We all know that old saying, hindsight is 2020. In October I started thinking about 2020, 2020 vision, and how this new year is setting the bar wayyy higher for our individual and collective experiences. As 2019 drew to a close, I started hearing “foresight is 2020” in my meditations. In the higher realms of existence everything is the opposite of what we learned in 3D, because part of our incarnation process was to forget our true nature as spirit and then unravel all illusions to remember. 2020 is the measurement for perfect vision at the optometrist, and it is also our new roadmap for living fulfilling, healthy, joyous lives. The old 3D expression/belief system of “hindsight is 2020” is based upon our old ways, looking back to review errors in judgement and how they caused suffering to learn from these experiences. We did not have the gift of foresight then. It was our own personal dark age, living life from a limited, dis-empowered and separated place, like throwing darts in the dark while also being blindfolded, walking with no guide. We navigated our days from a fear-based survival auto-pilot consciousness trying to avoid making mistakes. These errors were the result of being separated from our source/higher self/intuition/soul and living from our ego or limbic brain, which is programmed for survival but not anything more; it is a tunnel vision. We did not know who we were back then, which is all part of the dance of Lila, the game of divinity forgetting and remembering itself.

Now we are remembering. 2020 gives us the gift of a higher vision where we actively participate in life through being present in each moment and feeling it all out as it comes. This is living our truth from a high integrity space. Our internal GPS has been re-wired and strengthened through our re-connection with ourselves. We walked the fire walk for a decade or longer and these initiations enabled us to shed old identities/whatever does not resonate with our divinity, and thus discover our true identities and open our hearts beyond what we knew was possible to better love ourselves, one another, and deeply appreciate the sacred gifts of life/all of creation. Our connection with our guidance or higher self paves the way for 2020 perfect vision because we live/work in partnership with our soul. Being present with our higher self as much as possible means we assess outcomes and sense the impressions we receive either through our emotions, bodily sensations like our gut reaction, a body message like pain/stiffness, or other spidey senses. We have a whole new set of multidimensional tools like the ones mentioned to use to make decisions about our life, relationships, career, where we live, basically everything in our day to day. Therefore from 2020 on our lives are the very definition of foresight. There is no fooling ourselves anymore; we know what will happen now at a gut level when we think of something. We can create heaven or an unpleasant karma if we go against our guidance. For example, over-extending yourself so much with physical work because your ego is pushing you that instead of listening to your body and resting, you pull your back and are laid up for a few days. Taking something for granted, be it a person or a resource, means it will disappear from your reality. Avoiding a lesson or resenting it will prolong your row with it, because you gotta feel it to heal it. If we choose to live from the old story that is our choice, but it will continue to feel worse because the contrast in dimensional frequency bands is very stark now.

This year 2020 is a whole new foundation for us to live in higher consciousness, and is the start of a powerful decade that will continue to mold us to adapt in each moment, but also offers truly incredible incentives in the form of immediate return through crystallization/manifestation for us to keep moving forward in our evolution and ascension disciplines as a way of life. We are fully supported now to make choices that are in alignment with our divine destiny as we actively discover it. We are now officially the only thing in our way. 2020 brings us the opportunity for us to navigate our life by being more consciously aware of our guidance and thus avoid karma.

The last decade was one of learning some tough lessons for many of us. For myself and many other millennial starseeds, our entire lives thus far have been fraught with challenges and gnarly lessons testing how hard we wanted to be here, how much did we believe in ourselves, all to help mold us into our higher selves. For me personally, the 2009-2010 cycle felt like we were being put through the wringer with constant tests/initiations to find/choose our highest calling, establish boundaries, eliminate toxic beliefs systems/people, stop wasting, stop giving our power away to people/circumstances/events/illusion, learn how to be present with ourselves and one another, learn how to forgive, heal all our wounds/soul fragments, and ultimately stop creating karma by learning how to open our hearts and trust the calls/wisdom of the soul. It was a brutal period of expedited initiation which collapsed several million lifetimes worth of experiences on a fast-track for our ascension; to help us become conscious of how we were creating our lives unconsciously from pain, old habits, baggage and beliefs that were learned rather than from our souls. We came here to live purely from the heart as conscious creators of New Earth, or heaven on Earth. In order to do this, we have to be stripped down of all baggage, peeled layer by layer until we come home to our heart and soul, knowing who we really are as a pure being of source, the divine I Am presence. How do we know Self if we do not see all within that is blocking our Self from expression? This is the ultimate embodiment of soul, the ascension process.

