2222 Unity Codes Master Builder Invitation

to Live our Higher Purpose as our Soul 

 February 2ND, 20th, & 22nd 2020

The number 2 signifies unity between all the foundational aspects of self/ego/soul to eventually reach/achieve/embody the states of divine consciousness, or unity consciousness in our daily life. It is also the number of the Master Builder, the Alchemist, the High Priestess. The Angel number 222 is the invitation to commit to your divine life mission or purpose. This year 2020, or 22, marks the official entrance of humanity into the Age of Aquarius. Integration or self-awareness and self-unification are the keycodes/accesspoint of these 2 frequency codes: How to know, understand, love and integrate the aspects of ourselves to re-birth ourselves as an even greater, more empowered whole. To know ourselves is to become an alchemist of the self and initiate the path of the mastery in our lives. To begin any journey we have to know where we are first. We have to know who we are to know who we are not. This awareness opens other doors that were previously unavailable, or did not exist because we were not ready. To have access to the tools and then begin to use them consistently is how we become the master builders of our lives and also receive the awareness of our life’s mission/purpose/joy.

In my experience, 2 represents the frequency/the vibration of our individual union with the Divine, within. Self with the Divine Self, until we realize these are not separate at all, as this is all part of the awakening our conscious understanding to the nature of the Divine and that we are it too. We also begin to realize that when these individual pieces come together they form a higher resonance than they ever could when separated. Each aspect of our identity grows more pure, empowered, light-filled and loving as we release anything untrue. And then with time these aspects of self merge with our higher self aspects to form a unified whole that is strengthened with the addition of a whole new octave of higher frequency, or light. 

1+1 comes together, the dance of duality/polarity unifying to become the frequency/ power of the one doubled and collapsed into the number two. This is hieros-gamos, the sacred marriage, the inner alchemy, the philosopher’s stone of self-actualization and mastery. It is the ultimate awareness of humanity to know itself as God and learn how to be ok with it while releasing all that is not God. By merging polarity within we are granted access to previously unknown capabilities, purposes and even destinies brought about through this unity. We have to remember how to transcend our raw state of separation from our soul to access the more refined qualities held within the soul’s depth, peace and infinite wisdom. Inner alchemy is a combination of dedication, flexibility, humility and compassion. And it really helps to have a sense of humor too! Once you are ready to start, it ain’t over until it’s over. You must gift yourself the courage to keep going, keep loving, trusting yourself all the while even when it gets overwhelming. Not to mention honoring and doing right by all those in your reality too, respecting where they are in their journey and remaining kind, compassionate, humane during all this. Sacred respect starts now, not when we are fully enlightened.

For a sword to be made, there are many steps involved. This can be a metaphor for the expansion of your consciousness. A raw material/metal ore is taken from the Earth and alchemized through fire to transcend its solid form and become a molten liquid. A lot of us get stuck when it gets hot and we are starting to melt because its uncomfortable and new and fucking scary, but once you start the process of alchemy you must keep going until you are done! Once sufficient heat has been applied to this raw material, it is molded and cooled to take a new shape while being continually refined through hammering, heating and cooling by the blacksmith. We can think we are done with healing/releasing a certain program SO many times only to see it arise and knock us off center again. Some of the more common themes from my personal experience are self-worth, trusting myself/my soul & life, and not giving power away to the unknown/compulsive need to control. These are all ego programs, so we do not really need a literal hammering in life because our ego does it for us. All this before this raw material metal can be re-born totally in a new form and polished as a beautiful, shining sword. Taking a raw material/raw consciousness and choosing its purpose is a re-enactment of the sacred artistry of Divine creation, along with then fulfilling the job until it has been made “complete.” This is the ascension process.

The gift of the 2222 frequency codes supports our process. Even the language of mathematics proves that our unique heaven on Earth experience is a guarantee through time, trusting the process and dedication, just like making a sword. Sunday February 2nd is an especially powerful portal or entrance into this initiation of soul-centered living, as this number sequence of 02022020 is what is known as a Palindrome, a sequence of numbers that reads the same backwards as it does forwards. Any way you look at it, the frequency stands true. More evidence supporting our magnanimous potential for success, evolution, and bliss of self-realization can be seen by adding up the four 2’s, which equals 8, or the infinity sign. By unifying the positive and negative charge/the poles/emotions/thoughts/vibrations within us at the cellular level through the power of our intention/conscious mind, we take our life experience beyond what we knew when we lived through the lens of limits and separation from our Self/Source/Soul. 

