Anyone else’s root chakra being shaken like a paint-mixer? We are going through a massive initiation right now to surrender our fears, sense of smallness or unworthiness. I personally have re-visited childhood traumas, safety/security, lack and other super deep, ancient root chakra distortion “lessons.”
So many of us are being challenged with life-altering shifts in relationship, moves or relocation, issues with our cars or our homes, our bodies/health too. HUGE in our face symbolic initiations to stoke up up and out old fears or any distortions which are not in alignment with our divine Godspark.
Everything that is not God, not pure unconditional love, unity, abundance and beauty is coming up right now. Divine Mother came to me this morning in several forms (Radha described below, Mother Mary) and wanted me to share this message:
We are held in the arms of Divine Mother and it is safe to release all this shit. Those of us in dire situations that feel threatening to our safety must breathe and enter the quiet space in the heart, slow our racing thoughts trying to figure out what to do, and just sit, breathe and listen.
Today is the birthday of Radha, wife of Krishna. These are Christed beings of the Hindu pantheon. These Christed avatars are here to reflect amd nurture our own inner avatar. The Radhakrishna symbol is that of supreme divine love, the reunion of our soul with the divine. It is the essence of Bhakti or devotional yoga, living with an open heart and in times of challenge keeping our heart open to maintain that connection. We are remembering how to stay with God in our hearts and minds to live from this unified place. This ultimately results in our living negative karma-free lives as our creations come from wholeness rather than distortion. We are remembering how to BE human angels again. Patience, trust and faith. Reach out when you need help. We are here for one another, in this most amazing time to be here on Gaia.
WE got this shift!
In loving service,
Merissa Indigo

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