The Blue Lotus, wow where to begin. Such a beautiful and deep mythos arrives through the presence of this gorgeous plant Being. It has such an intoxicating scent, just the physical flower itself is a stunning, sacred celestial geometric portal to explore. There is a cosmic quality to this mystical flower with its star-shape too. Traces of galactic history here with Mother Goddess Isis, the Blue Avians, High Atlantis, Krishna, the Bhakti yogi lineages going to Babaji, Lao Tzu, Sirius and the Pleiades! Indeed there is so much to cover, so I will start at the very beginning.

Years ago in the initial phases of my awakening journey I discovered this ancient Egyptian cosmic plant medicine. At that time I was learning a lot about plant medicines for shamanic purposes to de-program and wrench free of Ego mind control mechanisms. I researched what little could be found then about the shamanic uses of Blue Lotus. I reviewed ancient stelae or papyrus paintings of the various gods and goddess of ancient Egypt in Blue Lotus ceremony for the potential visual activation of memory codes from incarnations on these timelines. I was guided to start slowly with this subtle plant medicine of the Blue Lotus, a Water Lily called Nymphaea caerulea and began working with it as an essential oil aroma, making anointing blends and incense to work with this from the external impressions first. It is a very mild psychoactive, nothing compared to Ayahuasca or even Cannabis but definitely a mild euphoria and third eye visuals were described as I read about the priestesses using this beautiful plant in sacred ceremony to obtain cosmic information. Though I had experience with Psilocybin, LSD and Cannabis at that time I was still guided to work slowly with this because flowers are SO different, their frequencies are quiet to those with loud mind, in my case a lot of Pitta fire and also blown out adrenals from trauma, so I could not sense the subtle waters quite yet. I was shown that otherwise the subtle keycodes would be overlooked due to the state of my consciousness not being able to perceive them. I worked with Blue Lotus essential oil for nearly 15 years this way through aromatherapy, and it would symbolically cycle in and out of my life through the years as memories of different timelines would occasionally show up.

Flash forward to the present time. I just wrapped up my Dove Oracle training in the last weeks of May of 2022 and once of my fellow Oracle Priestesses in this class was sharing that she was a Blue Lotus priestess! What?! I was SO excited to hear about the Blue Lotus again, as it had been 6 months since I had worked with the essential oils through the sacred anointing blends I intuitively create for clients, and of course I AM always so delighted when something magical pops back into my reality through some unexpected connection. Details on custom anointing blends HERE

She shared with us that she uses this plant medicine extract in ceremony to support others to connect through their heart and higher self aspects, in a similar fashion to a sacred cacao ceremony though of course entirely unique.

My full body reaction of sacred yes (pure excitement, joy, tickles and goosebumps) told me all I needed to know; I was finally ready to order some extract and take this internally! A part of me sensed that after 4 years of in depth Oracle training to re-awaken my oracular gifts (as well as remove barriers, fear programs and veils placed for “protection,” which were impeding my abilities too) it was finally time for me to really enjoy partnering with this gorgeous plant ally and learn -or remember- sacred wisdom teachings from High Atlantis, Egypt and Beyond.

In our class we dove deeply into the Akash together as a group in the Oracle state to witness what we could discover about Blue Lotus. I received that this is a cosmic plant ally, a starseeded starflower teacher which came here to Earth a LONG time ago to support our mystical awakening and evolution of consciousness, that it carries codes of our galactic genetic lineages, saw visions of blue beings like the ancient Egyptians, Blue Avians, Blue skinned peoples like Arcturians, Lemurian types like from the Avatar movies to name a few. After class I ordered two bottles of Blue Lotus extract from Schmerbal’s company HERE. Yesterday was my first time using it, and it was exquisite! All the artwork here for this article is channeled, created after meditating with the Blue Lotus essence to offer a visual portrayal of the visions and teachings transmitted in the Oracle state of consciousness. I also made a gifted or free oracle transmission with video HERE sharing the essence teachings of the Blue Lotus. This Oracle transmission and guided meditation is to support you to fully connect with the soul’s journey as the symbolic, iconic lotus imagery has been used in the Yogic and Buddhic scriptures throughout time. Now thanks to the Blue Lotus extract I have received a whole new layer of embodied understanding of how the lotus really is a powerful and accurate metaphor for our soul’s evolution. Most importantly, how to maintain a cosmic perspective when it comes to our evolution and to expand our compassion for Self and Other during the journey! Everyone wants to be a glamorous lotus bloom above the waterline with the sun and the bees, yet our most crucial, valuable and precious states happen in the mud, where it’s dark, dank and not exactly glamorous to the nose either. A glorious teaching to be mindful of being a “should head,” where ego mind judges and says “I should be there already,” or “I should have learned this by now.” Anyone?! 

