This is a soul stream transmission received at 11:22 am today, November 9th 2019.  

The 11:11 Gateway is an invitation, an initiatory invitation to self-mastery. I see the 11 as a refracted image, self reflecting self.


This is the the look in the mirror, whether an actual physical mirror or your life reality reflected back to you, which is also a mirror of what lies inside. This is the epitome of self-introspection, holding yourself accountable and sitting as a compassionate and Discerning witness to all forms of internal density and duality mapping or error programming. This is the opportunity to create lists to resolve duality/old identities by digging, prodding and understanding to then transcend the Duality Within. Where is your outer reality showing you what has yet to be rearranged and realigned with your God inside, with you inside? Your outer World reality will be the map to show you where you have yet to pick up the pieces, rearranging them into your personal soul divinity, stepping higher up into The Light Within and broadcasting it without, resolving fragmented particles and sorting your Stardust matrices. If you’re up for the challenge of committing to your Ascension journey, this is the ideal time to initiate yourself into higher aspects of self-mastery, thus embodying even more of your own higher aspects. You are fully supported by galactic forces to embody your higher self aspects and transcended your lower self aspects. This cannot be stated enough here. YOU ARE SUPPORTED TO CHOOSE YOU. 

Ask: Where is your life not yet perfect/matching your deepest dream and desire of your Divine destiny? This is where you start. You have to come it, you have to sit and write list after list and dig deeper inside and all around each error program/fear/belief system which does not support you. Construct your new reality by dissolving the old with your will and the passionate focus of your entire cellular matrix, your entire being. Your commitment to this will yield incredible results as your mind is able to stretch into new miraculous belief systems that are Limitless, full of joy and divine love, all in alignment with your soul.

You’ll find it as you start to unravel the erroneous gridwork buried deep within parts of the body and in the limbic brain that you start to increase the frequency, or achieve the ability to access revolutionary higher consciousness levels of those aspects of life. For example, the money program can be expanded to explore how to receive money through your soul purpose vs a matrix career that is not fulfilling, or for another example embodying more deeply your Conscious Creator aspect and the ability to take command of your physical reality, which can also expand once you choose Victor and divine co-creator over victimhood.

Once we unlock the blocks and error coding, thereby regrading all new circuitry and neural Pathways, we can then think more elevated thoughts and expand our belief systems to include higher Destinies of divinity than we ever thought possible, beyond where we could ever imagine. We do this by being open to change and being willing to commit to our soul by trusting the call. No excuses, limits, ego distractions. We stretch our brains Beyond into the Limitless fears of dream weaving.

This year, the 11:11 gateway is particularly special. Mercury is crossing the sun on 11:11 as well, eclipsing the Sun. Our planetary allies who specialize in the mind/connection/communication (Mercury) and our identity/light/soul (the sun/Sol) are dancing together, creating a dynamic alchemical synergy to assist our personal quest for a higher life by illuminating our higher self aspects, our deepest callings to serve and fulfill higher purposes here. What do you no longer desire to identify with? What have you outgrown, or are ready to let go of? What identity resonates with you now? This magical planetary alignment amplifies our ability to circumnavigate old mental programs and deliberately choose new soul aligned identities, higher purpose service roles, and discover other divine destinies for us so we can contribute to birthing and anchoring New Earth. The planets assist our ability to witness our highest soular aspects and embody them now and every day.

Are you up for this initiation? Are you ready to say yes to the call, and leave all the shit behind forever? Collapse the old timelines, activate the new, allow your new real higher YOU to bloom in love. You are fully supported, all you have to do is believe the love over the fear. Can you believe without physical proof first, relying on your soul energy first? All you have to do is trust your soul to provide for you, listen to your guidance for the action steps, and do the work. Receive the magic, because You ARE the magic.




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