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10.10 2020 Portal energies are here!

This is the gift of accelerating our process, Doctorate level GRADUATING, to a whole new and exciting level of mastery here as divine HUmanity on Terra Nove Gaia New Earth. These energies, while floating in for the collectives all year since April, are officially here to stay and available for all who deeply desire to do what it takes internally to live their highest aligned potential.

Some of the energetic essences or themes presenting are:

Creator aspect levels. 

Consciously co-creating your ideal life experience from a present and open-hearted place. Unconscious, misaligned creation from thought forms and emotions/beliefs influenced by subconscious trauma and error programming causes karmic timelines which are unpleasant loops. This is in stark contrast to the old way we used to create unconsciously before having access to our self-awareness, our own beautiful power as creators, using tools of discernment and self-inventory, to then choose in the moment how to proceed with whatever presents in the experience.

Zero point technology; Eternal now moment, free access with pure intention and open heart.

Instantaneous quantum death, rebirth or birth cycles. Each nanosecond or breath presents the opportunity to hold your focus with mindfulness and intent. You can continuously return to center to re-create your experience, no need to waste time on perceived errors, regrets or “coulda shoulda wouldas” energy when you can just return to center and HOLD afresh to literally re-create from the original seed of intent or pure desire.

Mini ego deaths can happen on a daily basis as old beliefs and thought forms or identities rise to the surface and are intentionally over-written with the new identities or beliefs as you update your operating system of consciousness with conscious upgrades. Some of these mini ego deaths and over-writes can happen in a few hours or a day, others take weeks as we clear old shadow density from our core beingness and upgrade our DNA strands.


With power comes great responsibility!

These precious ascension technologies are divinely sealed of course, to be accessed only at the perfect coordinates of your journey and conscious participation. A failsafe is installed here based upon heart frequency, devotion and a pure intent of service. You can only create from where you are, from the frequencies or qualities of emotion and thought which you are currently running on your consciousness operating system.

Zero Point technology in all it’s divine perfection meets you wherever you are, thus giving the power back to you to take it as high as you desire. This is a Free Will universe, and All are allowed immediate access to consciously create their own life through the aligned and balanced laws of attraction (thoughts are electric, emotions magnetic) and will receive whatever frequency they beam at the point of conception creation. Hence, the highest frequency access to these creative miraculous powers is literally based upon the coordinates of the individual. How high you want to go is entirely up to you based upon your quantum energy invested.

The codes of your pure, consistent intent activate the codons of your DNA to grant access. Integrity, honor, sacred respect, humility, gratitude, peace, joy, abundance consciousness, generosity, trusting your soul/universe, pure unconditional love for self and others and heart-centered openness are the pure golden keys to access the highest possible realms of your creator aspects.

COnscious creation & the ping pong experience of ascension & descension -Return to center to Create from zero point divine neutrality

This process will bring up all distortion to assist you in no longer creating from your subconscious traumas or old belief systems.

This is a process of being ON, aligned and plugged into soul source with heightened states of unity consciousness and bliss, followed by then descending “down” back into whatever ancient shadows the light has stirred up within our very bones and cells to release. It is not literally down, but you can feel the heaviness of the dimensional shift which can really only be described as down. The light will draw out all density, and we have to be patient with ourselves and compassionate in understanding that there are potentially billions of years of error programming going back to first separation which we must reconcile at the cellular DNA levels.

This can lead to the ping pong experiences of rapid shifts between an internal heaven or hell, expansion or contraction. The ascension symptoms of complete exhaustion, mental fog and chronic fatigue have been very strong since the end of September. Plenty of organic raw coconut water if you can get it loves! Re-mineralize at cellular level to support your upgrades.

 Mastering the Creator State consists of the cycles of Ascension of Consciousness and then the Descension of Consciousness as we return down to witness what still binds us inside to Old Earth, to 3D. This is the process of expansion and contraction which continues until there is nothing left and can take years, even decades as needed. It all depends upon your state of being: surrender & trust  or resistance & fear.

To master this technology we have to master ourselves, the inner landscape. Emotions, beliefs, stories, & self-honoring your preciousness as well as self love as the ultimate heal all balm.  We cannot graduate to living in the higher realms without doing the homework.


See my emotional mastery videos as the keys to new earth here on the gifted support page.


The double digit months of this monumental year’s final trimester are demonstrating massive amplifications of the light energies. This means the more light there is, the more density or shadows will surface to be witnessed in neutrality and love to then dissolve. We can see this in the global collectives right now as well as within our own experience as our egos are triggered, distortions reveal very ancient fears or traumas, etc. Surrender and listen to what you need to get through this to the other side.

As always, the cosmos support our process is to help us further expand and ascend. On October 13th Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio until November 3rd. This is the Deep internal dialogue, witnessing where we have shadow, fear, the ancient density that is now ready to be seen, embraced with pure love if seeing self, and dissolved.


Upcoming webinar to support: Ancestral Clearing 101

-Re-writing our DNA using Epigenetics to embody New Earth Creator State 

We are being invited to continue to clear and activate our potential through working with Mercury in Scorpio to identify and purge ancient beliefs stored in our DNA. To assist the collectives being invited to clear ancestral karma and desiring to consciously use Epigenetics, or quantum conscious intent to upgrade their DNA, I am offering an upcoming online workshop on ancestral clearing & conscious DNA re-writing on October 29th at 6pm pst. $33 register here  on DDB Mastery School. Replay access and downloadable guided meditation will be available after the live class.

Through a combination of quantum shamanic soul retrieval and Epigenetics we will be consciously reprogramming and thus activating our DNA strands. Transcending the polarized duality of our identity to discover and thus embrace our soul beingness are the next level of keys to heaven or Terra Nova Gaia New Earth, by mastering Zero Point creator aspect levels.

To master Zero Point we have to master ourselves. This is so we can hold these divine neutrality places inside for longer and longer amounts of time without being clouded by the distortion caused by the pains of the past.

Questions to ask yourself at this time to make the most of these Energies.

These internal prompts will support you in identifying what if anything prevents your access to the Zero Point Now Moment technologies of Soul.
Is it possible for me to exist free from distortion right now? Are any distortions or triggers presenting right now? What do I need to feel safe, secure, on purpose? How can I give this to myself? Is there anything still binding me to Old Earth? Am I allowing external influence to impact my emotional state, mental state, or sense of self? And if so, what is it? Are my perceptions clouded with fear or previous experiences? Am I allowing my Consciousness to be manipulated? Such as, am I the Projector or the Projection? 

Compassion and patience are key! Soothe your self, body and loved ones

Enjoy your process. Know that the rewards are great for those who are consistently focused on healing, caring, supporting others and keeping their heart open. We have upswings where we are flying high and manifesting, connecting with others and having amazing experiences. And then we have the down swing where we may be going through mini or larger dark nights of the soul to release old programs, we feel like isolating and resting in a cocoon phase until ready to spread a new set of wings again. Over and over we do this. Our own organic technology has infinitesimal upgrades offered to us, and we have to go through them one at a time. Now we truly do have full access to the Miracle Realms, it is just a matter of doing our internal re-configuring to ALLOW ourselves access to the full wonders of emancipation. 

Practice self care and compassion for self and others. Stay soft in your precious heart and take care of each other.


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Blessings and Cosmic Grace,

Merissa Indigo


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