Bee Mandala by Francene Hart

What is an oracle really? In ancient days this was a holy person, (usually priestess women during the matriarchy until the paradigm shifted into the priestly patriarchy,) who could tune into the cosmic consciousness or Akashic records to receive information on behalf of his or her self individually or for others. For the mainstream consciousness, this concept still brings up stereotypical, antiquated imagery of crystal balls and tarot decks reserved to eccentric hermits, or beautiful women chained up over a chasm in a cave in ancient Greece only to be summoned at the will of male political authorities to utter coded prophecy. I want to remove this inaccessible vibe/erroneous thought stream that is still currently associated with this idea. I want to meld the ancient with the modern for us to live magnanimously. This is not a gift reserved for the few, it is a skillset. While in ancient days this was a practice reserved for holy people and prophecies, I advocate that at soul level existence we are all holy people viewing our life experience as sacred connection. There are many who take this gift and are called at a soul level to commit to it with their life roles as priestesses and priests. I am one of them. But there is also something to be said for the mundane cosmic cognitive connection we each have on a daily basis. We are living incarnations of divine archetypal energies; until we  intentionally turn them on we are unaware of this. But I postulate that being an oracle, or at the very least being inherently telepathic, is actually a natural part of living on this planet. This is not taught in mainstream education; we have to dig into para-psychology, ancient yogic/Mayan/Hermetic texts, and also look into government experiments with psychics for this, but trust me, it is real. On a mundane level we all receive inspirations and deep desires to express creatively, to share deeply from the heart. 

I have been studying how to become an oracle professionally with a fabulous mystery school called Seven Sisters Mystery School. Since a small child I have always had the natural oracular ability to help people by reading their soul and their energy field, and I wanted to work with a mentor to learn how to fine tune this skill and take it to deeper levels as a profession. Some other words for an oracle may be a psychic, a medium or a channel, but those ideas have too many mixed/limiting associations attached for me to entirely resonate with them as a descriptor for my ability. I prefer to call it a stream of consciousness from the open source, the information available all around us if we simply quiet the mind, open the heart, and tune in or listen. I truly believe that being psychic or telepathic is simply having a mind quiet enough to perceive information. This is the human potential that I am so passionate about sharing with you all. There is a lot of literature out there, much of it coming from the ancient Maya or the yogic Vedas, about our heightened cognitive abilities such as telepathy, which is a direct biological result of our evolution. With this information techniques and practices are provided as rigorous self-disciplines to enable these abilities. Our minds are naturally designed to be receivers and transmitters of information; it’s all electrical frequency fluctuations. Telepathy/psychic abilities/oracular insights are all simply the result of a focused practice. This is a muscle that we have to strengthen by letting go of distractions around us and focus inward. Is this bad news for professional psychics? I say no, because despite how skilled we may be at retrieving information, we will always need help or guidance from others. As humans we are meant to exist in community with one another and exchange information, it is just that the roles may shift depending upon who needs to give and who needs to receive insight at any particular moment.

 In my meditation a few days ago, it suddenly dawned on me that everyone, woman or man, is an oracle on a daily basis due to their receiving information, inclinations, “hits” if you will. I had this visual image of each person being a vertical crystal tube walking around and receiving information constantly, like an antenna. The information comes into the crown and wants to come down through us as a vessel, then up and out as expression. Everyone can access their natural psychic/telepathic abilities if they so desire. I have definitely always believed this to be true, but wanted to delve deeper into the subject to uncover more. I set this intent to receive further insight from my universe and a few months later had this understanding: each and everyone of us is telepathic as a receiver, but it is up to us to have the courage to own the information, absorb it through our consciousness and then relay the transmission outwardly to the world. The challenge that then presents itself is our ego.Will we act on this information, or stuff it away dismissively, judging it as nonsense, or unimportant? Isn’t it always the ego? *sigh.*

What happens once we realize something determines whether or not this cosmic message goes any farther or is stuck in limbo for us to pick up later when we feel ready. IF we ever feel ready. If we believe what we have received, we can maybe take it a step further and express or transmit it. The possibilities are endless here really for what this inspiration can be. Whether it is feeling a gut instinct to call someone, paint/write/sculpt/cook, garden, go for a walk, making a career change or moving your physical location, all of these are examples of telepathic downloads streaming to your mind from your universe.

