Body care during photonic light blasts becomes a whole new way of life where we break up the flow of the day to match the waves of fluctuating energy. Sometimes we’re superhuman energized and can accomplish at the speed of light, sometimes we’re moving/processing information as slow as a molasses lazy river and must surrender to these flows to maintain our health and inner peace too. We are energetic beings and these flow lifestyles are becoming more common as we adapt to the spaceweather activity and continually increasing photonic light.


The solar activity is off the charts with non stop CMEs, and the 12 12 December light is SO potent so take good care of your body and lightbody. Lately after being up for a few hours I’m wiped out with body aches and have to do a lot of work in bed. I have a whole bed desk set up to flow when the photonic light is intense. It’s a lot to manage the doing and being so we flow as we go ⚛✨

💫Don’t push or force; Slow is smooth & smooth is fast
💫Listen deeply to your body
💫Headaches, body aches, alternating chills and hot flashes, nausea, fatigue, tooth aches and memories of events with the corresponding emotions are some of what we’ve experienced and learned to roll with over the years
💫Release resistance to these changes, your body temple is adapting to high frequency radiation and its an intense AF process
💫Your bed may become your favorite place! Mine is a lightbody rejuvenation station lightpod with crystals, andaras, lounging pets and a bed desk 😄
💫Lots of pure water, hot baths, heating pads, herb tea, lipospheric c, coconut water, green juices, gold colloids and mineral supplements to support your dna. Sometimes you’re nauseous and want to fast or only have liquid during the day, others you’re ravenous. More lightbody support and supplement resources here 
💫Honor your energetic, emotional and physical needs and encourage others to do the same. Lead by positive example.


The more we can sensitize ourselves to the energies all around and through us -basically our true basic nature of BEing- the easier this process will be. One of my go to’s is to breathe and move very slowly to unlock the spine and other deep pockets of tension through a very gentle Tai Qi Gung practice. This is an heirloom breath and energy mastery system from the lineages of the Rishi and Babaji and is quite different from Tai Qi or Qi Gung, which are other forms of systems that split off from this one. To connect with subtle energy, your inner power, light sources and experience yourself as an energetic being check out this free Tai Qi Gung membership here

If you feel more like sitting or laying down with a guided meditation process while getting some delicious golden rays, here is a lovely guided activation gifted by the solar Rishi and Arcturian high councils of Light to assist us with upgrading our spine and removing old programs or distortions from our nervous system.

Waving to you and sending so much love from my bed desk light pod ✨⚛

In loving service,
Merissa Indigo


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