Rishi have been coming through now every major solar activation (aka flare, CME, geomagnetic storm etc) since the June eclipse this year. I have seen them as a council of 6 to 12 solar plasma beings which look like silhouettes of Shiva. They are relative in mission and energy signature to the Kin Ahau, the beings of Mayan cosmology who live in the 5d sun center to support the ascension of consciousness here on Gaia. They may even be the same culture, this is just how they presented to my consciousness when I was laying in the sun at the pool trying to alleviate the immense pain in my spine, bones, behind my eyes/sinus and molars with the warmth of the sun during the intense solar activity of the eclipse in June, 2021. The presented as silhouettes against a blazing golden solar plasma of the sun and have a generous, loving and supportive energy of lion heart courage, the pure joy of Christ consciousness.

These are some of the codes they have gifted me for these times…

A breathwork/pranic energy exercise

A breathwork/pranic energy exercise of laying on my stomach so the sun could go into my spine, with my knees bent and soles of feet (souls) facing the sun. They instructed me to imagine immense columns of gold white light going into the center of my feet and through my legs and throughout my entire body. They showed me to breathe this in on an inhale and circulate it through my entire body, organs etc on an exhale. Do it as many times as needed until relief is felt at some level, even if only mental peace.

  • Council of 6 or 12
  • Energy signature/silhouette like Shiva
  • Live in the sun, kin to the Mayan Kin Ahau, the golden solar beings who also live in the sun and are here to support the conscious evolution of Gaia & all of Creation
  • Highly evolved consciousness of pure plasma Soular Christ here to support physical ascension to avatar embodiment
  • Want us to know we are supported in the physical ascension process, not to be afraid of the death codes as we transcend them
  • Here to share lightbody wisdom & codes with/through us:

solar charging pranic technology through breath, yoga,

light of fire or flame/sun reflecting on water, sun bathing &

charging our light cells with atomic solar neutrinos, circulating

golden prana in meditation/visualization/qi gong, purifying

body/mind/heart/fields/disease with sunlight & fire flame

They always come through during the most intense physical activations, like midwives of the ascension to hold us at our most vulnerable and precious in expansion. Like the meticine men and women in sacred ceremony, these ancients are here to hold us as the old dies away. The key takeaway is not to let the limbic mind throw us into fear of death as the deathcodes arise. This is a chemical response of the death hormones leaching out of the 3rd eye, corpus callosum and hypothalamus. See it and let it leave you in stages as it arises. When our physical body is pelted with radiation from the sun during these spaceweather events and is in pain/aches/discomfort/heart pain/lethargy/headaches and more, when our mental and emotional bodies are processing loads of information downloads (think like the movie Lucy, seeing it all from “beginning” in fast forward to the now and beyond) ALL of this from within us as more intense quotients of light come in, our physical body/animal consciousness struggles to integrate/deal/process and not be immensely triggered by this.
The Solar Rishis say “Be not afraid, children, you were made for this.”
We were made for this ✨🧬🌟

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