The Process

Examples of the unification process Within

Note: The integration process is not linear, but quantum, so many elements can be present at the same time. Consistency of any vibration will bring a result to match it in your experience, so the idea is to learn how to integrate and transcend that which does not serve our purpose/highest life and calling, replacing it over time with the lighter, soulful aspects of BEing in order to live an empowered life on purpose instead of feeling off. For the sake of trying to describe a multi-dimensional process here which I find to be the foundation of the 2 frequency codes, we are breaking down each “1” loosely to describe the process of separation to unification.
There are many levels to the Self. The foundational level, that first 1 of the small human self, is composed of Ego fragments and is thus lacking the Divine presence within. Ascension is Union, the process of merging all of our self, ego and soul. One plus one equals two to access the cosmic divine within. The first “1” in this formula is each of us at the very beginning of our conscious awakening, like a newborn baby finding its way. We are asking, discovering, learning. It typically feels anger, pain, sadness, rage, powerless, limited, small, and can have trauma. Examples of ego aspects you may work with or have been working with:
the wounded child, the victim, the healer, the narcissist.
In addition to these you may be working with higher consciousness aspects of you too, often at the same time. This is the second “1” needed to be added to the first to then eventually heal the duality within and become the 2 frequency code. Over time we compound the magnitude of our conscious BEingness by becoming self-aware, learning the power of thought, seeing how this creates worlds, and then expanding our focus to include the entire world in our heart and soul. These are larger than your ego/human and feel more empowered, loving, connected and trusting. Examples of Soul aspects:
 the Angelic Realms, our higher self, Galactic lineages, Cosmic Consciousness, the ascended masters, and the Christed/Crystalline aspects.
In addition to these first 2 levels which make up the initial 2 frequency code, you may have trickles of access to your higher Monadic consciousness aspects. These may come in as you unify more and more of your experiences, calling your power back to you from circumstances, people, and events that caused separation over many lives. Over time you will live more as Pure Divine Love than anything else as you release the attachments to suffering. The best way to describe what the Monad is to think of it like the higher self to your higher self. The part of your soul that merges with all of Creation. Some examples of what this consciousness has been called are:
Monadic Consciousness aspects, Prime Creator, your soul group including yourself, and the effulgent white light of Prime Creator, Source of All That Is, the Isness.
The 2222 codes came in strong on January 21st 2020 during my first Reiki attunements. The meditation prompts led me to connect with my Soul and surrender to it/be guided By The Light Within, which took me to a profound experience where I was accompanied by, then observing and merging with Prime Creator ISiness. I felt a presence so huge and pure that I was blown away, and when I asked who it was there was no response. Through the meditation I kept hearing “pure potential,” “the ISness,” and “effulgent white light” over and over again. The ancient Vedic texts refer to this supreme Consciousness as Ishwara, that aspect of the Divine with no name/physical manifestation because it cannot truly be known as it is pure potential pre-formation. Transcendentalists referred to it as the effulgent white light of Brahma the creator. This was the most profound experience I had ever had of the Divine, and it was very powerful because I merged with this Prime Creator energy. It is you, and I, and itself too all at once. In a matter of speaking it was the highest I had ever gone dimensionally. I was shown stars being born, atomic explosions on a galactic level and then cellular level in our bodies through our daily metabolic processes, and the pure potential underlying all of creation. Think Morgan Freeman in a white suite and tie playing God in a white space of infinity. That’s where I was, in the White Light of infinity. In short, this experience epitomized my understanding of how HUGE the activations are from these 2 frequency codes  in all their variations. How deep you go, how far you take your journey depends entirely upon you. There are no limits.
This Sunday February 2nd 2020 is the invitation initiation to know yourself, love yourself, release all judgement to Embrace love. To allow the soul IN to the body and to live Soul as your embodiment. This is a daily commitment, a practice of BEing. This is embodiment, a daily practice to remember your true identity and keep returning home to this truth even when we forget from time to time. We have to remember that in the Ascension process we are learning or remembering how to function from an entirely different and higher consciousness. Remembering how to live from the heart instead of from the head, transitioning from limited/scary to infinite/magical and Limitless. This is existence in a much more passive and open state of receptivity, where we surrender control and even the need to know to embrace Trust in ourselves, and our Soul.
The embodiment process opens your Consciousness, heart and mind to your soul purpose, your mission, your ultimate service expression that brings you absolute Delight and means something deeply loving/kind/generous/abundant/pure/NEW EARTH to you and your community. Once you know what you are called to do, the next step is trusting that you can. Then  start actively asking for opportunities. You have to own and declare that you have all of the resources, people, energy and platforms to create this next step of your ideal life. You have to claim this even before it is physically made evident in your life experience. Do this daily and BELIEVE it to bring it through. Clear all blocks to belief as they come up. Invite and watch the opportunities come in. Then the “work” begins. This stage is the result of full-body embodiment of the number 2 frequency. This stage is taking the frequencies from within where they have been held consistently during the unification process, to radiating them outwards to co-create in Divine partnership with your Universe to live an aligned experience/life.
Everything starts from within to then radiate outwards. We have to spend the time and Devotion to owning this pure love Within first. The more consistently we do this, the faster we will yield our own results. This is the 2 frequency code with your integrated you as “1”, and your world as a Conscious Creation as the other “1,” merging together synergistically in Divine partnership. You become a conscious and active participant in your life, co-creating on a daily basis from the purity of your Soul with your life as your practice.

