January 6, 2022

1.6.22 Day of the Epiphany, crystalline DNA Self-Realization, the divine image through Melchizedek Priests

Deep embodiment and self-realization blessings to you today dear light family! The Shift is getting REAL now, so real its becoming a surreality. Boy are we on a deep
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10.10.20 Codes, New Earth Mastery Technologies available: Creator Aspect Levels, Zero-point

    10.10 2020 Portal energies are here! This is the gift of accelerating our process, Doctorate level GRADUATING, to a whole new and exciting level of mastery here
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9.9 Completion Portal Energies for September 2020

    9.9 ComPLETION PORTAL 2020 cOMPLETE RE-WRITE OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS & FINAL STRETCH to access nEW eARTH tIMELINES   Welcome to the energies of the 9.9 completion portal!
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