Welcome to Divine DNA Blueprint Mystery School!

Wisdom to Raise & then hold your consciousness in the highest alignments possible

Transform your Health, Life, Career & Relationships

Activate the Master within

You are your own master, teacher, and guru. It just takes devotion to yourself and the right blend of tools to deprogram from false belief systems and thus unlock your true self.

The intention here is to provide you with the inspiration and tools to begin to activate your conscious remembering so that you can begin to awaken yourself.

By learning about vibrational frequency as a quantum tool for measuring daily present awareness, you will learn practices to help you discover, maintain, and work consciously with your own vibrational beingness in a way that addresses all aspects of your existence inlcuding health, relationships, wealth, deep inner peace and mission on Earth.

Through your own commitment to your heart and higher self you will see a total transformation in your life as you learn to differentiate dimensions/lenses or perceptions and gradually embody your soul so you are living from your highest on a daily basis. Your evolution is entirely up to you and how much you keep stepping up.

These courses are designed to help you meet yourself through real life examples from Merissa’s journey, shamanic practices, scientific backing/quantum physics, emotional processing, ritual, meditation, energy healing, movement practices, toning your energy bodies and many more multidimensional tools. Self-awareness allows you to choose who you are each time your soul mirror is cleared of any old programs or beliefs which are unconscious or habitual, untrue or unloving.

The purpose of this mastery school is to share wisdom garnered from a lifetime of personal experience, academic research and exploration/experimentation to:

  • Discover our missions, gifts, abilities & roles in life
  • Know and be happy with who we are, being on purpose and fulfilled
  • Learn how to develop relationships with our higher self/soul and how to develop/allow your creative expressions to manifest in your life professionally
  • Learn innate multidimensional gifts by piecing back together soul/identity
  • Understand and consciously participate in our destiny
  • Heal our body/mind
  • Read/sense/grid energy
  • Ascension: truly embody your higher self soul into our physical body in phases and then permanently, aka your ascension process.

All of our mastery courses are geared towards specific practices to raise your vibration permanently through your authentic dedication and commitment. Life itself is the ultimate practice and we are so happy you are here. Get ready to glow up for this shift!

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