2020 is the result of our steadfast efforts and the magic will only continue to blossom within our lives every day in more astounding ways as we open to this. No matter how hard the journey became, we chose to be good and kind to ourselves and one another. We chose not to surrender to the darkness even when it tried to drown us over and over again with the constraints of the lower dimensions. We surrendered to the purification of our existence no matter how tough it was as we learned to trust our soul. Debts, illness, corruption, betrayal, unrequited loves, natural disasters all persisted to help us open up, get raw and vulnerable, to come together within and as a global community. Through pain we found our greatest treasure; divine love.


I get the images of Atreyu in the swamp of sadness from the movie The Never-Ending Story here. This movie is the ultimate indigo starseed movie and the perfect example of holding the faith while a universe is literally dissolving in front of our eyes so we can be empowered to rebuild it up again with foundations of equality, divine consciousness light, purity, divine love, respect, and sacredness. Atreyu never gave up, and neither did we. He is a light warrior, as are we all. We as conscious creators here are the authors, magicians, warriors, wayshowers and codekeepersof the Never-Ending Story. New Earth.



It took 7 years for the veils to lift and for us to start to tangibly witness higher dimensional shifts, so in truth 2019 was how 2012 was supposed to feel energetically as far as the shift into 5D reality in our minds and hearts. In 2012 Gaia aligned with the photon belt, which was the catalyst for photonic light/higher frequencies of consciousness to descend upon Gaia, the other planets in our soul are system and each one of us. It takes time for the higher frequencies of innovative expanded thoughts/potentials and sensations to float down into the density of physical reality from heaven. 2019 was a year of faith and trust, holding the higher love principles in our hearts and minds consistently and finding peace more easily despite huge challenges. We still had karma to clear, so 2019 was all about inner knowing while we cleared karma from old relationships, jobs, mentalities, limiting beliefs, fears, habits and so forth. We held the vision and feelings of our highest life and truth, our dreams for humanity and the world inside while we did our daily life. In order to get to 5D we have to clear our baggage. 2020 gives us full access to New Earth 5D and beyond if we want to grab hold and fly. The tickets to ride this train are divine love, integrity and sacred respect.

The results of this steadfastness of spirit are so palpable now. We can see the illusions dissolving in the mainstream and have witnessed whole collectives of people choosing empowerment, sustainability, caring for our planet, demanding respect/civil rights and unity over separation. One can actually feel the higher energies All around now, where before they were something we could only read about or imagine feeling because the matrix prisons were so strong for thousands of years until 2012. Cosmic laws now have reign here on Gaia again. They always did, but they were masked before, there was a cap and it was hard to reach and feel this love. Every thought and choice has an immediate response through the Cosmic law of cause and effect as the vibrational frequency of Gaia is higher now, and our vibrational frequency is higher as we embody more love and courage, forsaking pain and the old identity stories. 2020 is the first year of your new story.



We are being invited to co-create our experiences both daily and minute by minute now in a zero-point field of unity conscious and empowered choice. What this means is that pure potential lies before you in every second at a quantum energetic level, and it is up to you to mold it as an energetic clay. You are not separate from all the love, support, resources, tools, and community you seek/desire unless you believe you are. The tools for this plasma clay are your thoughts, beliefs, intentions which are magnetic forces, and your emotions which are electrical forces. The seed is your desire, the nutrients are your thoughts/emotions, and your consistency of belief measures the grow cycle. Holding the frequency of belief expedites the full creation of your desire into being. Whatever we choose will have immediate beautiful creation if it is in alignment with your highest alignment or some kind of obvious unpleasantness if it is not in our highest alignment. We can choose to fulfill our higher calling for our career, we can choose perfect health, we can choose not to age anymore, we can choose to consciously create heaven on Earth with having pure hearts/thoughts/intentions/words/actions and we can choose divine sovereignty for all people, animals, and for all of creation. You’ll never feel alone again because in truth you never were, the fog was just too thick before to see yourself and feel your connection.

Welcome to 2020, the first year of living life through our higher self vision. 



Merissa Indigo












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