The codes and energetics of September are absolutely massive. The number 9 is completion of cycles, and greater cycles. One can visualize an infinite expanse of concentric circles and spirals stacking up and fluctuating, weaving, humming in a harmonic resonance. It never ends and we never get it wrong. As Ester Hicks says, you never get it wrong and you never get it done. 9 months of this year symbolic of the birth process, the gestation of a human soul into body. Though we are not confined by the Julian or Gregorian calendar system and indeed we bring Heightened elements into and through it, we did agree to come into the system to shift it together, to infiltrate it with love and positive innovation from the inside out. So the human experience of 9 months gestation is symbolic of our rebirth and now taking a risk, rising up, saying no to what feels wrong and yes to something which feels amazing despite the fear, pushback, peanut gallery or the Unknown. This is a maturation to source our own internal ideas and feelings and moral code, we are extracting ourselves from the machine which likes to try to think for us.

Every year we come to some semblance of completion codes for the 9 of September, and the 99. Each year we are completing some massive integration and clearing of that which held us back or kept us trapped in playing small. This year is no different but now we are being shown the reverberation between individual and how we are both imprinted by and imprinting in live time the entire global collective, in truth all of creation, as a holographic or Synergetic reality.

This year is unique in that the entire year actually collapses to contain  the energy of the last 3 years as one overarching cycle of planetary conscious evolution, to then jettison us forward into the next 3 years. The last 3 years have been like 1,000 lifetimes in one to kickstart our next phase of fulfilled experience. This is a symbolic death rebirth cycle which is larger than ever before because the entirety of creation is along for the ride as drop and ocean simultaneously and we must hold focus to not get lost in the tides. All of us have had experiences these last few years with loss, despair, letting go, feeling betrayed or abandoned, learning to trust, seeing where we gave trust or power over to others when we should not have, being fooled by the Pied Piper, feeling stifled then growing to have the courage to speak up only to gain some and lose some, witnessing first hand the casualties of naivete as all crumbled beneath us. The thing to remember through all this is that there is no end, only cycles constantly shifting, transforming and being born. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it simply changes form.

This has been a truly intense initiation of feeling our way through the dark and having to face every sticky, heavy, unpleasant or decaying element in this inner dark as we feel around for the light switch. Fumbling for the light switch for years now we flick it on to catch glimpses of a profound beauty, grace and love, affection, these ethereal glittering realities of divine magic and inherent worthiness where anything is possible only to have the light snuffed out again, returning to the muck again to continue to shift forward. We got a nanosecond snapshot to feel heaven to then be pushed out into the vacuum and reconcile how to eliminate all in the way to get back to that Heaven. Like in the Never Ending Story when Atreyu is sinking in the bogs when his horse goes down.

This small breath of the divine power which is our Soul gifts us just enough battery life to go back down into the depths again and pull more truths out, excavate more of the authentic self beyond what we ever knew ourselves to be, know or feel. This whole process is so we can actually embody more of our Soul, which is a massive atomic energy that we have to acclimate to in phases and stages. Contrast serves us to differentiate our reality from fiction. To navigate the contrast of heaven and hell within and without, to find out what is actually true for us, honoring that truth is entirely individual and that another’s beliefs or reality are to be respected. The real golden rule, sacred respect. To learn how to be an individual and honor others while finding the cohesion of wholeness in community, friendship and family. We are all on the road home regardless of differences. To be both the drop and the ocean and honor this for every other person too. This experience of the internal battle, as some would call the 4th density or the Bardo process, a limbo of the Soul as it finds balance to proceed to the next level.