More on the Blue Lotus wisdom from Starborn Dreamer, who also has an extract that looks great though I have only used Schmerbal’s so far…

“Egyptian Blue Lotus lily elixir (Nymphaea Caerulea) and it’s inner workings wisdom and understanding the purpose and value of a spiritual awakening. In preparation for such a spiritual journey it is important that you find yourself at the threshold of -to take a flight beyond familiar realms.

The Spiritual and Intuitive healing process and healing mineral vibrations of the pure plant actives, opening sacred intuitive/higher psychic-spiritual channels in alignment with Divine Universal Truth of Oneness (the opening heart).

This elixir is for infusing Jing (vital essence) -Chi (life force) while clearing and energizing the Divine healing realm of the subtle intuitive energy body. Clearing blocking thoughtforms and energy from the Radiant Heart channel of the intuitive energy body wave pattern of this powerful multidimensional energy field.

This elixir re-establishes rhythm for Divine compassion to flow through for healing.

This elixir has shown to bring forth a person’s innate healers in dream state to assist that person in his/her personal psychic/spiritual/intuition healing journey.

Highly-valued by ancient cultures for it’s “mystical properties” and “magickal powers” Encourages spiritual growth and enlightenment and ‘neutralizes’ the feelings of gravity, space and time. A Golden Spiral connecting us to our creator at a time where the earth is moving into a higher paradigm of existence

Blue Lotus elixir is for powerful re-connection and aligning to our Higher self- the Free spirited self, allowing safe passage to spiritual awakening on a cellular level.
Also cell realignment activity to “higher vibrations” after use. It is not allowing the cell to host anything negative or destructive to the cell. This is said to be the “disease destroying” properties shown after long term use!

-Astral Travel- With extended use people report entering deeper meditations and the ability to actually control what they do in dreams (space travel, fly at any time, dimensional shift, etc.). Researchers suggest this is because you’ll be using a higher percentage of your brain while raising your vibration during and after your experiences.

For most the long term benefits (higher awareness, sharper thought, easier mind net navigation, etc) are the real reasons that people seem to gravitate toward energetic minerals and phyto-nucleus extracts. As the demand increases and as this knowledge becomes more readily available to the rest of the populous, these types of elixirs are destined to be a major factor in our future as a civilization.

Consists of diamagnetic and paramagnetic elements that have a detoxifying effect on the body and a purifying the spirit. Detects electromagnetic imbalances in the body and neutralizes them. Balances the magnetic fields of the body which improves the body’s metabolism and absorbtion of food and other dietary and supplementary products as well as optimizing and repairing DNA Helix and function. Releases old patterns stuck in the lower chakra centers of the body and enhances the effects of entire spectrum on in the higher chakra centers.

Blue Lotus elixir super charges your Auric field it sharpens and expands your energetic body, after ingesting 10-16 drops of Sacred Lotus elixir, your auric field charges and improves your ability to tune in to etheric arenas you will also enjoy an improved and greater peace of mind, holistic world view, increased energy, increased sense of being and contentment.

Greater ability to accomplish daily tasks and plan execute and make better decisions and choices, stabilizes emotions such as flaring temper etc, assists in dissolving destructive habitual behavior and energy patterns-fills energetic gaps, also releases stagnant energetic blockages.”


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