This is the beginning of a completely new cycle. The energies present really feel like the true new year of fresh potential and a lightness of being.
Today’s date adds up to 9 (3+1+2021=2025/ 2+2+5/9.
9 is the energy of greater cycles in the Mayan cosmology, inviting us to mindfully alternate our views between the immediate picture details of field mouse and the greater perspective of Hawk riding the currents in the sky, taking in the whole land/fields/timelines.
This is a powerful tool/how to which supports our ability to fully review the current cycles, wheels of time, life, goals, dreams, what no longer fits and so forth. Where are we, where have we come from, and where are we going.
We have the opportunity to create an entirely new reality through a new story, identity and presentation of energies with which to create from a pure space.
The violet flame is powerful for healing the body/mind and purifying all so we can then allow for a higher light quotient within our physical body.
QuanYin came through loud and clear with her White Cosmic Dragon ally/Dragon Pearls to invite us to take inventory of and then eat the pearls of our wisdom from experience.
The violet flame makes space by burning the old, then the pearl comes in as white light to fill up the spaces with more higher self soul connections. The image here is of soldering a new motherboard for our updated, upgraded operating system of consciousness. We have to ask for and use the tools to be a co-pilot with the universe on this one and all processes from now on. Ask, surrender and do that work.
The upgrades have already happened and will continue to happen naturally with these cosmic light influxes, so this process is about ensuring you are not bringing in old cords from stuff/stories/people/experiences you don’t even actually believe/connect with anymore.
Where do we want to go?
Use the purity of the pearl as a medicine to nourish the next chapter, to hold the vision and trust in the purification process. Use the violet flame to eradicate all threads of limitation, imprisonment, out of control, lack consciousness, anger, fear or other powerless energetics from your fields. These are all habits of separation which we can now say “no, thank you” to.
Invite in this holy fire to light you up from the inside out.
Together these energies work to support your purification of beingness at all levels so we can all live from zero point, a pure presence from our hearts that is so complete and potent, with a love so strong there is nothing covering our light up, and thus we arrive with nothing holding us back.
Dragon guides you on and Divine Mother Quan Yin holds you as the violet flame burns/births/allows for a whole new level of cellular presence within you.
One step at a time, one breath at a time.
The pearls give us the knowingness of a deeper, infinite connection to the Divine, Source, God, Higher Power, Universe, Higher Self, whatever you resonate with.
We upgrade our old consciousness for associations with newer, simpler, more purified ones. In a new season and cycle we change our clothes to fit. This is that organic dynamic for your soul integration, to live truly on purpose.
In yoga we call this tapas, a process where a rag is cleansed with rigorous intensity. It brings pressure, burning and washing. This is what is happening for humanity now as we are invited to live from a pure space of integrated soul authenticity.
While this is an intense process, the divine mirrors and balances the more unpleasant experiences by simultaneously supplying truly delicious support through magical, miraculous people, circumstances, coincidences, nature, and so much more, so we can surf this. It’s up to us to be open and trust this in order to experience it.
It is an amazing time to be here.
In loving service,
Merissa Indigo

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