Just coming into a body, each of us have been entangled in some kind of an internal hell and the conscious practice of releasing ourselves of bondage, limitation, fear and any kind of perceived imprisonment has been our lifelong journey which is now unavoidable. This 4d process is an epic tug of war for our consciousness as we disentangle ourselves from what society or anything outside tells us is “right” and we sift through any outer perceived threats which turned out to be empty. This is where we completely nullify the Chicken Little program, where the mass media and institutions have been telling us the sky is falling for the last 50 years. Just flip through every cover of Time magazine to see the Chicken Little program, none of their prophecies have come true and you can easily see their deception is for us to waste our lifeforce energy investing in disaster. If we have the tenacity and inner nudge, intuition invites us to truly see through the trillion dollar propaganda machine. They tell us not to look or pay any attention to the man behind the curtain so of course we Indigo rebels have to look, we see it is illusory and a shadow hologram meant to push every person. Role players in a role player game all contributing to the awakening and conscious evolution of humanity to know themselves fully, to unite, to create, to return to the Earth. Bless them! When you see distortion bless it and give thanks for having the clarity to see, thank them for doing their part that all may be free! Your crystalline eyes are shining on! The yogi Sage Patanjali shares a sutra where in the dark our consciousness thinks a rope on the ground is a snake. Until the metaphoric lights or consciousness goes on and we can see the rope we will think it is indeed a snake and be afraid of it, giving our energy away to it via fear. This entire experience is a gift for every soul to find their independence and freedom, to take their power back. That is IF they can see through the layers. We see this is all a powerful simulation for growth at soul level. And now, the completion is one of graduating from the Bardo to living at the 5th dimensional level more often. More often we feel heaven on earth, have inspiration to imagine what this would be for us, visions of what it would look like, feel like, for us individually and collectively. For those just starting to realize life is too short to live in fear, to fear death or disaster or whatever else the Pied Piper sells, they will begin to have a deep inner stirring to be happy, to see what makes them unhappy and remove it from their life to then follow their bliss. In this initial exit of 4d we start to see past the hell realms, walking through the burnt battlefields and minefields of the mind traps and emotional manipulation to catch a gleam on the horizon which feels like home, more Home than we have ever felt and it pulls us like a magnet to continue forward. We cannot deny the songs of the soul once they breathe through us.

This entire last 9 months has been a very accelerated expedition into the simulation of sovereignty and releasing ourselves from internal imprisonment of identity, rules and regulations, ancestral karma, supposed to do versus what the internal heart’s longings. Some of us for the 1st time discovering what our heart and soul truly craves, perhaps tying into threads we have not seen or allowed ourselves to feel since we were young children. It is important to innerstand and honor that all people are at differing phases of awakening, some are just entering 4d, some are in the middle, and some are teetering more into 5d living in pure peace and happiness than ever before. The completion codes are about cycling up, whatever that means for YOU. No one is behind and no one is ahead, this is a soul journey and we must mind our own and encourage one another wherever we are and they are to find peace, purpose, magic, to try, to believe in their dreams, to laugh more. We are exploring freedom and self-expression, finding new avenues of creativity and allowing ourselves to surrender any inhibitions or blockages to expressing more and finding new ways of creativity that often are our wildest, most outrageous dreams when viewed through the old paradigm monacle. Dreams that others put down maybe when we dared share them, dreams that external perceived authority shadow figures discarded as wasteful or non productive. Remember that the 3d was a perpetual game of Soul Wackamole to ensure that we stayed in line, stayed small, complied with being a cog in the machine for someone else to extort maximum profit at our expense of energy and life.

Now we complete another layer of seeing what no longer fits, what is no longer worth it, what we can no longer comply with and begin to seek solutions to create new systems to improve society at large. The light leaders, you and me, have been in position all over the planet waiting for this, we are each in the perfect spot to activate our passion and mission too. These are creative, effective and serve some aspects of society whether through caring for others, teaching, farming, music and the arts, building, free resource technologies and more. Each of us has a passion as artists, carers, engineers, scientists, earth tenders, foodies and so on.
The 9 completion codes of 2022 invite us to ask intense philosophical, spiritual and existential questions of ourselves without the outside noise trying to be our parents or authority telling us what to do, and in this inner state of quiet thoughtful council assess what we feel would be our highest, balanced vision of Heaven on Earth for self, family, planet and entirety of humanity. For some it may be shifting out of the city or suburbs to experience more nature like living in the forest, shifting from being more linear and left brained to embracing the inner artist, being a singer songwriter, finding a way to merge art and engineering, or anything mentioned above or not mentioned here. The energetics of this graduation are actively fulfilling our callings and passions to serve freely, purely in whole new ways without the limits or strangling regulation of the old ways. We now have collectively evolved and continue to evolve in various waves of awakening from the abusive slave systems to finding our Synergy with one another and the Earth. To summarize the energy of this powerful time we reference this quote from Buckminster Fuller, an amazing visionary and change agent, American architect, systems theorist, writer, designer, inventor, philosopher, and futurist.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Buckminster Fuller

In loving service,

Merissa Indigo Miracles





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