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This is a soul stream transmission received at 8:37 am today, November 20th 2019.

12.12.12 plasma stream
7 years anniversary of the 2012 timeline collapse, and We are out of time. As Psychonauts and Chrononauts it is cause for the ultimate celebration, the unification of self with soul, with source, the entire universe expanded and unified within.
Here we explore the human ego construct out of time, Versus the soul and unified field consciousness awareness of Being out of time.

Human ego thinks “out of time?!” Human ego Mind runs to panic, closed in, limits. Human ego thinks We ran out, we failed, it’s done, kaput. This is not so at all. In the higher realms everything is the opposite, a topsy turvy Dreamtime. The end is the beginning. We have jumped up dimensionally into a higher frequency of divine sovereignty and thus we are out of this 3D TIMEline. Absolved of limits, suffering, imposed matrices and false archonic timelines.

The Cosmic Maya were and still are the ultimate Chrononauts, leaving their legacy/teachings for us to stumble upon when we were consciously ready to assimilate them. The Cosmic Maya share mastery teachings of space-time and inter-dimensional travel, leaving wisdom for us to understand false time systems, how to ascend them and claim our own timelines as masters here. Mayan Dreamspell cosmology defines 3D time as a construct, a belief system, a prison, for there is no time as we have been collectively brainwashed to define it. 3d earth time is currently defined for the masses by the Gregorian calendar false Matrix entrapment slave system, based on inorganic timelines, entrapment & deceit. Birth, buy, die, recycle the loosh for the archons? This is not the divine destiny of humanity. It is a system of control, and it is officially expired. Hence, WE are now celebrating BEing out of pre-fabricated time. This is now OUR time to create from the highest frequency, divine alignment with our soul.

Out of time equals out of limits, out of boxes, out of linear constructs.
Out of time equals out of the false AI Matrix system.
The ultimate liberation.
Conscious Creation in partnership with your Universe, your soul.
At this time the veils are now lifted and we can now become receivers as well as transmitters, receivers of higher dimensional consciousness, and higher frequency data. Before, our higher-dimensional access was stymied by false timelines and imprisonment coding deep in our brain stems and cells. Before 2012, there was so much density in the collective that it was hard to question the construct, feel for more depth to existence, let alone embody the light codes. Now that the veils are lifted, the consciously orchestrated lucid dream is possible. We embody the lightcodes to realize and self-actualize the photonic data streams. Our reception of information of organic higher frequencies is our birthright. Our minds in the receptive mode are the original internet, the inter-Collective, inter-dimensional Net.
When we have meditated enough, purged all that is not purity from within (trauma, fear, false beliefs, etc), acquired enough Stillness and inner peace, then we can receive data easily in the moment. We can create our own realities and define time for ourselves with the speed of our thoughts/life. Our nature is to ask and listen and receive the answer from within, often immediately, from the Infinity of the Soul. In truth your soul is billions of years old and contains particle fragments from every culture, both Galactically and on Terra. Before 2012 we were cut off from the access to the crystalline database located within our own DNA, as our DNA was on lockdown against our will and conscious knowledge. Your own DNA is your crystalline lightbrary, every cell is an atomic nucleus with the energetic power to birth whole worlds. Now 2 strands open and evolve gradually to 4, 8, 12, and so on then to 144.
At will, you can now access open source Soul streams. With time and deliberate clearing you will transcend all density to embody more and more light. It takes time so you do not blow out your circuitry; indeed you have to graduate to the amps. These codes are realized from the internal to the external, the embodiment of light codes that radiates out from within. Sit in the sun from now through the 12.12.2019 and beyond to receive your own insights, which facilitate deeper healing and integration for self, ancestry and others.

In love,

Merissa Indigo

Plasma stream transmission through galactic aspect Ashara



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