Your daily life as a practice

to embrace and embody the 2222 codes


1. Meet yourself, your soul, all of your aspects, belief systems and your pain. Spend time with them, get to know them, love them all and integrate them all by embracing them without judgment or fear. You have to know who you are to know who you are not. Weed through the garden of your mind to pull out the old crap. What is your true identity? What DO you believe, and no longer believe?
2. Commit to Unity within, finding peace within as a daily practice of living a Soul-aligned life. Start each day by finding true peace before you do anything else, while loving all your fragments and pain back into Oneness. Eventually there will be no separation, through diligent practice this will most assuredly be realized by you. You have to start Where You Are and ease into it.
3. Find ways to connect with yourself. Meditate, ask to connect with your soul, find a quiet peaceful spot, head out into nature, whatever works. Who are you really? ASK to connect with your Soul. Who am I really? Let the truth of this supreme Divine love and ecstasy fill your entire being and support your daily process. This is a higher vibrational frequency of asking Who You Are, because once you know who you are not more solidly, you become more open-minded to being curious about who you really are and embracing that there are unknown aspects of yourself deep within that you have not yet met in this lifetime.
4. Discover your calling, mission, purpose. This will be service-based, not ego-based. There are so many examples of this. Artists serve by bringing Beauty and depth to other people. An artist can be so many things from someone who paints, to mixed media, creates jewelry, clothing, found object sculptures, to a writer. Teachers/wayshowers share valuable information for the generations they resonate to working with. Chefs and those who love working with food, farmers supply nourishment to the community. If you love gardening and working with the Earth, or with animals that may be a hint too. Some love  helping the elderly, or the disabled, or working with children as care givers. Some absolutely love being a connector and helping others find people via networking. What are you drawn to do? What brings you Joy, immense satisfaction and peace? Sometimes these are things you never thought you could do even though you have always wanted to, even maybe since a young child. Whatever your natural skills are will be a good starting point; they will be useful and profoundly meaningful to others in the community as well as bring you great joy when you take action on serving through them. It will not be ego-based, and it will not be self-serving or limited or excluding.
5. While living all of these steps, trust yourself, your soul, and your process. Hold pure love and gratitude as the highest truth within. Love yourself, love others, love and appreciate opportunities. Trust your calling.
6. Repeat
Remember this is a process. Have patience, compassion, tenderness for yourself and others. Be grateful and humble. Keep your heart open and be willing to do anything to keep it that way by raising your vibration consistently. Happy alchemy, happy creating. Happy 2222! 

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