Heart Head Coherence

11.22 plasma transmission

Received 11.22.2019 1:24pm

1 plus 1 is 2
2 is a higher Octave of 1. The access to 2/embodiment of 2 is the result of the integration within, all of the Shadow work, embracing and loving equally all parts of ourselves. The 2 is the result of shadow work integration. The entire Ascension process and our progress can be observed/Quantified by the octaves of vibrational frequency.  A variance and frequencies and octaves is just that. Nothing is better or less than, it is just a difference of oscillation and it is up to the individual to exercise discrimination with that which proves to be effective. For example, rage, anger, frustration are all different fluctuations of an emotion i.e a frequency stemming from the roots of loss of control/Fear.

11 and 22 are both Master numbers, elevating an octave as they progress. The 1122 portal is another frequency current of the 1111 portal. With the 1 and 11 we explore ourselves and establish intimacy Within. Here we witness and observe and cleanse and intend, releasing any density to make more room for light and Destiny. With the 22 we take this to another level to unify aspects Within. We collapse all of the  shards , the wounded fragments and all other aspects, into one unified whole. Unifying the major aspects of you: human and divine. Transcend and unify to become the frequency of the 2 in 1 you. Self and higher self marry within to create the embodied you, and in this way the threefold flame trinity codes have aligned.
The 2 and 22 dynamic can also be mirrored in our external relationships as we partner with another. Many are coming together/getting married now to live hieros gamos within self and in partnership with their beloved. For those Partnerships that are not reflecting balanced gieros gamos they may dissolve until both are integrated and ready to commit fully, first to themselves and then the Other.
We came from the human head mind which was linear, limited, judgemental, veiled and myopic, now we are returning to the heart divine mind which is infinite, expansive, limitless, pure and omniscient.
In the 5th dimension and above we feel like Alice for a while as we realize this is a whole new world with limitless options, remembering how to walk and function in lucid dream as a conscious co-creator.
We have to remember to let the heart lead with the mind functioning behind it as a support, rather than analyzing and thinking things through while ignoring the heart’s wisdom/vision/call. This is 5d and above conscious living versus 3d. This is remembering how to trust ourselves and our souls again. This is the key to our divine destiny.
We learn to trust our heart and thus tap into our hidden abilities, to see and embrace our most secret desires for our lives/mission/loves,

This is the gift of the 2 or the 22, merging within all polarities which creates unity, and thus enables us to embody our Godhead self.

In love,
Merissa Indigo





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