Designation: Reiki

“I came to Merissa for a reiki session and soul reading. I received my reiki attunement a while back and its been calling me the last few years to step it up to apply it in my life, so I felt guided to reach out to Merissa for support with this. A week later I am feeling the reiki even more as it continues to work through me and activates my next level of service. As an MFT I am preparing to offer more spiritual layers to my clients through reiki. Seeing Merissa has assisted me to connect with my own inner truth and wisdom so that what I know to be true for my next level of my career feels less scary and more exhilarating to share with others. I am starting to feel very centered and trust myself more to incorporate more of the higher realms into my professional practice. I went from confused and energetically drained from my profession to clear, grounded in my core and so excited. Merissa shared with me how to master the empathy so it no longer pulls from me but rejuvenates me from inside out. It feels amazing to be feeling the energy of my Self.” Charlotte B. Los Angeles