From the Venusians

Bring everyone and everything into your heart❤

Even the most challenging people, events, circumstances and memories etc. Let your heart light emanate and envelope ALL. Cry the crystalline tears as the emotion bursts forth to free us all, and bless yourself, everything. The deepest heart healing we’ve ever experienced, rocking us to our core to birth a new firmament beneath our feet, a foundation of Terra Nova Gaia Emerald Ray unity. Global family. Transcending anything other than love as we bathe in pure love from Source Creator and emanate this out as lightning rods in our homes, communities, family, nations and crystal star planet


The light beams pour out through our eyes, mouth, palms, heart, soles of feet and crowns. We are walking 5 pointed starpeople.
Heart chakra template upgrades to a gorgeous silver platinum ray of grace, complex sacred geometric structures looking like snowflakes❄ pouring radially out from the heart stargates outwards into creation.
We are emissaries of the New Wave of the New Earth🌎✨

We carry the codes of


Sovereignty & Freedom

We sing the song of heart

Here is a video activation version of this transmission with music

In loving service,

Merissa Indigo Miracles





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