Monday 11.29.21 Final 1111 portal archway collapse

One of the most intense initiations of November is that of the echo in the Hall of Mirrors. The echoes of the past bleed through into the present and it is up to us to discern whether or not they are worthy of our energy and focus, or whether they are just an energetic echo of emotion arising from deep within to just pass on through. It is a test for us to gno what is our truth and what is now our fiction, the old paradigm which is no longer relevant, no longer resonates. This is the 1111 again, the parallel realities, the corridor, the Hall Of Mirrors, the birth canal between eclipses.
We are being tested. This is an initiation to see beyond, to reign our energy and build momentum towards our build out vs our demolition. No easy task for our human ego consciousness to grasp the full dissolution of all, trusting the formless invisible to build structures of immense beauty, wholeness and magic from our Faith. Our full focus in present awareness is required to build a whole new world. What must you say No More to, the sacred No in November, that terrifies you to lean into? Focus through Faith and consistent realignment, rising up moment by moment to Stand is both the laser to forge and great attractor to magnetize higher destiny in higher density.
Happy 1111 round 2! The gift of crystalline clarity ✨ We got this Shift. The weight or gravity of the enormity we face is an illusion, a test before another uplevel graduation in the simulation. The energy required is immense surely, but it only feels big to our fraction of smallness when we forget the truth of our soul power and shrink. Re focus on wholeness to remember, reframe and become the massive Shifting tide inside.
In loving service,
Merissa Indigo Miracles

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