Welcome to the energies of the 9.9 completion portal! These are amazing times to be here on planet Earth as we transition en masse from the old paradigm into the new heaven on Earth, the Paradise codes which we bring forth from our own individual healing and integration/unity/reunion with our Soul/Divinity/I AM Presence/God Self. This uplevel of your entire life through the continual expansion of your awakening consciousness is an inevitable process laid out by your soul and is expedited by the consistency of your devotion, diligence, trust and sincere heart desire to live a beautiful life and share pure presence with all as conscious stewards of New Earth.

Collectively and individually we are all deep in the Purge phase right now, and this will continue to ramp up through the end of the year into 2021. Current astrology aspects combined with photonic energies raining down upon us from the Solar activations are consistently nudging us to the direction of expansion, encouraging us to let go of the old stories and release our fears in order to embody our destiny as divine HUmans here in the 5D plus experience. Every last drop of density will be squeezed out of you like a towel going through the wringer. It gets easier if you surrender the fear of letting go and trust this process rather than resist or hold onto the old ways which were comfortable only because they were routine. What still binds you to the old paradigms of not worthy, lack consciousness, powerlessness, fear, judgement or feeling small, external authority over your internal guidance, not trusting your self? Where are there still dualistic programs inserted into your consciousness from the 3d matrix in regards to what is possible for you? Examples of these are being worthless, a slave, or that suffering is needed in order to receive what you need or desire, that a perceived authority figure has knowledge more trustworthy than YOU about your body, health, immunity, potential etc. Unearth these from within one by one and allow a higher pure presence from Soul to take over. We have to upgrade the operating system of our consciousness and thus our bodies too with the higher source consciousness light in order to graduate to the next level of our Golden Destiny as the Golden Race of HUmanity in the Golden Age.

Number 9, Greater Cycles of Completion and Mastery

Number 9 is my mastery number for 3 of my 4 main numerological paths in life, so I am well-versed in the intensity and magical potential of this number. This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak, that the more courage and passion we throw into our journey the more the rewards rain down. The more you open your heart over and over again the more incentives come from this work of loving yourself and all of Creation, gifts straight from Source answering your deepest dreams and desires. This is where we have no choice but to initiate ourselves into deeper levels of mastery, including personal accountability, self-love/self-care, re-writing our new story, emotional clearing. If we wish to live our destiny we have no option but to Purge the old, which is intimately connected with the culturally-created self, the dualistic programming we all incarnated into through 3d society, 3d systems/ 3d institutions/ Terran/Earth ancestry. By invoking and exploring the light of the authentic self, we discredit the falsity of duality or polarity within, we become more empowered and also organically take on the role of wayshowers in our family/community as we live by example in integrity, sacred respect and unconditional love.  As we do this work within consistently it also helps to dismantle the old 3d paradigm stranglehold over the consciousness of the masses and various collectives here. This is an individual journey but our own inner work contributes to the healing of the whole as we are live participants in a holographic universe here. An internal assessment or inventory of what belief systems need to be released or in turn brought in as part of your upgrade is paramount at this time.

Firstly, 9 precedes 10. 10 is the total re-birth and renewal cycle of oneness with the divine. 1 is god head, source, unity consciousness expressed through the individual as a god spark, and 0 is also the unity of the quantum universe itself going on into infinity as a circle with no end or beginning. This 10 is the infinite cycle of pure potential, and can only be reached by mastering the number 9 before it.

9 is a mastery number where we integrate all the lessons of our lives and take the higher level perspective on these to integrate more energy/expanded consciousness to practice unity consciousness as a way of BEing. So we transcend victimhood or anger for example into becoming the empowered, pure loving hearts living in unconditional happiness and wholeness. We achieve this as a natural by-product of our conscious evolution through our consistent practices of forgiveness, compassion, clearing and self-care. This is the state of santosha, our deep and immovable innermost peace through internal purification. 

This can be further expanded upon by re-viewing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. We must feel physically safe and nourished, psychologically safe and comfortable/capable as the FIRST levels of self-knowing on our journey of self-actualization before we can hope to get into higher states of consciousness and a secure lifestyle to match. This completion portal assists us in releasing that which blocks our comfort and stability of self, namely trauma and old stories. This is soul retrieval of all wounded parts. Once we have taken care of our foundations of being and feel safe we can begin to transcend our consciousness into higher levels of joy, creativity and finding our missions here as our career/service work. Number 9 helps us to keep aiming for the next level of mastery as there are infinite levels for us to access here.

In Mayan Galactic Cosmology, number 9 is the mastery of greater cycles from a magnanimous perspective consisting of aeons, epochs and multiple dimensions . The Mayans depicted an evolutionary process of awakening on a Galactic scale over a period of 26,500 years, symbolized through 9 Cosmic Levels, of which we are currently in the 8th of Galactic and preparing for the 9th which is Universal. This portal we are in now actually began to ramp up it’s energy on September 9th of 2009. The 9th level is pure unity consciousness for all of humanity, our beautiful planet and our entire Universe here, so you can see the vital importance of all willing hearts to participate in this Purge to assist the consciousness of our entire galactic quadrant.

We have been initiated into the various stages of growth and becoming spiritual adepts as we advance into higher levels of potential. With this expanded consciousness and access to more light we also have great responsibility to consciously wield the powers of our own thoughts and expressions, our life force energy. Surprise surprise, this is also my Galactic Signature tone, tone 9. So in short I understand very deeply through every fiber of my BEingness the intensity of this kind of powerful divine nudging to really reach for it and surrender any of the unworthiness, the tantrums of ego resistance, the “but I can’t,” ALL of it. Once you start saying “ok fine,” it all gets really exciting, pleasurable and magical. Our attachment to the old ways creates all suffering and frustration. The key takeaway from this portal is to be mindful of anywhere within where you hold resistance of any kind or give your power away as a dependent upon something or someone outside of your own soul. Resistance only proliferates your suffering, and dependency is an ancient program from the Creator Beings who made us. We are not helpless this time around, as our souls are very very very old. Those are old programs of separation which are long untrue. WE are not powerless, we do not need to reach outwards for anything (government, institutions, approval etc) we are Ancient Ones too who can fulfill our own needs/desires with conscious awareness. You came here to have a beautiful illuminating experience as Source in HUman form. When you are ready to let go and trust the ride, it is going to become more fun, magical and co-creative than you can imagine right now.



These are topics for further introspection and meditation for your process of blossoming. Know that you are completely supported at this time to spread your wings and fly. New Earth is here now, so since the veils are gone, we are now provided full access to the Freedom codes to create heaven on Earth. 

More themes of the 9.9 Completion Portal 

Stepping out of the illusion of separation from Source/the Divine
Greater cycles of unity consciousness for ourselves and all of Creation
Purging all the old paradigms within and thus without: lack Consciousness, limited thinking, negativity of any kind, giving our power away, fear, doubt, victimhood, judgement
What is truly yours and what is not: Authentic self light vs culturally created self
Aka the great bifurcation of 3d and 5d plus as our belief systems create our realities and separate us from those with differing belief systems/frequency bandwidths of being
Whole new life based on soulful callings, heart based priorities
New Earth is here, many of us have walked through, we live in parallels to those in other dimensions of being
Rituals of rebirth, being the divine enlightened hero and avatar of our journey


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