So what do we do with these soul level inclinations? Here is a personal example of how a mundane thought came in to my mind, caused a ton of discomfort at first, and eventually lead to me clearing out old dense fear trauma programs and getting closer to my partner and myself:

I wanted to share my love for sacred rituals with my partner. I love to create sacred space, make my own incense and celebrate astrological events, holidays, births and deaths, and many more powerful life transitions with high frequency “white” magic and ceremonial rituals. I have been this way since I was a little kid. But my ego mind was afraid of being judged as a weirdo. Would he think I was a freak? While I totally own my witchy tendencies now in my 30s, I had experienced people judging/hating me as a witch before in my early 20s due to their fear or religious brainwashing, so this became something I did in private only, or with a select few girlfriends. This fear is key to our unraveling the blocks we have to transmit data to others. I had to sit with my fears of being judged or persecuted (which for many of us mystical people is due to many past lives of such unpleasantries,) as well as the fear of being rejected by the masculine for being a mystical woman, which was another ancient trauma many lives old. I had to sit with this and witness it and unravel its points of creation in my psyche. This is the process of transcendence in a nutshell. Shit floats up, you see it, witness it, acknowledge its roots, and send it off on its merry way when you know you’re ready to release it.

After some time I realized if I could not be myself and share a very beautiful part of my sacred expression with someone then we not be the right fit as partners, so it was better to find out rather than hide and bury an important part of my life and soul expression and subsequently welcome death as a result of compromising my soul. 

I shared this part of myself with him and he was delighted. It turns out he had a deep and devoted background with ritual through his own sacred expressions via the conduit of Tibetan Buddhism. He was delighted, and so was I. Now we do a lot of rituals together. If I had never gotten the courage to say something, we would never be able to share this magic together and even with other friends and people in the community who receive a lot of value from learning how to incorporate ritual into their lives. It transformed from a just me thing to a we thing, and then a community thing that continues to empower and inspire others to tune into their own unique, ancient and magical sacred aspects. So, acting on a soul gut instinct actually worked out really beautifully, in stark contrast to the dreadful fear I first felt about it. Could this be true of all our instincts and cosmic downloads? What potential magic are we stifling by judging our soul? How can we deepen our trust in the universe and ourselves? Practice. Daily.

Being an oracle can be a deep spiritual commitment/career to provide services for others and Gaia professionally, and it can also be everyday telepathic inclinations. What if we started to take more credence in our daily insights and act on them? What if by sharing something with someone we open a whole new potential timeline for them, ourselves, or the collectives at large? Some daily examples might be just sharing an idea that you think is really neat with someone, speaking your truth with someone in an open-hearted way, or being really bold and putting your truth out there on social media. Let your freak flag fly, as they used to say.

Being more authentic will bring up a lot of egoic judgement distortions from our mind in the beginning, which we fear we will receive from others as judgment or rejection. We fear it is not safe to connect with others, we feel too vulnerable to share our passions and deepest dreams. These fears are valid, they can come from trauma, past lives, society, and may other untrue sources. But they are not your truth at core essence self. Watch those judgments come up and transcend them. It is powerful medicine to begin to trust yourself and release judgments that hamper your being. It is a process, but a most rewarding practice. Learn to listen to and trust your soul impulses. As long as it is positive and authentic from your soul it can do amazing things when we have the courage to share or express. This is the reason it has come to you in the first place! It is actually an answer to your calls on a soul level to live the life of your dreams. Not ego dream life, but soul essence life. To expand your sense of self, to increase your self-love, improve your confidence, career, health, and so much more. There is a reason courage comes from the same root word for the heart; because these levels of inspiration are coming from the heart and your soul wants you to share them. Be them. If it is from your soul, expressing it will bring more magic into the world. 

In love,


        ‘The Bee Goddess’ by Emily Balivet


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