Deep embodiment and self-realization blessings to you today dear light family! The Shift is getting REAL now, so real its becoming a surreality. Boy are we on a deep trajectory of continual internal re-writes! Remember to breathe, slow down, the self-care creature comforts too as we are in the deep liquid melt phase of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly of New Earth. Sharing this very moving, inspiring transmission I received this morning with you all. Wishing you a deep internal dive to discover more peace, wisdom, truth and love of your Being…

Being seen in the Divine Eyes of the Magi

Today is the day of the Epiphany. A celebration of the Three Wisemen, Magi Priests of Light, finding the Christ star child as they followed the stars. This is an exceptionally powerful encoded metaphor for our journey. Know there are angelic, ascended master forces beyond the physical world who see us, encourage us and all we have to do is ask. 
Very powerful codes today on this day of the Epiphany. In the darkness and political madness with peak darkness/mass psychosis of ancient days the Magi priests found the Christed Child. If you are feeling lost know that you are always found by the divine who is mirroring your divine image back to you, as the eye of the mag/mage/magus/magi right back to you beloved. No one cuts us off but ourselves from our higher self. That being said it is still up to us to see ourselves, to open the line of communication, to hold our own line of truth, of empowerment and identity from within our Hearts. This is an extremely powerful day to self-realise, self-actualise, to activate dormant codons of inner divinity, sovereignty, wisdom and love.
All you gotta do is sit quietly and ask to be shown your soul.
Dive Deep, Reveal, Transform. 
Today is such a powerpacked day with the Crystalline DNA codes of the 6, which is an over arching energy for the entire year. Add that already massive file of code to this linear day also being the 12th day of Christmas and the power of the 12… ✨⚡️✨⚡️✨
So far I have been guided to share this much only and allow you to sink into these codes to reveal for yourself what is ready to be activated within. Activate the divine sovereign levels of your DNA.
These codes are so massive that I have been bawling because it is overwhelming for the human consciousness to see our true beauty and grace when we have been programmed by all the external distortion (media, industry, bankers) to believe we are garbage…and dancing to embody them into my DNA this morning, to allow the truth to come through all of us and eradicate all distortion upon the sacred Earth.
It is entirely up to the individual what they will choose as their Truth. Is what the “they/out there” say, or what the heart and soul whisper? 
Massive heart openings, release of pain, mass deception and these types of frequencies. The blinders are coming off. The Maya or illusion has been so deeply seeded and as it melts off we can feel spun out. Trust in love friends.✨⚡️✨⚡️✨
I will close this with a few quotes of esoteric code from the bible. Yes the modern bible has been censored and manipulated and yet STILL it retains potent code to activate our divinity in moments of evolution. The magi saw to that…✨⚡️✨⚡️✨
Genesis 1:27 the SIXTH DAY: So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.
Psalm 82 ~6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
1 Corinthians 3:16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
In loving service,
Merissa Indigo Miracles

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