Happy 9.9 Portal!

Celebrating the most potent 9 completion codes yet. It is also Ganesha’s birthday today! The support of the wise elephant totem and the god Ganesha, who is the remover of all obstacles. He is an amazing ally to support our freedom and remove all barriers and limitations to living our Dream. To create Heaven On Earth. The journey is challenging (in the beginning) but we have cosmic support from on high beyond our wildest imagination, and all we have to do is ask. Once we learn to ask (prayer) and to listen (meditation) we become co-creators and shed the victim, limiting or lack consciousness.
The outside world fights for our attention and energy to loop the dreamspell of others which is not our own. What is your own dream? Free from external influence? The mind can be a loop of traps, knots and shackles until we learn to surrender these blocks. Learn from them, thank them and move on to a higher expression of authentic self.
These completion codes are very intense this year in that they ask us to survey all inauthentic beliefs, our deepest fears, basically anything that stands between us and our dreams. Will we choose to go for the gusto in life? The unknown is only scary when we do not know our power or our support system and when we come from a reactive sense of dread from the trauma of earthly life. This is a distorted view of reality. This is not the whole picture. Faith and trust are the keys. Follow your heart’s call and you will always be supported by the divine. We are supported to build the most beautiful experience if we so choose.
Ganesha supports our listening to the whispers of internal authority or guidance, our divine sovereignty.
The completion codes of the 9 blatantly ask us to assess where we define and source authority in our life so we can create anew.
We got this shift. Look to no one outside yourself, your heart and soul, your connection to the divine.
In loving service,
Merissa Indigo

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