February 22, 2024

0 Degrees Pisces Zero Point, Reframe Consciousness Welcome Pure Presence & Receive

adverse impact of contemporary society's focus on speed and immediate results, arguing that it leads to lack of patience and reduces mindfulness
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December 23, 2023

Soul Shine Solstice Celebration 2023/2024

Blessed soulstice!! We invite you to take the time and space to go deeply for this amazing soulstice portal   Join us for this gifted Soul Shine Solstice Celebration
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June 15, 2022

2nd 666 portal of June 2022, Diamond mind, laser precision, discernment & clarity for the awakening journey

2nd 6.6.6 portal today 💎🔥 Diamond clarity, truth cuts through deception like a precision laser. Prisms in the dark mire 🙏💎 Diamond light is a deep penetration to the
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May 28, 2022

Blue Lotus Essence Teachings

  The Blue Lotus, wow where to begin. Such a beautiful and deep mythos arrives through the presence of this gorgeous plant Being. It has such an intoxicating scent,
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February 14, 2022

What is the frequency of healthy immunity? Holistic wisdom for the new paradigm of health and healing

   The frequency of immunity is an understanding and embodiment of the mind, body, & spirit system functioning as a unified whole. This is a practiced art of living,
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August 31, 2021

Mount Shasta Gate & Gridworks -Bridge codes August 26th 2021: 88 Heaven on Earth, Being the Bridge for Others, Crossing or Walking the Bridge on the Path of our Consciousness Evolution

Being the Bridge, walking the Bridge or allowing for the Bridge to show up has been a recurrent code theme for years. This time they hit so to speak
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Gold Ray 3.3.3 Energy Transmission March 12th ’21

March 12th, ’21 = 333     Since March 1st 2021 the Completion codes and Freedom codes have been coming in strong, like a Lion. We integrate the inner-realizations
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Ruby & Diamond Light Codes ~to anchor pure light into your root chakra

Ruby & Diamond light codes coming in to anchor new, higher levels of light/consciousness into our deepest core identities and sense of safety in our root chakra. Last night
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May 29, 2020

Diamantine, Diamond consciousness, DNA and Diamond Lightbody codes for Humanity

Diamantine/Diamond consciousness, DNA and Diamond Lightbody codes for Humanity started coming in after the May 26th full moon eclipse as gifts/invitations/initiations/activations of June. Diamantine means made from or reminiscent
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444 Energies Gateway Activation April 4th 2020 Christ Consciousness Coronation initiation & activated Dreamweaver roles

    Wow, these 444 codes came in swiftly and abruptly today 3/30/2020. I realized it was 4/4/4 this Saturday (also my two cats’ birthday) and started to tune
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