Welcome to this Quantum Light Installation to active your Divine Architect Codes and become the conscious creator of your life.


This is a POWERFUL quantum catalyst form of guided meditation process Merissa was given by her galactic guides to show you how to shed discordant frequencies and build with your highest energy and frequency DAILY to embody your mastery and align with your most fulfilling and magical life experience. We suggest starting your day with this process to clear and activate your higher self Architect. Enjoy the results from this daily devotional.

What are quantum light installations? Divine Architect Light Installations: Catalysts for Transformation ~Lightbody Activations

Listen to the activation here



This is part 1 from a set of 4 MEGA powerful guided meditations, as we call them, light installations

These are Quantum Activation mp3 downloads to support thriving From Within New Earth

These are 50% OFF at the mystery school this month with all the other courses USE COUPON CODE 2023 at checkout Divine Architect Light Installations: Catalysts for Transformation ~Lightbody Activations Crystalline Lightbody Technology & Divine Architect Light system audio activations.

These are StarLightbody Technology quantum energy activations MP3s for you to download (available at purchase) and use which combine guided meditation, light technology of color and sound, geometric lightbody installations/upgrades for healing, alignment, & quantum decision-making to name a few uses. These 4 activations include the light systems gifted from various Starfamily and Gaia to activate new technology of your lightbody, healing gifts and beyond. This is a brand new series of never been released cutting edge Lightbody technology systems gifted by our various Starfamily aspects (Lemurian, Arcturian, Sirian, Telosian & Venusian) and Gaia using sacred geometry, color rays, sound healing and our Christed frequency to forge etheric temples and light chambers. Our galactic families invite us to embrace 5d Light installations within and embody our “Architecturist” aspects as they call them. Instead of light fixtures, we collect light systems! These are consciousness expansion systems for presence or mindfulness, increased connection with higher self and guides, emotional witnessing & processing as well as energy work healing techniques.


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