Balance, Harmony & Relationship to EVERYTHING


Blessed Autumn Equinox Lamplighters! In meditation I saw a lantern, symbolizing our root chakra, soul and also our psychology which are intimately linked and work in tandem as one unit. In this vision for the autumn equinox I saw all the glass windows of these beautiful lanterns and saw how some were dark, smudged or even broken/missing a pane of glass and thus the light could not shine through at maximum raydiance. This is a metaphorical example of the smudges of distortion, separation or fragmented consciousness we all have from trauma. This imagery demonstrates how important it is to do an autumn season cleansing if you will of our entire house. Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual in order to shine from our highest alignment with our highest, pure self. Taking an honest, loving assessment of any old stories being carried along, held in our roots and preventing not only a sense of security but our brilliance, success and freedom from the pains of the past. Where do we hold back from fear? Fear is false evidence appearing real.

What are we ready to be done with? What are the old stories that do not fit us now or where we are going? We must be in right relation to all of our creations. Things already in existence may need an overhaul to match the frequencies into the new, higher integrity and authenticity. Or they made need to leave too. Time to lighten the load, whatever that is.

We are each lamplighters in the community, raydiant lamps flickering our light love through kindness, sharing information and encouragement, wisdom and creativity through our own individual soul roles and purposes. Each of our heart fire lights sparks others and this connection ripples out into the collective, hence the lamplighter image. All new potentials are coming in for us to express our creativity, come into higher abundance and wealth codes from this inner clarity. 

The whole shift is an Inside Job. This is another massive ego death phase, shamanic death or rebirth cycle where we can upgrade the garden of the soul and remove all the old weeds. Create a fertile future right now.

Another way to see this is through the wisdom of the Tao or Dao, all things in right relationship. Balancing the aspects of light and dark to build a stronger whole.

Here is an exercise with some examples to get the wheels turning, heart burning…

We are being initiated in an intensely rigorous process to purify again at this pivotal time of the year, being asked to genuinely qualify all through the sacred, through the heart, through feeling into what resonates as true, right, or aligned.

Do we share everything in our world in alliance with a sacred, deep relationship? What choices can we make or actions can we take to ensure all is consciously aligned with our highest self?

Relationship with self: includes unconditional love, our body and health, diet, exercise, goal setting, expansion of consciousness to keep growing

Others on the daily: strangers, pumping gas, at the store, errands etc

Intimate relationships: romantic or business


Immediate and larger family

Spirituality or religion

Social culture

The Earth herself

Running each part of our life, our desires through this heart portal to line everything up in divine harmony. Through inner stillness we can feel in our gut, in our body what is right for us and what is not.

We have entered a creational space as a soul being having a human experience where the most harmony and success is the immediate return when we pause and make certain to qualify everything through right relationship. Even when it takes some time, this sacred pause. This is pure conscious creation, the most fulfilling adventure where life is a peak experience. We can choose to live a peak experience.

If we are willing to do the work the rewards are mind-blowingly beautiful. Amazing times we are living in right now, where healing ourselves and coming into higher states of being through this integration, faith, trust, compassion are the way to living the life of our dreams. How generous of the Divine to set this all up; that when we are open to our expansion and deepest love and choose this over the fear being thrown at us from within and without, all our highest dreams come true too. The freedom lies in our integration when we see past the illusions, the tests. It is a lot like Job from the bible stories, and all the initiations to trust the love over the fear.

Polish the mirror so you can see clearer. Look for the smudges, fractures and breaks in the glass windows of your soul/heart lantern and unify them with patience, tenderness, consistency and compassion.


In loving service, 

Merissa Indigo



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