Ancestral clearing is a foundational practice on our spiritual journey of self discovery. To go forward in life sometimes we have to go backwards through the generations, the cultures and lands to find what halts us or weighs us down. By exploring our roots and ancestral experiences we can surrender much of the battles within and become whole or integrated sovereign beings, experiencing a lasting sense of peace, happiness and fulfillment from life through the gifts of completion.

Why is ancestral clearing of our DNA lineage so important? For starters, this is the key to actualizing our higher purpose and realizing our inherent gifts and abilities. In order to understand who we truly are, why we are here, and how we are to enjoy a fulfilling journey on purpose, we have to first clear away what, who and how we are NOT.

Did you know that only 5% of our DNA is pre-scripted? Until we become aware of this, most of us are walking around with 95% of our genetic/consciousness potential lying dormant, and this 5% of unconscious genetic material controlling our life in a very predictable and often limited experience. The old term scientists used for this 95% of unused material was “junk DNA”. Now we know this is definitely not junk at all but a reserve, a storehouse of untapped potentials which we have to activate mindfully through integrative practices like ancestral healing. Now we call this uncoded DNA, which hints at the vast potential of this energy to transform our lives instead of denigrating it to being useless or insignificant. Quite the contrary!

Epigenetics is the ability we naturally have to embody heightened levels of experience beyond the limited scripts of the genetic material of our DNA. Many of us sense that there is more to life and we desire to know how to access this. We all have the opportunity to decide that 5% operating on an unconscious or subconscious level is not satisfying enough and to take action on this. This is our divine inheritance to evolve past or ascend our consciousness and health past the old limitations and stories which are recycled through the generations. Our DNA is our consciousness, and it is inextricably influenced by our environment, our food, our thoughts, beliefs, words and expectations. If we decide to use this 95% dormant potential to our advantage we can start to separate the culturally created beliefs (those of family, culture, home life, geographical location, systems we grew up in etc.) from our own soul based beliefs which we feel in the deep silence of our hearts. We can start to deprogram ourselves from these socially engrained beliefs to discover a vast wealth of knowledge and understanding from within, and so access our genius frequency. This is the power of epigenetics, to release the “known” which we do not really resonate with and discover the wealth of truths, abilities and joys from claiming our own understanding of life.

Ancestral clearing is a multi-dimensional shamanic practice of integration. Integration means we are sifting and sorting , or cataloging our experiences, ideas, opinions, emotions, traumas and so on, plus those of our heritage, to THEN begin to consciously choose for ourselves what health is, what happiness means, how fulfillment feels. This integration is a way to shine a light on all which lies within our minds and hearts to liberate ourselves from pain and limitation, where we review all the experiences, emotions and beliefs of our mother, father, their parents and so on to the very beginning of our existence. This is an intense practice whose commitment will permanently alter your DNA, your destiny, your self-realization and thus all aspects of your entire life going forward for the better because you will feel a radiant cellular level of stability and peace.

We have to polish the mirror in order to see with clarity, and ancestral healing is a great way to either start this process for yourself or to enhance where you already are. It helps to start with the immediate story/yourself now to then each generation at a time through your parental linages and keep expanding from there. This system of the spiritual journey is the process of unification, where we are harmonizing all the aspects of our DNA from the immediate now moment interaction of our self and the universal environment at large to include the following.

Nuclear family

Generations past

Ancient history

Galactic history

Ancestral healing and clearing also involves taking into account the archetypal experiences we have all had or share from victim/victimizer, shame/regret/failure, internal battles/self-hatred. Something happens in the lineage, say a war for example, or the sacking of a town by another tribe or culture This grief can be passed down the generations in that 5% and manifest in modern day as depression, grief, self-loathing and various forms of cancer.


Tips to begin the deep dive of ancestral healing, clearing and integration:

  1. Discover -Here are some keywords to activate within you and help get you started…

Father wound, sins of the Father

Mother wound

Break the chain of pain, the program breaks or stops through you!


     2. Witness -Forgive all trespasses

Unify all soul wounds or shards to heal and thus transcend any blame, anger, etc.




Hatred or disgust


3. Process -Transcend all wounding through the gifts of acceptance, accountability, neutrality

Why? So we can alchemize the vast amounts of energy which would go towards the old dualistic belief systems and create all now from a place of peace and joy. Some of these are examples of dualistic programs: limits, negativity, dogmatic thinking, contracted state of mind and body/tension.

4. Integrate -Resolving ancestral duality from within

Releasing any tendencies for an internal battle between dark and light, male and female, various races, political parties, religions, ego or soul, unresolved emotions.

This inner harmony will radiate outwards, gifting unity consciousness and deep connection as the one human race here…

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In loving service, 


Merissa Indigo




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