Designation: Ayurveda, health & detox

“I worked with Merissa for a 6 week Ayurveda for ascension series to connect with my body, support natural detox and activate my lightbody through self care. Merissa is a gifted and experienced clinical Ayurvedic specialist and she combines this with her soul reading/ intuitive gifts for a powerful offering. I learned so much from our sessions together. She has a warm, funny, gentle and powerful teaching style. She shares her wealth of information succinctly with lightness and ease. Although I had previous knowledge of Ayurveda, Merissa explained the doshas and other principles in a new and engaging way. I had some lightbulb moments around balancing my Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Merissa provided easy meal adjustments, tips and recipes. She shared these ideas with me when I let her know I had a crunchy food addiction. It is all about balance. She shared wonderful information for supporting the nervous system, digestion and ideas about daily self care practices. I am happy she passed on the benefits of tongue scraping with me. I love doing it now. She even has a sweet ebook on sacred self care practices. The sessions were easy to do on zoom and you can even have a laugh about sending pictures of your tongue over the phone so she can do an analysis! I recommend Merissa to anyone looking for Ayurveda, aka for multidimensional mind, body & spirit support.” -Brita H. San Jose