Also includes a detailed follow up email with resources to support your process. 


Some examples of what wisdom stream soul sessions may include (and we are not limited to this by any means)…

Conscious Parenting

Major life shifts or tower moments to start anew

Shamanic teachings for connecting with or healing your body, the natural world, Ancestral lineage

Yogic or Ayurvedic practices for balanced health, meditation practices, breath work or mantras

Holy Fire III Reiki

Shadow work, shadow Feminine or shadow Masculine

Mantra sound technology, your soul tone or soul song activation and discovery

Oracle state insights from your Akash

Western Sidereal Astrology

Mayan Galactic Signature Astrology for life path, life mission, allies & challenges for evolution

Quantum Energy healing/Soul Retrieval/Trauma Work

Working with the Sophia Seraphim team of Mother Mary, Isis, The Magdalene Rose Lemurian lineages, personal guidance team and angels

Holy womb chakra activation & healing

Galactic star family lineage exploration

Soul path and roles exploration, actions steps for profession and business development

*Once purchased Merissa will email you to schedule the session time. Please email if you have not heard back within 24s hours to schedule. Merissa is located at Pacific Standard Time in the Pacific Northwest.


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