Designation: Divine masculine activation

“In the course of working with Merissa I experienced euphoria that re-connected me to my Inner Self. Before I did not feel safe in my body, and I did not know I was dissociating from trauma patterning. It felt like a second lease on life. I felt more present and at ease with mindfulness, and I especially appreciated Merissa’s guided meditation that showed me a part of myself that was lying latent for years. I received the transmission of deeper Innerstanding on levels I haven’t felt in a long time. Not easy to find in traditional healers.

As a healer myself I felt her ability to sharpen new layers of my existing inner vision -reveals Iron Sharpens Iron, going deeper through sacred mirror. I cannot thank Merissa enough for her attentiveness in a time where I need healing the most. What I received from working with her: Bringing newfound presence & comfort to my body awareness, connection to my surroundings above & below, connecting to Earth’s Epicenter of Interconnected Rejuvenation. I AM able to concentrate and meditate easier as a result of her guided session.  

What surprised me about Merissa is her ability to see far beyond surface topics and distortions we carry about love from family or trauma, to connect deeper into the TRUE LOVE from which ALL Love Began.

Power to the Healers, for their Chosen Goals speak for themselves with Blessings yet to Behold. Thank you!” -Eric E. Quench Alive, Los Angeles